Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update of 23rd October 2021: Rajiv Adatia To Enter The House

Weekend SpecialSalman will be welcoming everyone to the show. The host says that all the prisoners are present but they were filmed on by Bigg Boss. He also says that we gave an assignment to the prisoners.

In the House:

Nishant is reading the task that Karan, Shamita and Jay will be evaluated by inmates based on:
– 100 Original
– 100 100% fake
50-50 fake original

When they have completed the exercise, all prisoners must rate the three items below. They begin with:
Umar Rates Karan 100% authentic Jay 50-50, he claims Shamita is 100 percent fake.
Ishaan The singer rates Karan Jay as 100% authentic and gives Shamita 50-50.
Miesha She rates Jay 100 100% original, she rates 50-50% for Karan and she rates 50-50 percentage for Shamita.
Simba Rates Karan to be 100% authentic, Jay and Shamita as 50-50 50%.

Vishal The man says Shamita doesn’t require me. She did not favor me during the assignment. She was not letting me cheat on the final task. He gives Shamita to be 100% genuine. He rates Karan at 50-50. He also rates Jay as a complete fake. Vishal claims that he demanded Karan and Tejasswi to return the money, but they racked up 25 lacs. Pratik insists that nobody will donate prize money from their pockets. Vishal insists that I am open to giving money from my pocket. Jay claims Vishal is lying because the man keeps saying that he’s poor, but he then agreed to give the money from his pocket. Vishal insists that he not shout at him.

Tejasswi She claims Jay did not do anything wrong because he was not looking to cause trouble for others. She says she rates Jay to be 100% authentic. She claims Shamita constantly changed her position within the home about the budget for luxury. She is inspired by Vishal. She rate Karan 50-50. She rate Shamita as 100 100% fake.
Akasa Says Karan has been 100% genuine. She rate Jay with a 50-50 rating. She gives Shamita as fake 50-50.
Pratik Says Jay was being unfair to me but he then changed his mind the other day. Pratik rates Jay as completely fake. Jay declares that I was forced to make a decision and I could not put other peoples’ futures in peril. Pratik declares that you don’t really care regarding my own future. Pratik claims that Karan cannot manage his anger towards his own family members, he rate Karan 50-50. Pratik rate Shamita 50-50.
Afsana She rate Karan 100% authentic. She rate Shamita at 50-50. She gives Jay as 100 100% fake.
Nishant The writer gives Karan at 100% authentic. He rate Shamita with 50-50. He also rates Jay as 100 percent fake.

The prisoners vote for positions. They give the following ratings:
Karan 100% authentic
Shamita: 50-50 fake original
Jay The Jay is Completely fake.

On the Stage:

Salman declares that there is a wild card entry into the house shortly. The call is connected to the house. Salman states that you have had rated Karan, Shamita and Jay. Salman asks Jay. Jay states that I am just following my word, there are a lot of fakes in this place, but I’m not. I do my best to be the winner but money is the most important thing to me. Salman questions Shamita what is the reason she’s 50-50? Shamita claims that it’s my experience, and it’s hard to judge the job. Salman questions Karan what his thoughts are on becoming 100% original? Karan says I am happy. Salman says he’s unique since he’s playing with people? We’ll talk about the matter later. Make sure to use your mind. Karan admits that I made make a mistake. Salman states that you are saved because Pratik did not take action against you . However, do not be violent during the work. Salman concludes the conversation.

BigG arrives on stage and greets Hina. BigG is singing Lag Ja Gale. She holds Salman. He says , “You’re back!? Hina declares it’s love affair from both sides. Salman says who are you aiming at? Hina states that they’re all at ease, so I’ll shake them. Salman questions you about your top choice? She says I enjoy Karan’s game , but he shouldn’t make use of violence. I love Tejasswi as well. She says I would like them to be clean and also entertain the public. I’m planning to hold the BootCamp at home. Salman takes her into the home.

In the House:

Hina Khan arrives at the house. The entire inmates greet her. Afsana claims you are big today, but you’re my favourite. Hina smiles and asks if you are your top choices? Afsana affirms that you are my top choice. Hina tells me I’ll share my opinion. She informs Karan that you’re playing nicely, but don’t be violent. She assures Pratik that you’re playing very well. She informs Jay that you’re a great player but you should not expose your weaknesses.

Hina promises to organize the BootCamp in this location. The first class is focused on hygiene. Hina declares that Ishaan, Vishal, Umar and Simba will be mopping their shirt. Hina praises Vishal’s body. Hina requests Shamita to apply sauces to her dress. Shamita declares that this is a designer gown. Hina smiles and says that I’m just making fun of her. She demands Shamita to put sauces on the table. She demands that the boys put on an apron, and they are required to wash the sauces without touching their hands. First Vishal-Umar. The group starts twerking at the table, and then dance to Tera Buzz. Everyone cheers for them.

