Molkki Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Arjun Brings Purvi And Kids To His Home

Arjun informs Virender to keep far from the wife. The man holds Purvi. It’s NOT the one you call Bawri and my wife Mrs. Purvi Arjun Bajwa. The mangalsutra and the vermilion are both true. Although it may be bitter, you have to accept it. Virender takes him by the collar. Do you dare be touching me? Put your hands back or! Purvi is seen standing ahead of Arjun and instructs Virender to stop, as Arjun is about to punch Arjun. Arjun is correct. We’re married now. Virender claims it is impossible however Purvi insists it’s real. I love Arjun so I married him. Virender says it’s impossible. I’m married to you. Did you not realize the fact that I am my spouse? She corrects him by saying that they are his Molkki. I’m a married woman in the last few days. Virender states that we were have been married according to all the ceremony. Why do you use this term Molkki today? What did you do to save me from dying if would have done it? What is the reason you lie? You’ve known him for four days and you’re in love with him already?

Purvi says that love and hate are an emotional connection that is formed by the heart. Heart is able to tell who truly loves you or who’s playing your heart. I’ve learned the distinction between affection and the love of Arjun after my time with Arjun. He loves Purvi. He doesn’t like the girl who is the one who’s looking for Juhi as well as Manas. He truly loves me. You’ll need me so that I can take care of your family and you. You’ve only thought of you as an maid or Molkki! Prakashi and Anjali smile. Purvi declares that Arjun was the one who made my wife. I saved you just as I saved you. You were in jail due to me. You my dignity and me from Daksh. I just wanted to pay you back. If you’re able to remember, I left you at that time as well. I didn’t want to live together with you from the beginning, and I don’t want to share my life with together with you today either. I am Arjun’s spouse and I’ll go with Arjun. She grasps the arm of Arjun and requests him to come. Arjun keeps his hand on her waist and smiles. They proceed toward the main entrance.

Arjun is waiting by the front door. We’ll never leave any thing left behind. We will take everything. Your children are under your care right now. What can we do to leave them to them? They are yours or, more accurately, our obligation now. Bring them to the school. Virender warns him to not talk about his children. I will not be spared any other way! Arjun is telling him to relax. It is a mistake to forget that you have given care to Purvi! Virender nods. I did this so that she could stay with me and the kids. I didn’t do it so she could get them from me. Purvi is ready to say something when Arjun puts his hand on her waist to prevent her from doing so. He informs Virender that he can’t hinder the kids from playing together. Legally, they’re in the custody of Purvi while I’m their guardianship. He presents the documents in front of Virender whom rips them. I’ll tear you up like these papers if are too loud! Arjun informs him that the documents of the original were submitted to the court before. The court has acknowledged that they belong to us and I’ll bring them today with me. Inspector prevents Virender from striking Arjun. Do not place the laws into your hands.

Arjun says to Virender to listen to the Inspector. Virender wants to know why they got him there. Inspector tells him that Arjun had called them , as they knew you wouldn’t be able to agree with them quickly. He contacted them to seek security. Arjun acknowledges the Inspector. He suggests Virender to avoid going back to jail for breaking the rules. He is tempted to take his children, but Sakshi proposes to take them instead. She invites Purvi up with her.

Sakshi questions Purvi what she thought of her wedding to Arjun. Purvi breaks down. It was the only way to save Mukhi Ji. Flashbacks show Purvi signing a contract to marry Arjun while she weeps. He forces her to repeat the vow, and then tells her that his proposal could only be valid for one day. She pleads with him to save Mukhi Ji. I’ll do what I tell you. Arjun believes that I was certain she would give in, so I put together a plan of attack. He informs Purvi that they will keep Mukhi after the wedding. We’ve got 25 minutes to go. Arjun and Purvi will be married in an ancient temple. Purvi is crying throughout. Pundit Ji declares the couple as husband and wife. Arjun presents the garland Purvi. You will leave here immediately and I’ll bring Mukhi out of the jail. She is trying to say something but she is reminded by him that she is now his wife. You’ll do what I tell you. She runs out in tears. Flashback ends.

