Udaariyaan Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Jass Hurts Tejo

The Episode begins with Jass staring at Tejo. Jasmin smiles. Gurpreet wants Candy to bring her candy floss. He replies that he doesn’t want it I’d like an Icecream. Tejo invites him to join. They head to the stand. Jass watches. Biji wants Fateh to purchase ice cream for her as well. Tejo inquires about who will get it. Fateh claims that everyone will get it. Fateh along with Tejo are together with Candy. Gurpreet affirms that they are great together, just like an entire family. Fateh, Tejo and their child. Simran confirms it. Jasmin believes that they are all there, so how do I make my Ram Leela get started. She yells… Fateh asks what was going on. She tells Fateh that I suffered an injury, it hurts quite a bit, I just can’t stand. Fateh requests everyone to relax his company, he’ll bring Jasmin to her home. Nimmo ridicules Jasmin. Tejo insists that everyone should go home. It’s time to take Khushbeer’s medicine. Fateh takes Jasmin and then takes her away. Jasmin is the one who makes Candy take his icecream off. Candy says my icecream fell down, I want more. Simran promises to get it in the future. Tejo tells me I’ll get it for him. Then you all go. Jass is with her. Fateh is the one who makes Jasmin to sit inside the vehicle. He tells her that Tejo was out to get icecream to buy Candy. She asks him to leave because there are many people who will take care of her. She’s not coming. She believes that she’s not leaving her, how can her husband from her previous marriage catch her. Simran states that Tejo will bring ice cream for you, so come. Jass is covered in Candy floss. He asks if it’s your child? He fell to the ground. Tejo believes that it is Candy. She visits. She shouts out Candy. Jass is no Candy, Jass. She remembers their wedding and his cheating.

Everyone comes home. Fateh sets down Jasmin. Biji inquires about Tejo. Jasmin and Fateh claim that she would have been there with you. Amrik is not sure. Fateh wants to know why? Jass says Tejo ji. The girl says Jass. He says, you’re still with me. I thought that you had forgotten me. This is known as real love. You’ve made me feel happy. She asks you what are you doing in this place. He asks him what’s the stupid question? He says I’m not coming to see Ram Leela. She asks him what he need. He laughs and then says I’m looking for revenge. Fateh contacts Tejo. Their phones and her icecream have in the air. Tejo asks me to take my hand off. Jass tells you not to be afraid by me, I’m your husband dear to you. She tells me to take my hand off. He insists that I will not let it go this time. you can shout at me, I’ll see who comes to help you. She yells. She shuts her mouth, and takes her away. Fateh continues to call her. A man rings the phone and then answers. Fateh inquires about who is talking. The man tells her the phone was found in the fair. Fateh claims that someone picked up Tejo’s phone , and then said that her phone was found at the fair. Jasmin suggests she could be arriving in a cab. We will have to wait. He says no, I’m not feeling great. Simran promises that we’ll also be there. Candy wonders about what has happened to Tejo. Khushbeer says there is nothing that can be happening to Tejo. Jasmin smiles. Jass declares that you did a good job when you acted smart with me. See what I did with you. Tejo warns me that if I don’t like youthat you’ll be taken to prison. He claims that you’ve not changed until now, and this draws me to you.

She claims you don’t know the details of my family. He claims that you are Virk family’s fateh’s wife. do not threaten me with police. I’m not in danger My mother has put the blame for her Did you know this from Fateh. He puts her on the floor. He states that Ram has saved Sita and is going to save you. But where are you Fateh and when will he be able to save you. Fateh looks for her. Simran is curious about how this girl come to this place. The man replies that she was speaking to a dhol artist. Tejo punches Jass and then walks away. She flees and hides behind a curtain. Jass looks for her. Tejo sees Fateh. She is crying and then comes out to meet him. Jass is stopped by Jass. The girl shouts Fateh. Jass stops her mouth and then takes her. He tells her that you were smart the last time however this time will not occur.

Fateh, Simran, Amrik and Tejo search for Tejo. Tejo uses a stick and tells them to stay clear of me. He beats Jass. He grabs the stick, and grabs it out of her hands. She falls to the ground. He grabs a knife and cuts her arm. She breaks down crying. He tells her that you are mine I am your wife. She claims I was your wife, but I have not become your wife. He says I’ve got the right to your entire life and your beauty. How do you keep it with someone else? I’ll take you along with me. Will you join me. She says , let me go and you became angry. He says, yes I am your wife, and you’re wearing her name mangalsutra and why did he get between us. Fateh claims we took her phone, and I’ll go there. Jass affirms that our marriage is legal those who are educated need proof of everything. You are professor. I’ve got an evidence of our marriage certificate check here. He asks, do you rememberthat we had this to apply for a Canada visa. The lawyer tells us that the marriage was annulled however, the marriage is valid. You have my name on it, and not the Fateh’s. the Raavan you are married to. She is crying.

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