Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update of 31st October 2021: Akasa Gets Eliminated

Elimination DaySalman is pleased to welcome everyone to the show. The diwali festivities will continue throughout the day. He calls the home and they are dressed in a nice way. Salman states that you’re all dressed nicely. He claims there will be two teams: Afsana-Vishal, Tejasswi Nishant. They will perform to other inmates. Vishal and Afsana ridicule Umar for participating in the show due to his brother. Tejasswi laughs at Jay getting all the money. Afsana makes jokes on Miesha and Ishaan getting married. Nishant laughs at Vishal making commentary at the home. Afsana jokes about Tejasswi’s delicious food. Vishal makes fun of Nishant as a gossip queen. Afsana states that Shamita is crying so calls Raqesh. Salman makes them clap for them.

Salman says that Tejasswi had a disagreement with Pratik about math. Salman promises to be taking you for a GK test. Afsana says I failed math. Salman is asking how many bones one human have? Afsana states that I’m not sure. Shamita says that I’m unable to make a guess either. Salman jokes that Umar isn’t aware of that. Everyone laughs. Umar claims that the human body is made up of 106 bones. Pratik laughs and claims that he’s wrong. Salman declares the answer to be 206. Salman questions Miesha about a maths question, however she doesn’t know the answer. Salman questions Tejasswi about the number of seconds in a year , but she isn’t able to guess. Salman is asked a question to Jay but he’s unable to figure the answer. He questions Rajiv and guesses exactly.

Salman tells us that we’ll discuss each other’s lives. You must identify who is lying or selfish, for example.
Vishal and Nishant: Vishal says Nishant is amusing, he’s not a single-faced person, he speaks large words. He is a color changer depending on the circumstances. He believes he’s clever, but he’s not. He has a sense of superiority. Nishant has said that Vishal is solely about himself. He is funny, he uses large words. Vishal isn’t clever, but he is boring, but he’s self-confident too.

Karan and Jay Karan affirms that Jay has an uncluttered heart and is competitive. and he was a victim of Vishal’s intelligence. Jay is an emotional person who is intelligent, and he’s a even boring. Jay declares he is an emotional person and is competitive. and he’s smart. He is entertaining, but he can be boring and seeks attention.
Shamita-Umar Shamita claims that he’s extremely competitive, amusing, he’s ill-mannered and confident. and he speaks without taking action He has a pure heart. Umar affirms that she has a superiority disorder that she has a tendency to be boring, she’s loved by her family She is intelligent, she’s competitive and is entertaining. Salman is asking Shamita to confirm her opinion. Shamita admits that I’ve had him praised so many times, but he is a skeptic about me constantly. I do not have a superiority complex. I believe to be a caring person. I think that he has formed an impression of me. Salman questions Umar why he believes Umar?

Umar claims she is an issue with other people. Shamita claims that I’m not at ease speaking with him. Umar claims she speaks to Vishal. Shamita claims I speak to everyone at home. Umar claims I felt guilty after she told me to stop eating. Shamita insists that you be aware that I require gluten-free food. Salman says to Umar that she was granted to Bigg Boss to eat gluten-free meals. This is her way of saying and she wasn’t trying to put her down. Umar states that I was feeling terrible because I felt like I was beg her to eat. Shamita suggests that you visit my home at the end of the evening and I’ll serve you anything, however we are limited on food options here. Umar claims that I am not a fan of fighting over food. Shamita affirms that I am truly convinced that he has created an impression about me that I am unable to alter it. I’ve been since the beginning. Salman calls me back.

On the Stage:

Salman will be welcoming singer Badshah on stage. Badshah sings his brand new track. Salman hugged him and said that the song is awesome. Badshah acknowledges his thanks for your praise. Salman says that the track is already breaking records. Badshah tells me I want you to perform the song’s hook together with him. Both of them perform it. Salman states that I am sure that you are watching the show. do you like the show? Yes, Badshah says I’m following this season. I’m acquainted with Karan from previous seasons and the show has been entertaining this season. Badshah claims you’ve performed a variety of tasks in your life, but I’ve not seen you perform a rap, so let’s try it today. Salman says that I’ll follow your footsteps. Both rap. Badshah recreates Salman’s dialogues. Badshah claims that your aura is captivating. They both dance on the jag Ghoomiyan’s song. Salman insists that let’s enjoy some fun with the other inmates too. He invites Badshah into the home.