Hina wants Tejasswi the chance to give a score Vishal her rating, she gives 5/5. Akasa tells me I would like to rate 5 out of 5. She claims Vishal 4/5. Shamita rate 4/5. Miesha rate 5/5. Afsana gives 5/5 on behalf of Umar as well as 4/5 for Vishal. Hina states that the next one is Simba-Ishaan. They both start dancing zara zara. They both begin dancing in a s*xy way. Everyone cheers for them. Hina smiles and states that Simba cannot clean his home. Shamita gives Simba 3.0 out of 5 and 4 out of five for Ishaan. Miesha rate Simba 4.8 in five, 4.9 out of 5 for Ishaan. Afsana rate the two 4.5 out of five. Tejasswi doesn’t like them both. Akasa declares 5/5 for Simba. Hina requests girls to choose who is the best dancer. They all decide to make Umar to be the winner.

Vishal arrives dressed in a towel and says I don’t wash my clothes. I don’t have a lot of garments and my clothes were ruined when I was working. Shamita asks him to calm down, don’t do drama right now. Miesha assists him in cleaning up. Shamita goes to the bathroom area and tells him to only wear a towel. I don’t have any clothes to damage. Hina feels awkward when she sees his anger. Nishant says drama vibes. Vishal wants Nishant not to call him a”drama queen. Vishal is seen in the room dressed in an untidy towel. Shamita states that we all perform things. Umar says that you are able to put on my outfit. Vishal says I am fine.

Hina tells prisoners that we’ll be taking an instruction on the management within the family. She tells Ishaan-Miesha that she has for help folding the sheets, but you must dance. They dance to lahu munh lag gya as they are making the bedsheet. Ishaan is seen dancing with her. Hina invites the other inmates to assess their relationship. Pratik affirms that it was incredible. Hina asks him if he would fold a bedsheet together with someone? Pratik says I’ll fold the same thing with Nishant. Hina says that her favourite pair is Karan and Nishant. She wants them to show their chemistry. Nishant along with Karan dancing on zara zara mehekta hai, while making the sheets. They all laugh. Nishant is thrown into Karan’s arms. Karan lifts him. Nishant dances around him. Everyone claps for them. Tejasswi claims they were better than Ishaan-Miesha. Hina is a clapping ovation and declares their chemistry amazing.

Hina states that the next class will focus on pain. We will be doing the task of waxing. The caller is Jay as well as Afsana. Hina tells me that I’ll inquire with Afsana If she is willing to answer she will then apply wax to Jay’s feet. She asks Afsana what her fiance’s name is Saanjh? She responds yes and rubs Jay’s legs, he shouts in pain. Hina asks Afsana If Ishaan-Miesha look cute? Afsana affirms that they are cute and then waxes him for the second time. Hina asks Afsana whether her surname is Khan? Afsana confirms it and rubs on his hands. Hina declares that she will be the first to play Shamita and Karan. Hina asks Shamita whether she’s missing Raqesh? She responds yes and rubs on his legs. Hina asks Shamita what if she was disappointed by Nishant this week? Shamita agrees and rubs Karan’s hands. Jay insists that we make his chest wax. Hina is asking Shamita whether she considers Vishal to be her elder brother? She affirms her answer and rubs Karan’s chest. He screams with pain.

Hina states that the next mission will be about food. She suggests that we prepare Tejasswi take a bite of Karan’s hands. Hina states that Karan will force her to take a bite of strawberries and mustard sauce. However, Tejasswi isn’t able to display disgust, she’ll pretend that it’s delicious. Karan forces her to eat, and she tries to smile. Karan makes marshmallows dipped in Szechuan sauce and then makes her consume. Next is Pratik-Akasa. Akasa is able to make him eat marshmallows with Szechuan sauce, and he tries to remain smiling. Hina wants Akasa to congratulate him. Akasa claims that he helps me get up by slapping me. It’s so nice. Akasa has him eat strawberries and puts Szechuan sauce to his lips. Pratik smiles and says that it’s burning. Hina is happy for them as she dances with paani paani. The whole group dances. Hina goes away.

Tejasswi explains to Jay what is the reason why Vishal continue to talk about clothes and money. Nishant asks Jay what if he’s an acquaintance of Vishal? Jay says I am not. Nishant believes you should be able to be able to count on me. Jay affirms that I am trustworthy. I’m not understanding Vishal’s game. He’s more me and myself. Tejasswi says to Karan that Vishal took Shamita in order for her to see him. I feel sorry for Shamita. Karan states that Shamita dislikes Pratik-Nishant, so she seeks comfort in Shamita.

Shamita Asks Vishal why you kept talking about your clothes before a guest.

Karan says to Vishal that you’re playing well, however, you leave. Vishal insists that I’m not playing any games with Shamita. Karan insists that I am certain that you’re not hurting anyone. Vishal claims that my relationship that I have with Shamita is real and could backfire on me too. Karan affirms that she likes you, and the impression is that you’re always playing games.