Purvi informs Sakshi that she has only one choice left to get married Arjun against her wishes. Arjun was the only one who could have saved Mukhi Ji. Sakshi is asked why she did not tell her the whole truth about Virender. Purvi states that I didn’t marry Arjun in a heartfelt way. I dint lie to Mukhi ji willingly. Arjun made me do it. Another flashback depicts Arjun explaining to Purvi to inform Virender that she got married to her because she is in love with him. Purvi is shaking her head. I can’t cause him to suffer this way. He’ll be hurt in the end. I am not able to fool him like this. Arjun warns her to not tell him no again and repeatedly. You’ll be losing Juhi and Manas together with Mukhi when you decide to refuse to accept my offer. The custody papers are given to Purvi. Be sure to read them carefully. Purvi is shocked to discover that Virender has granted her Juhi Manas’s custody. Arjun admits that he substituted his name for Mukhi when he requested for custody documents. Then I am their sole guardian. Purvi is shocked. Arjun declares that I am the sole guardian of their children. This document was written by both you and Virender. You must follow what I tell you or else lose all three of them. Are you sure, sweetheart? He wraps the garland on her neck. You’ll go home as this. Flashback ends.

Sakshi Says you made an immense sacrifice to save Mukhi Ji. Purvi says that I’ve learned the lesson from your. You gave up Mukhi Ji and your children to help me and Mukhi Ji. You were aware that Mukhi Ji could be satisfied just with me. Also, I knew the fact that it was the only Arjun would be able to rescue Mukhi Ji. I’m giving Mukhi Ji to your care. Only you will be able to look after him. Sakshi is asking her what she will tell the children. Purvi states that we’ll create an excuse as we’ve always made.

Purvi is inquiring Juhi Manas and Juhi Manas to accompany her. They inquire about her location. Sakshi responds using haathi. They question Sakshi why she’s not along. Purvi declares that they’re taking a trip. Juhi is curious about Virender. Sakshi states that he’s come to his home. Manas and Juhi hurry downstairs in order to see Virender. Sakshi informs Purvi she should not be a lie to them and say it’s been a couple of days. Purvi insists that it’s not an exaggeration. I’m only going to be there for a couple of days. Arjun was with me all the time and took advantage of my weaknesses. Now I’m going to discover his weaknesses and turn things around at any cost.

Juhi and Manas hug Virender. We miss you very much. Virender tears. Manas tells him not to cry. Juhi wipes tears away. We are not happy to see you in this way. You’re crying while we are with Arjun uncle, isn’t it? It’s only two days. Manas nods. Please don’t be crying. They beg Virender not to be crying, or they’ll also cry. Virender embraces them once more. Arjun asks Purvi whether everything is in order. She smiles. He holds a bag in Purvi’s hand. Purvi brings the kids in and goes to the main entrance together with Arjun with an uneasy heart. Virender continues to stare at the kids. Purvi thinks about her wedding day and weeps quietly. Forgive me Mukhi ji. I may have hurt your heart this morning, but I assure you that I’ll return shortly with my kids. I’m sure you can count on me. Prakashi and Anjali smile. Sakshi is holding her hand over the shoulder of Virender.

It’s the rain is pouring. Virender is contemplating her love confession to Purvi and the fact that she confessed to her that she loved Arjun today. Sakshi advises him to let the tears of his soul. She asks her to let him go.

Arjun is the one who brings Purvi, Juhi and Manas to his house. He informs Purvi to bring them to his home. Nobody will be able to bring Aarti’s Thaal for you. Go inside. It’s your husband’s house after all. He informs Sahil (servant) that he will show his kids their rooms. Take their luggage with them as well. Sahil leads the kids to their rooms. Arjun informs Purvi that everything is in the kitchen. It is possible to order if require something else. I’m off to do some work right now. I’ll be back at 9 midnight. Get the kids asleep before then. This is the night of our wedding after all. Make sure you are ready for it. He walks away. Purvi believes she will not allow him to contact her in any way. I’ll not let him down if he attempts to get her to!

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