Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Simar And Aarav Spend Their Last Moments

The story begins by Chitra inquiring Giriraj about the son of Rana. Giriraj advises her to be vigilant since even walls have ears. Mohit has been able to stop our trucks near the border. He says he’s held hands together with Rana and his group. Chitra believes that they could have had a big plan. Simar is there and asks: Who has planned? Chitra tells me that she is trying to figure out Badi Maa’s agenda. Chitra is asking Simar whether she has any information, what’s happening at the toll checkpost, and who’s traveling there? Then they are able to hear badimaa phone call Aarav and leaves. Chitra contacts Shobha and wants her to go there to have entertainment. Shobha wonders what’s been going on? Chitra says I’ll tell you tomorrow. Shobha agrees. Lalit comes there and embraces Shobha. Shobha is curious about when you arrive to this place? Lalit claims that Roma has told me everything. Shobha believes she may have had a complaint about me. Lalit does not believe that, Roma told me that you made use of your brain and helped Vivek’s first night, and transferred them to our room. He claims Roma has told me about what she’s done and the way she irritated you. He says that’s the reason I’ve taken the decision that I will keep Roma with me so she won’t be a nuisance to you. He says that I am sorry Maa. Shobha tells him that Mata Rani came in the home and also brought you. She requests Lalit along with Roma to express their gratitude to Mata Rani.

Badi Maa inquires Aarav whether he has gone to the checkpoint for tolls until today. Aarav promises to bring food before leaving. Badi Maa says it’s fine I don’t know the exact time it will take to get there. She states that there’s only a couple of hours left for this lady to leave. I doubt you will be able to return until then. Simar is ready to serve the food. Reema is able to stop her and says you’ll break it when you’re making it or ruin it since you are aware of the tendency breaking things. Vivaan is curious about what you are saying. She says that whenever Bhabhi serves food, the taste is increased because she does it with so much passion. He requests her to serve him food. Simar questions Badi Maa if she’s got permission, and if she does, can I offer food to all people and asks if I could have this joy while I am going. Badi Maa agrees to allow her to proceed. Simar says that you prefer light meals at the evening, and I prepared moong dal with adrak and tadka. Simar serves her food and says that she hopes you like it. Badi Maa confirms her approval. Simar tells Gajendra that she’s prepared his favorite Kofte with Phulka, and that there is no way to receive paratha. He smiles and says thank you. He tells her that I can’t offer you shagun in exchange for Chula pujan until the present. He offers her her shagun. Simar is able to touch his feet. Gajendra smiles and blesses her. She says thank you for making delicious food for them. She saying that I’ll be missing the food prepared by you. Simar smiles and proceeds for serving Sandhya. Simar serves meals to Sandhya. Sandhya wants to take one bite of her mother’s hands, and tells her that I will be happy her daughter who has fed us with such love This is your last chance to be this daughter. She is feeding her food. Simar is the last to say a delicious and delicious maa, I loved eating your food with your hands. She provides dishes at the table of Aditi, Chitra, Giriraj and Vivaan. She is ready to serve Reema when she interrupts her. Simar serves Aarav. Badi Maa demands that Aarav rise and take the chair to put it close to his chair. Aarav takes another chair and settles. Badi Maa asks Simar to sit with Aarav and eat. Simar remembers that Badi Maa asked Servers to remove the extra chairssince there’s no space for people from outside. Badi Maa claims that this is the last meal you will have here. We can’t demand guests to be left alone and not eat. She promises you meals with us all. She provides the food for Aarav. Aarav provides the food she has prepared to her. Badi maa has a taste of the moong dal and inquires why people aren’t eating food even if it’s not healthy. She says , I love it. My heart is feeling full and I am enjoying everything , and this is tasty. Simar says thank you for her liking the food and thanks her for the badimaa. The inspector requests Mohit to enter the room and sit down. Mohit states that waiting is extremely difficult and asks the Inspector to assign constables to throw nails at the way. If his car is punctured and my job is going to be simple. Reema observes Aarav as well as Simar. Aarav holds her hand. Reema gets angry.

Aarav is asking someone to serve pulao, dia and Roti. Badi Maa as well as Gajendra are finished eating their meal. Gajendra requests that Badi Maa visit, as he would like to speak to her. Badi Maa informs Aarav she has many desires for him and requests Aarav not to hurt her. They depart. Simar asks Aarav whether his stomach is full. Simar says Yes, however not with his heart. Simar believes that’s why you’re having food for the sake of having so much food. He states that if I do not get off the table, I may not be able to see you again, speak to you in the future or eat food with you ever again. He says that I’m struggling against time. He claims food is delicious and makes her eat it by holding it in his hands. He is also forced to eat the food.

Divya and Vivek arrive in the room, and they discover Lalit and Roma lying in the beds. Vivek says bhaiyya, you. Lalit wishes them a happy wedding and prays that you two will remain happy , just like Roma or me. Divya laughs. Roma asks if you’d like something from our room. Vivek thanks you for the nice bedsheet and then asks Lalit how he got away? Lalit claims I was looking for him. Vivek says we’ll remain here for the moment. Roma claims that I’ve changed Lalit on everything. Divya says you too are here asking for privacy. Roma tells you that you are able to enjoy absolute privacy in your bedroom. Lalit says that I called the plumber and had leakage issue fixed for now. He’ll be back next week to resolve it for good. They will leave.

Aarav says to Simar that he’s running exhausted of excuses. Simar declares that I will not stop you. You will leave immediately. Chitra and Giriraj listen to their voices. Chitra states that I’ve changed my sim and that no one will be able to trace us. Chitra calls Mohit and informs him that Aarav has gone home, and the goal will not be diverted. Mohit promises to light the lamp in Oswal Mansion. She invites her to stay tuned for the positive news. Chitra tells me that I’m hoping for this comes from you.

Lalit claims he was missing the food, and also her. Roma requests him to taste the vegetable dish and inform what he thinks of it. Lalit affirms that it is very good. He has her eat. Shobha is there and apologizes for disturbing you. She says that you are the senior son of the family I have heard that you’ve taken the space by Vivek as well as Divya. Lalit says that I helped them get their rooms fixed. Shobha says that water leaks anytime, and she says I’ve given my room to them. She says, who cares whether I lie on my sofa however, I am concerned about your Papa. She suggests that if you’d changed for your Papa, and could have shared your room. Lalit stares at Roma. Vivek says that your heart is large, and you could leave today. Roma remains. Vivek and Divya Thank Shobha by hugging.

Aarav is at the door, holding the hand of Simar. She takes it off and leaves. Simar arrives at his side and kisses him. They both cry from their eyes. Aarav wipes tears away. She also wipes away his tears. He goes his home. Simar is inside. She meets Reema and embraces her. Reema remembers Vivaan’s words, and pushes her to the floor. Simar is thrown to the floor. She stands up and says that you’ve been pushing me. Reema affirms that she is, but what are you expecting for me? To offer you my sympathy and wipe your tearsaway, and also says that whatever is happening with you is what you are entitled to. Simar is asking what you are telling me? Reema raises her hands to smack her, but she stops. She then clutches her cheeks with her hands. Simar looks surprised.

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