In the House:

Badshah is welcomed into the home. The inmates are all thrilled to see him. Badshah says you all look nice. He states that I am promoting my music, so we should do the hook. All of them follow him and perform that hook part. Badshah insists that we should celebrate diwali. He claims that my family loves Pratik and I’ll utter certain lines to him to praise his determination. He jokes about Ishaan and Miesha’s quick love story, and Rajiv getting bored of the story. Badshah believes that Simba is like a panda , and he is all about sleep and food. Badshah claims that this house has 24-hour abs.. Make an ominous noise for all the boys who eat biscuits. Everyone laughs. He claims that Afsana has a great voice and is a lot of fun. Badshah says that Vishal’s newscast on the morning will have changed my opinion, Shamita might be missing Raqesh Bapat. Badshah claims that the smooth operation will be Karan, Tejasswi should make him smile. Tejasswi smiles.

Badshah claims that I’ve brought gifts to you all, however I’d like you to present gifts to one another each one at a time.

Simba is the one who gives an dumbbell Umar because he isn’t using his brain and instead uses his strength for the task.

Shamita She gives a magnifying glasses to Miesha because she needs to be more focused on the game. Badshah claims that you have also a love story. Shamita claims that we were focused on the game too. Badshah suggests that Shamita is insecure about the two. Shamita claims I miss my Raqesh but I’m not jealous.

Afsana: She gives the lock-key set to Simba because he needs to expand his mouth more. He must wake up. Badshah wants to know what he should be talking about? Afsana says meow. He’s handsome, therefore he must speak more. Vishal has said she kissed to Simba. Everyone is laughing.

Nishant She gives the mirror to Karan since I’ve known him from the past, but at the home, I feel uneasy vibes coming from Karan. He’s a good player, but his game is becoming more open to me. We’ll have to see what happens with our relationship. Karan affirms that Nishant has been very vocal but I do not worry about it. Nishant says lovely. Karan claims that Nishant is full with hate for me, but I’m not plotting or preparing to attack him. Be careful when I begin plotting against him.

Akasa AKASSA: She gives unopened books to Umar who is crying over not having an intimate story to tell. Umar states that guys boast about kisses, however I’m not anyone to kiss me.

Pratik He gives an idol to Ishaan since he doesn’t hold any opinions, he simply does what others do. Ishaan declares that I don’t think about what he has to say. He states that Simba may not be very vocal, but he has a strong decision and is an very opinionated.

Miesha she gives deodorant to Pratik because he is an unattractive personality. Pratik declares that he has no opinion. Miesha declares that he’s playing a game where the player wants to appear as an individual warrior. He does this on every show and we’re all bored. Pratik claims she was with me during the last show. My problem is that you considered Ishaan an exhibitor. Ishaan claims that you are my mosquito. Pratik and Ishaan become angry with each the other. Ishaan gets angry at him. Pratik sprays deodorant onto his back, and Ishaan strikes Ishaan using the statue. Pratik sprays deodorant onto his face. Karan pulls Ishaan back. Nishant states that there’s someone here who is a guest, so settle down.

Ishaan says to Pratik to tell him that I would not be able to help you if I were out. Pratik insists that you strike the statue with it. Shamita says to Ishaan to stay away from him. Ishaan claims he was the one who started the attack. Nishant insists that they be calm. Ishaan claims he began spraying at me. Karan takes Ishaan aside. Ishaan claims he’s the donkey. Ishaan apologizes to Badshah. Pratik claims that I’ve sprayed on him. What’s the problem? Badshah demands that they be calm, but they won’t take it seriously. He demands Karan to keep them under control. Badshah says I saw Pratik spraying him first. Pratik says sorry. Shamita apologizes to Ishaan for accusing him of being a liar.

