Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode Update of 19th October 2021: Vivaan’s Life Is In Danger

The story begins the episode with Reema saying to Simar that she been fooling everyone with her innocent behavior, but now the real truth is exposed and she states that, like you the marriage you have with your partner is fake, and it is now been dissolved. Simar says that you must have felt guilty for saying this to your sister. Reema inquires if her sister has a similar experience, one who has a problem with her sister’s house. Simar asks me what I did do? Reema claims that you’ve told all the facts to Vivaan that I ought to have informed him about. Simar claims I have told the truth to dewar ji in order that there is no confusion between you two. She claims I informed him that you got married to get revenge on Aarav Ji, but I also informed him that you’ve changed in the last few years. She says that I did my best to convince him but the latter was furious. Reema insists that you’ve ruined my trust and stolen my joy. She claims that you first sat in the mandap, and then caused me to become Vivaan. She says you’ve considered to drag me out of here, and she says that I will not allow this to occur. She says that I’m shaming the relationship between Aarav and you It was not perfect and will never be. Simar has enough. Reema claims that you are not worthy in this house. Simar insists that it’s my sisters. Reema states that you used to dress in my old clothes, and that’s the reason you were was married in the wedding leftover by me. She believes you’re worthy of this. Simar is holding her hands and tells Simar that you’ve surpassed all your boundaries. She says that relationships don’t grow up through expression their feelings, but are built up through selfless devotion and sacrifice. She claims that you compare your relationship to clothes, and she says that you’ve that you’re wearing out your clothes. She asks if your worth is that much in front of you. She says that you aren’t aware of what you’ve spoken in anger and insists that one must be mature, and she asks her to be aware of her words, or else there is no apology. Reema states that this sasural not hers. Simar however, it’s mine. Simar declares that he is feeling discomfort calling you my older sister. Reema demands that she do the packing and then leave at this point, since her time is up. They take a look at the Sand timer. Reema is in her room.

Simar is in her room and is crying. She is greeted by Gajendra She says that something has happened through my eyes. She asks you if you’d like something. He tells me I’m unable to stop crying, but you can wipe it off and offer tissue paper. He claims I can’t help you during this month, but you’ve been so generous to the house and your family. He claims I didn’t have the time to speak, but have observed every single thing. He thanked her for all the things she has done. Simar asks Papa is what you are telling me? Gajendra says, “Let me speak that there’s so much to talk about, however the time is not as much. He says that memories are huge and says that today an bahu is leaving family and home and I came across one today. He claims that I am proud to declare that I have one more daughter from Aditi I am the father to two daughters now I’m not sure how to express my gratitude to you the way you dealt with Sandhya in the right way to become the strength she needed and found me Aditi as well. He said only a girl could do this, and I am very proud of your. Simar says Papa. Gajendra states that I am unable to help you in any way I am sorry, but please forget me. Sandhya appears and stares at the two. Simar states that you have blessed me. I’m happy with nothing other than that. He puts her feet on his. Gajendra extends his arms to hug him. Simar calls him Papa and embraces him. Sandhya declares that”This will be the most magical moment of Simar who has forced an object to transform into wax. She stares at the Sand timer. Simar continues to hold Gajendra and she cries.

Simar is in her room, and she recalls Reema’s curse. She looks at Aarav’s picture frame and says that I can’t stop you. She tells him that I don’t want you to violate your commitment, and invites him back. She spots Aarav standing. He talks with her about his photograph and says that you’re seen by me. Aarav arrives and sits down on the bed, and says Simar’s Aarav Ji. Simar says that I wish that it had happened. He tells her to look up and watch. She turns around and is happy when she sees him. She tells him that you’re from the outside. He smiles. Simar hugs him. He asks him why you are crying, when you’ve stated that you won’t be crying. Simar remembers the words of Reema. She says that I can’t believe that you’ve come back. Aarav affirms I’m here and she makes her kiss his face. Simar asks how return, and if you did will have to find free truck. Aarav claims I was about to go when Vivaan was there. A fb appears. Vivaan arrives at Aarav and demands that he return to Bhabhi. He tells him he’ll leave his home and requests him to stay with her, and to keep the secret of where he left. He asks you to share the final moments of his life with me. Chitra is listening to Aarav and says Vivaan isn’t going to be there. Chitra calls him. Vivaan is driving his car and approaching the checkpoint for tolls. Chitra is knocking on badi maa’s door , and calls Vivaan. Mohit is seated on the road and is holding a gun. He claims that today Oswal the heir to the family will pass away. He’s about to shoot him. Chitra is knocking on his door. Badi Maa walks out of the bathroom. Chitra informs her that Aarav hasn’t made it to the toll however Vivaan came and asks her to contact him again. Badi Maa tells me to contact him. She claims that the her phone isn’t reachable. Mohit is aiming his gun toward the automobile.

Simar visits the inhouse temple to express her gratitude to Vivaan for giving them a special time. She asks Mata Rani to keep Vivaan happy and grant him a long life. She puts her hands in her pockets and walks away. Badi Maa calls Vivaan again. Vivaan responds to the phone and informs him that it’s time to go to the toll-free checkpoint. Badi Maa asks who told you to visit and requests him to come back. She claims that I have given this task to your brother, and she asks him to come back. After that, the call is disconnected. Vivaan is on the phone and tells me that, ok and I’ll call back. Badi Maa asks him to come and I’ll speak to the kids. Mohit shoots at Vivaan. The bullet strikes the mirror in the car. Vivaan is stunned, and the car comes to a stop. Reema recalls the words of Vivaan and decides that I’m not going to allow this to occur. She declares that I will not abandon you, you’re my only child, I won’t take away mangalsutra from your name. Mohit believes that the man was saved and leaps into his jeep to shoot him once more. Vivaan is bending down to help himself. He is unsure who’s firing at him. He is injured while bent down and also gets injured. He is able to get from the vehicle without revealing his identity.

Aarav attempts to cut the apple, but has his hand cut and blood drips onto the picture of Vivaan. Simar requests Aarav to sit. He admits he was thinking of Vivaan. Mohit notices that the bullets have gone over the top of his head and asks his goons to find additional bullets. He grabs those hockey sticks, and heads towards the car of Vivaan. He sees him missing and requests his gang members to find for him. Vivaan is walking and has injuries on his body.

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