Udaariyaan Written Episode Update of 23rd October 2021: Jass Troubles Tejo

The episode begins with Jass getting into trouble with Tejo and her entire home. Gurpreet insists Khushbeer not to be worried, Tejo is at her home. He says I won’t get peace, Jass is roaming free. Jass takes a bite of food. He comes to Tejo and requests her to serve some food too. He asks you to come be with me, am having Roti. Tejo is curious about why we are giving him a good treatment. Satti states that you don’t want us cause trouble for you. Bebe asks you to call Fateh. Tejo tells her that Jass is smart, I can’t remember where I put my phone. Fateh is home. He declares that Tejo has broken the bonds of friendship between me and Tejo. I’m not worthy I would like everything to be perfect there. Jass insists that he eat the food and eat, I ate it and drinks. Tejo scolds him. She says that you’re making threats about the papers. She says I won’t have much time to come out of this mess. He claims to be my wife until then I’m not going to be able to sign divorce papers. I am the husband of your for 6 days. go out and buy the wine and see what you are seeing Did you not drink with your cheating husband up to the present.

Tejo wants Jass to drink water and then go to sleep. Jass keeps her close and tells her to sit with me for a while. She is scolding him and accuses him of being fraudulent. He says , don’t accuse me of being a fraud, I am in love with you. Satti asks to meet me Tejo. He tells her to follow my instructions I am her husband. He holds Tejo close again. Bebe insists that you stay within your boundaries. Lovely tells her to leave. Jass wants Satti to go get Ice for him. He also asks Bebe to sleep. Satti takes the Ice. Jass declares that both of your daughters are beautiful. Tejo is great, but Jasmin is smart, so why did you two get the same person. Tejo is throwing the beverage onto his face. Tejo gets furious. Everyone is able to stop him. Tejo decides that he should call Fateh. Fateh arrives with a message. She says Jasmin… The dancer performs with him on Aaj jaane…plays… Fateh holds her.

They lie on the floor and smile. Fateh receives his phone. Jasmin is able to hear Tejo’s voice and puts the phone down. Tejo insists on answering the call. Fateh Where are you. Jasmin insists that you let go of all tension. He says you’re gorgeous, my tiredness has gone away when I saw you. She says that I would like to take you away from all the issues Do you not want your life to be perfect and full with happiness? We will be married and we will be married, please. Tejo calls again. Jasmin wants Tejo to go on and be happy? If he does, we’ll also have peace and peace from Jass. He smiles. Tejo dials Khushbeer. Jass is there and takes the phone. He asks who are you calling the other day, you know, Mr. Fateh, he won’t assist you, he’d be sitting in your sister’s arms and grieving with her. Fateh tells you to relax that we’ll get married in the near future. He kisses Jasmin. Tejo presses Jass and then runs. She is asking Satti to call her. Jass arrives and grabs everyone’s phones. He is scolds them and tells them to go back to their rooms. Tejo is tempted to go out and seek help. Khushbeer is thinking of Tejo. He drinks a glass of water. He falls on the glass. Fateh arrives and warns him to take care. He asks you if you’re well, did you have medications. Khushbeer asks what medications should I take after Tejo went away. Tejo realizes that the gate is closed. She is crying. Jass smiles seeing her. He hands her the key and tells her that you shouldn’t leave without my consent, and I’m not going to say no. Khushbeer is injured on his hand. He claims I was unable to do anything after Tejo went away.

Fateh claims that Tejo is strong and can handle everything so don’t be worried and take care of yourself. Jass insists that I must ensure all women’s safety. Do not leave, and don’t be intelligent, think about how the police arrived and my goons would come so don’t worry about it, enter. Dilraj is shouting at him. Jass raises him up and leaps. Tejo tells him to leave and we’ll do as you tell us. Jass laughs and lays him off. Fateh is begging Khushbeer to take the medicine to help Tejo. Khushbeer takes it. Bebe tells her to lay down in your guest bedroom. Jass says I’ll rest in the room of my wife and then come. Tejo is gone. He disappears. Tejo hugs Satti. They cry. Fateh is crying. He is convinced that I would rather Tejo would not have left this way. Jass embellishes the space. He says”Look Jaan How I decorated everything. I’m sorry to have to take the chunri out of your cabinet, but it’s beautiful. Fateh examines the missed calls of Tejo. Jass claims that I didn’t call you that day. I was a bad boy. sorry, I did this. Fateh phoned her. He calls Satti. Tejo questions what’s wrong with this. Jass states that it’s suhaagraat, which was incomplete the last time, and I’ll complete it right now. Fateh claims that something is not right, their phones are out of service, what do I do? take action.

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