Udaariyaan Written Episode Update of 19th October 2021: Jasmin Insults Tejo

The episode starts with Jass saying that if I’d like to, I will bring you as soon as I can However, I will not make this happen, instead I’ll offer you a day of time before you leave home to inform everyone about our wedding, what will you tell them. Fateh asks the man , where did you get this phone. The man responds that it’s on the side. Jass insists on telling them otherwise, I’ll be there to take you away. Fateh looks for her. Jass says , take this, and you’ll will remember what I said. Fateh shouts Tejo loudly. Jass reminds me of what I’ve said. Tejo shouts out Fateh. He arrives and finds her lying on the ground. Jass is able to get away. Fateh is running towards Jass and shouts Amrik to catch him.

Amrik runs after Jass. Fateh asks Tejo who was he. She replies Jass. He wants to know Jass. Jass throws sand on Amrik and then runs. Amrik returns. He claims he ran away. I was unable to see his face. Who was the person he was. Fateh affirms that it was Jass. Simran and Mahi see Tejo. Simran tells Mahi that we’ll bring Tejo home. When they return, they are home. Gurpreet is in charge of Tejo. She inquires about what happened. Khushbeer inquires about what Jass desire. Simran claims that he was had a wedding, he was leaving his wife… Fateh says that it wasn’t a marriage and he was able to beat Tejo I believe that he was not aware of the previous beating. If he gets to me, I’ll not abandon him. Jasmin is critical of Tejo, Jass can attack her, so why did he return after an extended period. Tejo remembers Jass her words. She hands over the paper. Fateh and Khushbeer look it over.

Khushbeer questions what’s going on, Jass is still married to Tejo We were unaware of their marriage registry. Rupy claims it was done in order to obtain a Canada visa. Khushbeer claims that you should have filed for divorce. Rupy claims his mom was detained, and we knew that it was a scam. The lawyer claimed that the marriage wouldn’t be considered to be legally. Khushbeer inquires about the lawyer. Rupy claims it was Jass Lawyer. Khushbeer says, wow you believed him. you didn’t believe that the lawyer was a fraudulent. Rupy claims Tejo was not well Jasmin’s marriage was arranged You know what happened the next day, we should have done a thorough job of checking the papers, Tejo had to undergo this and learn how to solve this problem. Khushbeer stumbles. All of them hold him. He tells them that I’m okay We have to get Tejo out of the situation. Mahi inquires if Tejo secure, in case she tries to hurt him. Fateh assures her that he will not make this happen, but should he decide to come, I’ll fracture his legs. Jasmin believes that he is annoyed when it’s about Tejo. Khushbeer and Fateh claim that Tejo isn’t going to leave the home. Khushbeer suggests that the lawyer show up, we’ll do what he suggests.

Tejo sits on Satti’s lap. She inquires about the reason for all the tears written on my share. Satti affirms that she trusts in God He will bring us out of our pain too, and you are my courageous daughter, we are strengthened from your example. Fateh is able to recall Tejo and Jass their wedding. He weeps when he sees Tejo. Jasmin smiles. Gurpreet affirms that we are your strength. should you fail and we fall weak, then all of us will be weak. Simran requests Candy to put down. Candy takes her to Tejo. He asks you why you’re crying. Simran says she’s tired, so let her rest. Candy says that I’ll be sleeping here, and I will always be there for him. Satti tells him to remain here, Tejo got a smile.

Bebe asks why we commit this huge error. Satti and Rupy are crying. Rupy claims that it happened due to me. Abhiraj claims that all of us are accountable for this. Satti asks God to help Tejo. Tejo is asleep. She dreams of Jass and awakes. She is crying. Simran awakes and hug her. She requests Tejo to be calm. It’s a morning, and the lawyer claims that this marriage is legal Jass Tejo and Jass Tejo are married and it is dangerous to take any action and there isn’t a fraud investigation against him. We have to find loopholes in order to be able to get Tejo divorced. We have two days, and since Diwali is coming up and the court will close. Gurpreet tells us we must wait until the court opens again, Jass can do anything. Khushbeer says he’s unable to think of any other option. Fateh says there is no alternative. The lawyer says that everything depends on the judge. Khushbeer is curious about Fateh and Tejo’s wedding. The lawyer says that until this document is legally valid it is not a valid reason to speak to Fateh and Tejo’s marriage. it’s illegal, Jass may create a fresh issue, and he could claim that you were aware of it and that you got Tejo as well as Fateh married. He then leaves. Nimmo says that one problem won’t end , and another began, there many more episodes than television serial. Biji demands that she put down. Tejo cries. Gurpreet tells her to relax We will find a solution. Tejo thinks of Jass and makes her way into her room. Fateh watches. Khushbeer says let her lighten her heart. Tejo is crying and thinks about every thing.

Jasmin is there and says, have this milk haldi I brought this to you, you’re hurt by it, so take it. She takes the glass and asks if I’m in need of this? Jass has given you a small cut, and you caused me a huge wound. you called me another woman What do you feel now? the other woman? You reside at the house of your husband’s illegal spouse, Jass wants to take the woman back. Tejo cries. Jasmin smiles. He says, “I’m afraid, Jass can take your Agnipariksha You together with Fateh went out for a night with each other, but you’ll be unable to pass this Agnipariksha You had four days together with Fateh and believed it was an ancestor the four days you spent together were not true. Tejo asks Jasmin Please go away. Jasmin declares that your illegal union with Fateh has provided me with a an assurance that I would be his legal spouse. She walks away. Tejo rushes to pray. She is able to see Matarani idol. She claims that everyone says you should test people who are good Does it harm to be good? I’m not able to take this anymore I was not adamant to get married Jass I did it because of his family. However, when he duped me and left me. I never lost my courage and I knew Fateh isn’t my, I did marry him. It was your choice, as I was a loyal friend, I accepted what transpired here, I didn’t complain, I trusted that you. Things was not perfect however I was able to feel the love and presence of Fateh to be real and you took even the love of my life, I didn’t even complain and was content that the times that I spent with him were my own I was snatched away by you my happiness What do you want to do with it? Why did you take my breath, grab it and then let me go to sleep. She is crying.

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