Tejasswi She presents her remote controller to Miesha in order to control Ishaan’s moods. Badshah laughs at the idea that she’s being controlled as well. Miesha believes that Tejasswi controls Karan’s moods lately. Badshah wants to know if Miesha is on the same page? Ishaan says that if I’m stressed, she’s able to soothe me. I would not have saved Pratik if it wasn’t because of Miesha stopping me this morning.

Ishaan She says he gives glue to Miesha since she’s extremely clingy. I would like her to be this way for the rest of her life. Badshah claims that Miesha is manipulating him, she’s a obsessed and doesn’t attention to the game. Miesha has received 3 gifts already.
Umar Then he gives an air slipper to Tejasswi since she’s in a state of high alert and is in need of coming back to earth, but Pratik believes he’s against 13 people, and he is flying in the air. He gifts the slippers to Tejasswi and another to Pratik.
Karan presents an oversized pillow with a heart design to Tejasswi. He says that I kept burying the pillow for three weeks, but it’s not there anymore. Tejasswi blushes. Karan says that Tejasswi has been constant, she’s adorable and I love those types of people. Tejasswi has all the characteristics I love, and she’s very adorable too. Tejasswi promises to punch you. She asks Tejasswi what she’d like to say? Tejasswi claims I’m wearing one of those slippers, and she is able to hit him in a sweet manner. She promises to return a heart to him too. She wants him to tell us that we’re only friends. Karan tells me I can offer hearts to my friends.

Vishal gives Prati-Akasa a toy monkey. Vishal affirms that Akasa has a name of monkey, and Pratik has become her master when they dance to their music.

Rajiv He presents fans to Afsana and tells her that”I am her fan. I love her. Afsana acknowledges him for his kindness.

Jay He presents an empty bowl filled with water to Vishal in case he drowns in the bowl as a result of their behavior. He claims that I did not enjoy the method by which he attacked his buddies. Vishal states that opinions will change regarding me I am amazed to observe Jay’s conduct with me.

Badshah informs prisoners that he is watching the show. I’m sure that you are all intelligent. I would like to know your thoughts. He suggests we be sending Ishaan, Miesha and Rajiv to play the game of thoughts. Badshah claims I’ll ask Ishaan questions Ishaan and has to decide between Miesha and Rajiv, then he’ll spray foam on their faces. Badshah wants to know who is going against him? Ishaan declares Rajiv and sprays his face. Badshah asks you who will you avoid being friends with outside of the house? Ishaan says I can’t choose. He sprays Miesha’s face with she is his favorite and not be her close friend. Badshah is asking who you do not wish to be in the home more? He sprays on Ishaan.

Badshah says the next pair is Vishal-Karan-Shamita. Badshah is asking Shamita whom she cannot be sure about? Shamita claims that I consider Vishal to be my brother. she sprays her face with a spray. Badshah wants to know who gets eliminated first? She sprays her face with a spray and claims Karan has a larger fan base. Badshah questions who has used individuals between them? Shamita sprays Vishal when he uses players to play his game.
Badshah says the next pair is Karan-Shamita-Tejasswi. Badshah aks Karan who’s fashion sense is a mess? Karan is spraying on Tejasswi and says that I do not like her style. Badshah questions Karan who’s not taking the correct stand? Karan admits that times Shamita does not know the truth of the matter. He sprays her. Badshah asks Karan who’s less well-sorted between the two of them? Karan declares Shamita is emotional and her emotions overtake her. He sprays Shamita. Badshah is asking Karan who has the less winning qualities? Karan declares Shamita and sprays her face.

The next team is Karan-Nishant-Jay. Badshah asks Nishant if he has an unproven game? Nishant throws a grenade at Karan and claims that people have strong opinions about Karan. Badshah inquires about whose friendship is he unable to believe in? Nishant sprays at Karan’s face. Jay is confident with me , however Karna isn’t. Badshah says who will be able to play him in the future? Nishant sprays Jay and says that they both are competitive. I think Jay will decide for himself when the time arrives. Badshah wants to know who gets eliminated first? Nishant sprays Jay and tells him they’re both tough, however Jay is emotional and is prone to cause trouble. Tejasswi ishes Karan’s face.