Tejasswi informs Umar that Vishal thinks he’s running an online game. Tejasswi reveals that he was not happy the fact that I was ahead of him in the ranking process.

On the Stage:

Salman informs the crowd the audience that there is a brand new open wildcard entry Rajiv. The clip showcases celebrities praising Rajiv and his level of enjoyment. Salman states let’s check out whom is Rajiv. He refers to Rajiv Adatia to the stage. Salman claims that you have connections to numerous celebrities, so what are you doing? Rajiv says that I work for an events company, and I have great friends. I’m from London therefore my hindi is not great so let’s seeif I’ll have so much pleasure in my house. Rajiv claims that I’ve been watching the game, so let’s take a look. He says that I don’t enjoy Vishal’s style of play, he’s manipulative and a bit smug. He says that I enjoy Karan’s game. Shamita is a loyal and entertaining. I have a fondness for her since I am a close friend of her. He said I’m acquainted with several people in our house. Salman states that you must be honest about your opinion of the prisoners when I ask their names. Rajiv’s comments:

  • Karan He is in control
  • Vishal: Manipulative and two-faced
  • Ishaan is blinded by love
  • Miesha: She’s intelligent
  • Akasa is fragile
  • Shamita is a charming and loyal
  • Pratik coconut (hard from the outside but soft inside)
  • Tejasswi: intelligent
  • Umar Is a complete idiot
  • Simba: invisible
  • Afsana Bomb
  • Jay is a player.
  • Nishant is a term used to describe a snake.

Salman says to Rajiv I want you to have a wonderful time as you leave the home. Rajiv promises me to enjoy myself. Salman takes him to the home.

Salman calls the house. Salman informs the prisoners that I’ll tell you a story and you need to figure out who said what. Then, you have to put the foam to their faces. Salman says that Jay’s money-related reasoning was foolish and he’s angry. Jay claims Umar has done it and he puts foam to his. Salman insists that it’s not Umar. Salman claims that someone told him that Jay has grudges in his soul. Jay claims Vishal might have said it. Salman claims that he is that he is wrong. Salman claims that someone told him that Jay isn’t sure what’s correct or incorrect. Jay claims it’s Pratik, Salman says wrong. Salman says that someone has said that Jay isn’t able to comprehend the task. He thinks it’s Shamita. Jay believes that Nishant may have said something similar to that. Salman claims that someone told him that Jay believed he was going to be in the house, so he stuck to his beliefs, and then he changed his word. Jay claims it’s Karan. Salman believes that he is mistaken.

Salman claims that someone told Tejasswi that she doesn’t have an personal game. She is looking to be compared to me. That’s the reason. Tejasswi believes it’s Vishal. Salman says correct. Salman claims that someone told him that Tejasswi would like to have a game with her in the kitchen, and this is the reason she chose to use the money prized. Tejasswi believes it’s Shamita. Salman claims that someone told him that Tejasswi isn’t authentic, she’s just talking about herself. Tejasswi claims Salman isn’t scolding me, therefore I’m not sinning. She believes it’s Pratik. Salman claims to be wrong.

Salman claims that someone told him about Shamita that she could get caught up in the illusion room , trying for fairness. Shamita believes it could be Vishal however, Salman claims he is wrong, Shamita says guesses it to be Karan. Salman closes the call.

On the Stage:

Salman will be welcoming Manish Paul on stage. Manish says that I am this stage for the first time the season is going very well. I’d like to assist you by hosting. Salman says that it’s your specialty. Manish says I’ll present a segment where I will reveal secrets. Manish says I’ll start by asking you questions. He asks Salman whether he’s scared of his father? Salman says never, I respect him. Manish asks if he would refuse hosting BB16? Salman insists that silence is the best answer. Manish tells Salman that now you need come dance along with me. Salman dances along with Manish. Manish laughs together with Salman and they do some hook dance steps. Salman sends him.

In the House:

Manish arrives at the home and the family is thrilled to meet the man. Manish declares that cameras are all over the place, but maybe Ishaan-Miesha doesn’t realize that. Jay claims that if you’re associated with them, you will be seen on Voot exclusively. The whole group laughs. Manish says let’s do some action. He requests Nishant to design hook steps for all. He requests Karan.

Nishant performs a tackling step to Karan. He creates a stylish Hook step to Shamita. The whole crowd is laughing. Manish tells me that I’ll show you pictures and you’ll have to explain to me what’s happening. Manish shows a black and white picture of Vishal Tejasswi-Jay. The second photo shows Pratik striking Nishant’s bum. Nishant affirms that all of them are obsessed with my bum. Everyone laughs. The next photo shows Ishaan-Miesha snuggling together inside the blanket.

Manish informs the inmates that I’ll ask to grant spice titles to each others. Manish gives the title “jealous spice” Jay Jay and asks which one should receive it? Jay affirms that he thinks Vishal is an ‘jealous spice’.

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