Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update of 20th October 2021

The inmates awake to the tune Swagni. They dance with everyone else. Vishal greets everyone.

The prisoners are asleep, and the alarm goes off. Nishant requests them to get up.

Vidhi informs Tejasswi there is no milk in the present. Tejasswi suggests that people make use of milk to cook with hoping that they’ll get more. Miesha says to Vidhi she can speak whatever she likes.

Karan claims that we don’t have tea with milk. Tejasswi promises to offer the milk to you. Vidhi says that we can’t continue living in this way.

Tejasswi requests Shamita to provide them with a half glass of milk. They don’t even have it for tea. Akasa states that they don’t buy grocery items in a hurry. Tejasswi says that when I lived there I was very strict when it came to using the items. Pratik says to give a little milk to your tea and they’re dying. Tejasswi offers water to Vidhi and tells her it’s your fault for using milk without care. Nishant says to Pratik that we need to decide whether we want to have food together or not.

Vidhi informs Umar that there is no one doing anything at the table. Karan demands Nishant to request the kitchen staff to complete their task. Nishant states that Simba and Vidhi are able to work in the kitchen. I shouldn’t be rushing the others to complete their tasks. Karan claims that you requested Simba to join the kitchen, so you should make him work. You made a poor choice by placing Simba inside the kitchen. Nishant states that Miesha did not like working in the kitchen, so I picked Simba. Nishant is at Simba and demands that he do his job in the kitchen. Karan insists that Nishant you’re a”nalla” (useless). Nishant insists that you don’t make me feel like that. I understand that you’re frustrated, but please don’t be like this. Karan says I am sorry. Nishant asks Simba whether he would like to help in cooking or out of the house? Simba states that I believed that Donal and Vidhi will cook breakfast? Nishant claims Donal is sleeping , but it’s not my job to follow people around. Donal awakes. Karan declares that we created Nishant the captain and you must do all this. Nishant says shut up.

Karan finds the bag filled with rocks in the yard. He asks Nishant, what’s this? Tejasswi notices it and informs Jay to stay away from there. They find it, and the plan we had for it failed. Karan takes the bag off the table and tells me I’m not worried. Akasa informs Tejasswi Karan utilizes his mind more than anyone else.

BigG comes into the house and leaves a message. Karan asks if he has brought cigarettes? The whole group laughs. BigG quits the house. Ishaan discovers that the jungle is magical. You can see the future in the mirrors.

Karan suggests that we bring the bench in from the inside so that we can relax here comfortably. Umar is the one to deliver the bench. They all gather close to the cave. Ishaan, Umar, Simba, Karan are sitting in the cave’s entrance.

Karan asks Nishant to explain why you hit me yesterday? Nishant asks why you refer to me as Nalla? Karan says I was laughing with you. You were angry with me without reason. If I’m angry, I’ll call you Nishant Now, I am sorry to you. Nishant is hugging him and apologizes to him.

The alarm sounds and the group runs to the cave, but it’s not vegetables. Jay declares that Umar is trying to block the glass door. Nishant insists on Umar to refrain from doing this. Jay says to Karan that Umar cannot hold the door. Bigg Boss tells us we can get injured. Vidhi warns Umar to stay away from the door with glass. Umar says , what other ideas are you working on? We must block them in some way.

Alarm sounds, and puzzle pieces are deposited within the cave. Ishaan gets it and flees. The rest of the housemates cheer for them and don’t bother Ishaan. Nishant believes this is the way I changed as an officer. Everyone laughs. Umar conceals a few puzzle pieces, then flees. Karan demands Umar to put this in his purse. Umar does. Jay shows up and laughs.

Nishant informs Karan that the nomination for today is set to occur. You should think about me if I am able to select someone to take inside my home? Karan insists that I should consider the possibility. The main game is scheduled to start at the home, but I have the option of staying within the forest. The jungle inhabitants trust me and I’m not going to violate it. Nishant says that if I am granted power , I will select the person I trust. Karan says I’m fine living in the wild because I’m bonded with others. Nishant says that these people will be thinking of you, not me in the future. Karan affirms that they will not They all backed your decision to be captain. Some were skeptical However, I convinced them that they should select you. Ishaan-Miesha come up with the plans of their own. Nishant says that I do not trust Miesha. Karan says me either.

Nishant informs Miesha I’m too bored. Bigg Boss says don’t use English. Nishant says there’s no sense of accountability in the jungle. The alarm sounds as Umar is asleep. Nishant awakens him and tells him to stay awake please. Umar returns to sleep and then the alarm starts playing over and over. Nishant shouts to Umar to get up. Umar insists that I’m not sleeping by myself, Afsana is sleeping too. Vidhi claims she is sick.

Tejasswi wants Donal to stay out of the bathroom in the house. Donal states that I’ve requested Nishant, so am I able to have a bath now? Tejasswi tells Nishant that if he allowed you to use the bathroom, you’ll be fined. Tejasswi calls Nishant and asks him if the he let Donal to utilize the bathroom in the house? Nishant says no. He demands Donal to leave the bathroom. He says you aren’t able to access this bathroom. You need to make use of the bathroom in the jungle only. Donal states that you’ve let me in to use the bathroom before. Nishant insists that you don’t lie, refrain from using it again.