Badshah wishes her luck and departs the home.

Karan informs Ishaan to not the intention of hitting Pratik by the sculpture. Don’t give him any significance. Miesha says he loves to instigate so don’t react. Karan claims that he made me fail, because that’s how he plays. Do not react physically.

Pratik informs Akasa why Miesha called me stinky? Karan arrives at Pratik and asks why you inciting Ishaan? Pratik says he keeps calling me names. Karan insists that you shouldn’t spray him with a bottle of water for no reason. Pratik apologizes to Ishaan over spraying his eyes, but I shouldn’t have been hit by you. Ishaan says you started it. Pratik says you called me a mosquito. Akasa says that you both are ignorant, however Ishaan was an insect first.

On the Stage:

Salman calls the home. He says that Badshah has brought some intriguing gifts. He also asks Pratik whether he was happy when it was mentioned that his personality is a mess. Pratik claims that Miesha is a personal attack on me and says mean things. I was about to respond to her, but Ishaan called me a mosquito, so I sprayed him, for which I am sorry. I didn’t intend to do that. Salman demands that he control his anger. He asks Miesha if she’s satisfied with all the gifts? Miesha tells me they gave me the remote so that I could play in a safe manner. I believe Karan should be given the remote as I think he will be the main player in the game. People follow him. He is able to control others. Salman questions why have to sugarcoat things? Salman says to Miesha that they discussed Ishaan’s issue first (his homosexual affair) and that you did not mention Rajiv. If you believe that his image is declining then be on guard. Rajiv was simply having a conversation with you, but you were constantly requesting Ishaan to reveal the identity of the person who was not on the show. Be careful. He informs Ishaan to be careful. Rajiv is not the one responsible for the damage he caused to your image.

Ishaan affirms that I am sure Rajiv has no bad intent, but he has said numerous things. Salman claims that Miesha was the one who started this discussion and she shouldn’t have discussed issues outside of the topic. Ishaan says I’m asking that they both refrain from asking me on matters that I’m not able to clarify here. Salman advises them to focus only on playing. He suggests that they play as a team. Rajiv begins crying and Salman asks why? Rajiv tells Salman that when I got into the home.. He cries and says that I am sure you’ll berate me because I told you that I’m going to cause people to weep in my house, but it’s me crying since I came into the home. Karan and Jay are laughing at him. Rajiv says that I’ve been crying since the first day here. Rajiv affirms that I didn’t come here to slander anyone or to smear someone’s character, I appreciate your clarification. He claims Salman Sir was right the house caused me to cry in just 5 days. Everyone laughs. Rajiv asks if the people comprehend his dialect? Salmans says we can comprehend Pratik talking quickly, therefore we understand him well All laugh.

Salman asks inmates which are the two most active females in the prison? The inmates all concur on Tejasswi and Shamita’s names. Salman says to the prisoners who they can count on among Tejasswi as well as Shamita as well as the kind of assistance they can count on. Who would you avoid should you be in trouble? He suggests we begin with Umar.

Umar said: He has told me that I’ll accept Tejasswi’s assistance because she’s fun-loving and is likely to avoid Shamita. Salman claims that Tejasswi is fun therefore you should accept her assistance? Tejasswi asks Salman what he is doing wrong. Umar contact me for assistance? Why are you insisting that he shouldn’t visit me? Salman confronts her and says not to speak to me in this manner. I’m explaining the job to Umar. Umar affirms that I share a connection with Tejasswi. Salman asks Tejasswi to explain why she was asking him questions? Did she hint that she would like Umar to pick Shamita? Tejasswi apologizes for sounding a bit rude.

Ishaan Says: Tejasswi is my best friend, but Shamita offers me sensible suggestions, so I’ll seek her advice.
Miesha: She suggests I chat with Tejasswi more, but I’ll follow her advice when I need assistance. She has the ability to calm people and she’s very mature.

Vishal Says: I have a complaint about Tejasswi She never spoke with me. I’ll put my faith in the sister I have, Shamita.
Afsana Says: She believes I’ve changed my behaviour following Salman has scolded me. I only have one thought that I am pondering, and when I was crying, then Shamita-Vishal urged Donal to not comfort me, as she’d be a bad person to me. I don’t need their help, however I will not accept Shamita’s assistance.

