Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 Written Episode Update of 1st November 2021: Veena Devi Gets Shocker Of Her Life

The story begins with Thapki appearing before Purab and signing the incident? He keeps looking at her. Thapki is asking what? She says that you look like a gentleman, however your stare behavior is not good. He claims that you appear fraudulent and you are also a fraud. She asks if he’s not bored of fighting with her. She asks, what’s his issue? Purab says that you’re the an issue, because when you speak about me. You speak in a speedbreaker, and when you speak to mom, it’s direct highway. He asks how did Mom not realize that you had a stammering issues? Thapki claims that she has discussed this issue for her. She says that your family members know my story. She remembers Sudha telling Sapna she knows about her. Thapki insists that he not accuse her of being a as a fraud. He says that you’re having confusion and tells you that mom hates people who look similar to you. He warns that If you go out for muh dikhayi, the world war 3 will commence. He tells me to lock you up here so you do not come. She says she’s prepared to do the situation. Purab says that you’ll thank me when you are done. He locks her up.

Anchun And Sargam both are out. She says that she doesn’t like wearing roadside clothes and throws at Sargam. Then, muddy water drops on her clothes as the car speeds away to the next destination. Anchun asks her to change her clothes if she would like. She changes her outfit and then wears the one that Anchun had brought. Sargam comes home. She is pleased that her guest has a good time.

The media arrives and questions Veena Devi questions about her bride swapping the mandap. They also inquire whether her bahu is her inheritor. Veena Devi then gives her interview to media. Sapna wants Priyanka to visit Thapki and she is unable to accept. Purab is waiting to speak to Veena. Sapna arrives in Purab’s room and unlocks the door. She inquires Thapki about the reason why the door was locked. Thapki believes that someone may have made a mistake. Sapna invites her to visit. Thapki requests her to call Purab. Sapna tells her that Purab lives downstairs. She she asks her to come. She covers her head with a veil and walks her down. Purab is thinking of stopping her from appearing on stage and believes she is selfish to be on stage.

Veena Devi brings Thapki on stage and demands that she sit. Everyone is smiling. Veena Devi says, I am sure that you have lots of questions and assures you that they will all be answered. She lauds her voice to be that of Saraswati and states that she’s happy to present her to all. She lifts her veil and declares that she’s my bahu my the heir to Thapki. She announces that she will perform in front of us, and prove that my decision was not incorrect. Sapna states that Veena can sing however she’ll only say a only a few words to thank our family. Veena Devi passes the microphone to her. Purab becomes agitated and thinks to turn off the microphone. He shuts off the microphone and removes the plugs. Thapki says , I’d like to inform youthat I learned singing by listening to her and that I became her Bahu. Purab is thankful that no one is listening to the voice of her. She mumbles bahu while saying thank you. Veena Devi is stunned by her own life and stares at Thapki with shock. Everyone stares. Thapki is thankful to Veena Ji.

Priyanka And Sapna smiles. Thapki apologizes and says I’ll make you sasumaa. She thanks you sasumaa , and then touches her feet. Sapna claims that bombs can strike at any moment. Priyanka and Sapna laugh. Veena Devi stares towards Thapki smiling. Sapna wonders why Bomb (Veena Devi) isn’t blasting her rage on her. Veena Devi tells me that my Bahu is very nice and she is a sanskari. Purab indicates that she is silent. Thapki declares it’s your ….stammers. Veena devi consumes laddoo and feeds it into Thapki’s mouth to prevent her from revealing anything. Reporter snaps the pictures. Veena Devi invites the guests to prepare prasad laddoo consumed by her. She then eats another one into her mouth. The reporter states that we’re anticipating to hear her sing We couldn’t hear her due to a mic issue. Thapki is about to begin singing. Veena Devi is pretending to fall over on stage. Purab is seen running towards the podium and presses her. Dadi requests Sagar to take care of the guests and say goodbye with respect.

Priyanka says that nothing has occurred. Sapna claims we are unable to understand the events that took place. She invites her to go to her. Veena Devi is lying on the mattress and pretends to be sleeping. Sargam requests Purab to contact the doctor. Veena Sargam holds the hand of Devi and tells him to Don’t contact Doctor. Purab declares that you’re sick. She asks, how can I be healthy? She speaks to me in my Bahu’s voice…She declares that I won’t take Thapki as my Bahu. She claims I didn’t recognize Thapki and claims that I was misled by her. Vinod says that you’ve created the most drama to make her into your bahu. Now you are she is saying this. Purab asks if you talked to her for even 2 minutes? If I knew her lies, then what’s the reason you’re not aware. Veena Devi wants to know if you conceal this from me so that you could take revenge on me.

Thapki makes kada to Veena Devi. She tells Priyanka and Sapna she has made Kada in her honor. Sapna claims that the real drama is going to begin today. Purab claims that I’ve been running behind you from the beginning But you weren’t willing to hear from me. Purab says that you’ve got time for everything and when I’m looking to speak to you, there’s no time for me. Thapki is bound to me.

Thapki informs Sapna she’s feeling sorry for Veena Ji. Sapna demands that she go make her drink Kada. Veena devi is disappointed that she made her her bahubali. Purab admits that everyone has weaknesses and says the he doesn’t have any issues with her weaknesses but he won’t be able to love her because she is distinct from me. Veena Devi is a good girl she doesn’t want to be my love. I requested you take her on as your spouse, but you should forget it. She claims that you don’t consider her to be your wife nor will consider her my successor. She claims we will immediately expel her. Vinod claims she’s our bahu. Veena Devi says don’t accept her. She claims that this marriage was made through a mistake. Vinod requests her to take a seat and breathe. Veena Devi says that my bapu isn’t able to speak so how do I fix this? She says that she’s a Padmashri award winner and won’t take Thapki. She says she’ll convince Amma she is a Padmashri award winner, but she can’t stand Thapki at the moment. Thapki arrives. Veena Devi stares at her.

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