Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update of 31st October 2021: Akasa Gets Eliminated

Bigg Boss 15 Episode Update

Elimination DaySalman is pleased to welcome everyone to the show. The diwali festivities will continue throughout the day. He calls the home and they are dressed in a nice way. Salman states that you’re all dressed nicely. He claims there will be two teams: Afsana-Vishal, Tejasswi Nishant. They will perform to other inmates. Vishal and Afsana ridicule Umar for participating in … Read more

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 Written Episode Update of 1st November 2021: Veena Devi Gets Shocker Of Her Life

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 Episode Updates

The story begins with Thapki appearing before Purab and signing the incident? He keeps looking at her. Thapki is asking what? She says that you look like a gentleman, however your stare behavior is not good. He claims that you appear fraudulent and you are also a fraud. She asks if he’s not bored of fighting with her. She asks, … Read more

Choti Sardarni Written Episode Update of 23rd October 2021: Seher Comes Back Home

Choti Sardarni Episode Updates

Karan contacts his manager and requests for him to block this plot down for Seher. Seher says to Rajveer , I’m certain you’ve been drinking enough coffee. Don’t drink more. I understand you’re busy, but should you respond if you’re taking the medication. Take a healthy the lunch hour. Karan claims he’s too fat. Seher tells him to not ridicule my … Read more

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani Written Episode Update of 19th October 2021: Kajol Cancels The NGO Order, Anurag Feels Helpless

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani Episode Update

The show begins with Chandana saying to Kajol that she’s been through so much since her baby was gone. She says that I was silent after you ended your marriage, and I was still when you assumed the business. She states that when the death news broke I was grieved from the inside, first by your baby … Read more

Choti Sardarni Written Episode Update of 19th October 2021: Nimi And Sukhi Both Have Kids

Choti Sardarni Episode Updates

The man says who do you think is the best person to ask us? Some say who is she to speak about our private matters? Seher tells the an inspector that Nimi was planning to commit suicide. She was talking to Sukhi. They were all tense. I must talk to Nimi or she’ll be doing what Sukhi did. It’s a risky … Read more