Simba The man says that if I need assistance, I’ll seek out Shamita’s assistance since she is a intelligent and mature person. I will not be around Tejasswi. He says love you Tejasswi.

Pratik: He claims I’m bonded that I share with Shamita from OTT We may disagree, but we are both aware that we’re sincere to one another. I’ll follow his advice and not Tejasswi anytime. I will stay clear of Tejasswi.
Akasa she says Tejasswi is my favourite, however Shamita was able to help me even though I didn’t even ask for it. I’ll choose Shamita for assistance and stay clear of Tejasswi.

Karan The man says that I always call Shamita whenever I’m having trouble. She always gives me sensible suggestions. I’d like Tejasswi to speak to me more. I’ll stay clear of Shamita since I would like Tejasswi to talk to me and support me.

Jay says Shamita has helped me relax quite a bit. I’ve had much more time Tejasswi as she’s always assisted me. I will steer clear of Shamita and follow Tejasswi’s recommendations.

Rajiv The man says Shamita was my sister, and she has always been there for me. I’m sorry, Tejasswi. She said it’s fine.

Nishant: He tells me that when I’m in problem, I should take my troubles to Shamita. My journey can be difficult, but I always turn to Shamita and she helps me get through my day. I’ll always call her for advice and be sure to stay away from Tejasswi.

Salman claims that Shamita is more reliable in her advice. 8 people wouldn’t trust Tejasswi’s assistance, while 4 aren’t interested in advice from Shamita.

Salman informs inmates to talk about the removal. Vishal, Akasa and Simba are among the nominees. Simba asks Simba what his thoughts are? Simba states that I have mixed thoughts. Salman claims Simba is secure. Salman says AKASA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Pratik insists that it’s possible he’s joking. Salman wishes you all the very best. Akasa is on the move. Salman wants Tejasswi to not perform comedy every day. Tejasswi thanks her for bringing it to my attention. Salman suggests having a strong personality , and to not perform comedy every day. Tejasswi is adamant. He closes the call. Akasa hugs everyone. Pratik is depressed, Akasa asks him to take care of him and then leaves the home. Everyone is down. Pratik informs Karan that I’m experiencing a strange sensation. It’s not bothering me. Karan promises to be there for you. I’m not able to be like Akasa because I’m an adult, but I love you. Pratik hugs him.

Shamita says to Jay that I did not like the manner in which Karan played the game of foam. I’m sure he has an agreement with Tejasswi however if he is talking about the consistency of Tejasswi then why didn’t he ask questions about her conduct when she handed Miesha the remote control? Karan claims she’s honest but she played it diplomatically today. Shamita claims that I was crying the other day, Karan saw me and I contacted him. He said that I do not speak to people because my personality is emotional, but today he stated that I’m not able to beat him because I’m an emotional individual? He is trying to convince me to trust him , but then he claims that he’s playing a game? I’m angry with Karan.

Nishant informs Pratik as well as Shamita that I was a believer in Karan and how he was talking about our friendship, but I’m now angry. I am not going to talk to him in a way that could be hurtful to him. Karan is a much closer to me than Jay however I do not wish to discuss anything with him right now. Shamita advises you to keep an eye on it for a few days. Nishant says that I was angry at him after the blame was placed on us all, however I never spoke to him and he didn’t even clarify the issue with me. Shamita claims that it is going to get ugly and you’ll be forced to confront it.

Karan informs Tejasswi and Jay the truth about Nishant. Karan says that the man is more complicated than he appears. Nishant has a way of calculating everything, however his calculations aren’t robust. Jay declares that I don’t think about what Tejasswi is doing during the game. She is my best friend and I’m able to suggest ideas to her, but I’m not able to manage her. Tejasswi claims that Nishant always protects Pratik but it’s not a new sort of devotion. Karan insists that there is no loyalty. I believe Nishant has devised a strategy for Pratik and Pratik does not know about the plan.

Salman leaves the show.

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