Nima Denzongpa Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Nima Gives An Advice To Suresh

Suresh tells Tulika that I feel like I’m suffocated here and I would rather not be in this place anymore. Tulika declares that’s exactly the thing you want, aren’t you? I’m not begging youto move in alongside my dad. She wants Varun to accompany her, but he refuses. Sunita wants Tulika to relax. Tulika insists that she am going to leave this moment. Suresh turns away. Tulika thinks that I’ll need to go now. She walks out of the home. Nima is returning so Tulika pays her money. She tells her that she don’t want to keep the money that you spent on Ice cream. Sarla says you can’t repay her ever. Nima says to Tulika to stay away from me into their fights. Tulika declares that I am heading to the father’s home. At home, Sunita cries and tells Suresh what I should do if she goes? Who will handle chores for the house? Suresh claims you’re worried about this? Sunita tells me I need to stop her. She walks out of the house, and asks Tulika to put down. Nima goes away from the house. Sunita tells Tulika I am sorry. Tulika tells her that she won’t come in the same spot until Suresh accepts my apology. She walks out.

Suman is performing Paras head massages as the singer is singing. Suman claims that you’ve got one girl in your life and that’s why you’re happy, isn’t it? Paras recalls meeting Mania. Suman claims that your fiance is a sweet girl and you’ve been happy since the marriage. I am glad to know that you are also in love with her. Paras is tense and stares away.

Mania says to Nima that I was the face of the campaign. they are aware of my importance and value. The CEO of the company just wanted me for a moment. Nima says enough is enough. God has granted you this opportunity, but don’t be arrogant and be a hard worker right now. Mania is sure. Nima says that you’ve impressed me, and I love watching you grow self-sufficient. Mania says I am satisfied to see you are pleased with myself. Sia comes home.

Sunita claims they are fighting and we’re hungry. Varun says that I’m hungry Do something. Sunita requests him to assist her cook. Varun says that I am in school so please don’t disturb me. Sunita asks me to help you.

Nima is in the kitchen. Sia requests her to leave and relax. Nima says that it’s fine. Sia mentions that there’s an event at the bank in Pune that I must go to. Nima says that if it’s related to your job, then you have to attend. This guy also goes? Sia gets angry and says who? Nima mentions Shiv. Sia claims that the entire bank is closing, so that he’ll be there too. Nima says that’s fine and he’s an excellent person. Please give me his contact number in case I need to reach him. Sia says , really, I’m going to go? Nima affirms that it’s my job, and I’m sure you’re free to go. Sia smiles and hug her.

Tulika arrives at her father’s home and weeps. She says that I gave a boy Suresh but he isn’t a fan of me. Her father tells her that I am exhausted from fighting, I don’t know when he’ll arrive to bring you back. Tulika declares I won’t return until Suresh arrives and gets me. He says, fine, just go to bed now.

Suresh is stressed. Nima phone calls and says that I would like to talk about something. He suggests I come to see you. He says no, but there are many problems. I’m not sure what’s happening in your life, but I would suggest that you accept the fact that you are in love with Tulika. Tulika can be a burden but she’s your wife and you shouldn’t let her go with this attitude. Suresh says that everything became too much and I could not take it any longer. Nima claims she’s all by herself at night, and I am aware of how difficult it is for women to be. The world can be one of the most cruel places. Suresh is feeling guilty and says that I would have had some sense prior to this and didn’t have to throw my Nima and her kids out of the house.

The show is over.

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