Miesha is asleep, so the alarm sounds. Miesha awakes and says I’m not asleep. Nishant insists that she wake up. Miesha tells her that I’m not sleeping. Would you like me to dance with you? I was lying in bed. Nishant insists that you all stay for me to get up.

Bigg Boss informs the prisoners that we are all human beings and possess the same intelligence as any other animal. We are governed by the laws of the universe, but we aren’t sure why don’t adhere to the rules of the house? It’s the third week of the season and your people continue to break the rules. This season there is no effort to comprehend the rules, and continues to violate them. We’ve given numerous warnings, but there’s any improvement. Even the captain cannot stop you as you are taking everything seriously. We don’t want you to play with this show , therefore we need to stop this. We must take severe actions. The punishment starts with the housemates. Nobody is part of the house anymore. You all are in the jungle only. He asks everyone to move their belongings in the wild. The house will be shut within the next 15 minutes, so that you can all get your belongings. Nishant remains as the captain, however he has been relegated to the lower ranks as well. The prisoners in the jungle have fun with the housemates. Shamita claims that they are constantly breaking the rules, and we’re paying the cost. Jay says , what have we done? Ishaan says that this happened because we made fun of the captaincy role. Miesha states that we didn’t adhere to the guidelines. Karan asks if we could assist them? Nishant says that no, do not immediately do anything. Karan invites the group to bring food items.

Pratik says to Vishal that we are all in violation of rules. We speak in English We sleep constantly. We also violate rules. Nishant claims that we didn’t violate more rules than they did. Pratik insists that we aren’t to blame them. They need to leave immediately. Tejasswi assures us that we will not break any rules or else we’ll be kicked out of the building immediately. Bigg Boss advises the housemates that they must take only their personal belongings and only their food items. They aren’t allowed to remove any other items in the home. Nishant claims that this happened because of the rules not being followed.

Shamita states that they are satisfied today. Afsana asks them to assist us in creating the map? Vishal states that we’ve worked for a long time to get here today and this is what happens. We should complete our tasks with a calm attitude. Afsana ridicules the housemates and Bigg Boss tells her to not talk to them. Umar states that they should return to the floor when they get up from their bed. Jay claims that you aren’t following the rules. It’s not about the captaincy job. Bigg Boss recently spoke about rules being broken. Nishant says to the inmates that they must adhere to the rules of the game now. Tejasswi arrives in the jungle and announces that I’m back. Karan laughs and asks her to you should cook. Karan hugging her, she tells her that Tejasswi will make kheer with us right now. She smiles.

Bigg Boss asks Nishant to get the lock and chain. He’ll use it to shut the door of the house. People who don’t abide by the rules and shouldn’t be allowed living in the home. Nishant says sorry. He brings a lock as well as a chain and locks the home.

Nishant informs Pratik that she doesn’t have the option of retiling. Pratik claims it’s a prank to them as we lived in luxury here. Tejasswi says they’re not pitying us. Pratik says we’ve violated rules too. Nishant claims we only speak in regional languages, however they’ve violated a number of rules. Pratik affirms that we’ve repeatedly violated the rules. They were nominated by me, so we shouldn’t blame them for this.

Karan says to Umar that we need to prepare sweets to say “welcome” to them. Vishal smiles and says that I’m just not able to drink my coffee right now. Umar asks, how do Pratik, Nishant and Shamita rest on grass? The lights in the house go out. Karan claims that this is the way to go. into darkness. Everyone is laughing.

Jay informs inmates that we must follow the rules. Nishant declares that since we’re not children, so I am unable to oblige everyone to obey the rules. Tejasswi explains that after this, they’ll leave us at back home. Nishant smiles. Tejasswi complains that they are constantly affirming that they are thankful that they have a platform.

Bigg Boss informs inmates they’re breaking the law. not followed by everyone and it’s time to take the next sentence. All of them gather around. Bigg Boss says that we’ve reduced the housemates, but the inmates from the jungle also violated the rules. Bigg Boss says we will be opening the main entrance at this point and the housemates will have two names. They are on vacation. They’re not much of a contributor in the production and are of no worth to add in the production. We’re giving a few minutes to each of you to make a decision together. Everyone should share their views as it could be your last visit to the home. Don’t be a snob about this job as two prisoners will be exiled this morning. It is possible to use majority vote or make a decision in a mutual manner regarding these two names. The inmates are all present. Shamita says let’s vote.

Pratik says he is a fan of Donal as well as Vidhi’s name since they do not appear often in the house.

Karan speaks with his team. He says that we don’t know what goes on inside the house, but I am aware of how they do their work in the jungle. Karan says to his team members that we have the majority of votes, so make an informed choice.

Pratik says to Shamita she is right that Farah Khan didn’t take Simba’s last last position. Shamita states that she wanted to use Umar’s name since Umar doesn’t abide by the rules. He appears to be having the beach enjoying a picnic.

Bigg Boss says we want to remind you of the prisoners who have contributed little on the reality show. Pratik invites viewers to take a look at Farah Khan’s rank. Nishant suggests that we be fair today. Miesha says it’s simpler for you all , but no good for us. We’ll have to wait a while to make a decision. Nishant states that we shouldn’t take on Bigg Boss once more. Jay says we shouldn’t cover the fact that it’s happening.

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