Choti Sardarni Written Episode Update of 23rd October 2021: Seher Comes Back Home

Karan contacts his manager and requests for him to block this plot down for Seher. Seher says to Rajveer , I’m certain you’ve been drinking enough coffee. Don’t drink more. I understand you’re busy, but should you respond if you’re taking the medication. Take a healthy the lunch hour. Karan claims he’s too fat. Seher tells him to not ridicule my Raj. Karan is full of love. Seher tells me to not play with me. Let’s enjoy tea. Karan believes that Sehraj will be famous just like Mehrub. Seher adds that Mehrub were famous due to the fact that they were concerned about their fellow citizens.

Seher claims that’s the orphanage that we give to. The child there tried to talk to them. However, they drove by. The kid drops a piece of paper in the form of a plane’s writing to save us. They don’t even notice the letter. The child says that mom told me that God sends assistance one day. We could keep tossing these airplanes.

Seher speaks to Meher and Sarab’s photo and says , I’m in love. Karan tells us to take a bite. Sandwiches for you. Seher says that if Mama Papa was here, they’d be very happy. Karan is that she’s happy, but sad as well. Seher asks what is the reason? Karan insists that we should not forget about that moment. Mama Papa always wanted to meet your children, but you’re going to give the baby away. Seher says that she dida said I’ll be as mommy and daddy with the infant. Seher is right about the baby too.

The children at the orphanage purchase papri. The seller tells the children God. The warden arrives and asks did you not remember the last time you were beaten. She throws them in the air. The seller says that I cannot witness these children in that way. Please help them God. He selects all their letters. He states that he will send the letters to CM.

Harsh affirms that Seher is like her mother. She pokes her nose all over the place. My happiness is out of control because of her. Seher arrives. Harsh asks Seher is you alright? Ramila asks why you take such a huge risk? Harsh says that we have been asking for your prayers. Be careful of yourself. Badi bi hugs Seher. She says I was worried for you. Ramila claims that we were all. Ramila says tricky sent me messages. He is looking to get his badi bi back. Badi bi asks why he didn’t him send the item to me? Ramila asks how do I find out? Sehr says that he is a badi bi and requires you. You must talk to him. He’s very close to you. Seher tells me to make sure I surprise Rajveer by preparing to prepare all his favorite foods.

The seller puts every letter in the envelope, and mails it the envelope to CM house. The seller claims that they’ve fooled the police before. Rajveer sends Seher voice note. Please take good care. Eat regularly and remember me. Seher says I love you. You told me it would require more time. I really miss you here. I’m sure that you’re not really missing me. She imagines Rajveer saying that I am missing you very much. Seher imagines that she is hugging Rajveer. She wears a hus kurta, and declares that I love you. Come fast. I’m grateful to have an honest man like you.

Bobby receives letters from didi Ji. The letter of the seller is not accepted. Seher decides to take it up. She goes through it and is stunned.

Episode ends

Precap: Badi Bi says to ramila who dares you to be the frightened? Ramila suggests that you become lost. Badi Bi says that you’re making a an enormous mistake. I’ll bring someone to help you find your way.

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