Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Chandana Slaps Kajol Accusing Her Of Affair With Dr. Anurag

The episode begins when Pishimaa is able to take the newspaper and keep it at the desk. Lekha arrives and grabs the newspaper from Shyam. Shyam wants to know if Kajol explain why she was late? Lekha replies that she doesn’t know. Servant visits Arundita and presents her with a newspaper. Arundita is reading the newspaper and discovers that a top cardiologists are injured while trying to save his wife’s respect. She is stunned. Everyone in the hospital looks at the newspaper and wonders whether she is his girlfriend. Priyanka is reading the newspaper and then asks Peon and the others to go on with their work. Arundita presents the newspaper to Kaushik and asks when this happen? and why? He says that the press is responsible for news, and Anurag is too busy to himself and instead is focused on work. Arundita wants him to look what Kajol holds his hand. She tells him that she’ll make a call to Sharmila. She says that girl has insulted us and now I am going to take her to task.

Doctor. Anurag asks Nurse if there’s anything to look into regarding mind BP and also mentions connectivity issues. He states that he wants to share something with you and then tells another story, and then asks Nurse whether she’s got treatments for this. Kajol chats with Vishu’s photo and informs him that she must inform Maa what happened that night, and that she will not cover any details. Arundita calls Sharmila. Sharmila is shocked to learn the details of their affair. Arundita asks if you have read newspapers today? She tells the headlines. Sharmila states that it’s not true and claims that Media spreads fake news and also writes everything. She says that Anurag was involved in an accident. Kajol was able to get him admitted to the hospital, and she we were also informed. Kajol says Media has written a fake report and is indecent. Arundita admits that we thought about Anurag and inquires whether he’s okay? Sharmila affirms that Sharmila says he’s perfectly fine. Arundita is a bit sad and ends the call. Kaushik insists that she ought to have asked her what was their plan for the evening and requests her to inquire according to her concerns. The doctor. Abhishek asks what is said on the paper. Sharmila hands his newspaper. He’s stupefied. Arundita tells me to discuss with Arjun as we cannot have him marry in a family of this kind. Sharmila informs Abhishek that earlier Anurag had a scolding, and now , this report warns her that she’ll get a an image of disrepute. Sharmila says Arundita and Kaushik won’t give them a opportunity to ruin her image.

Kajol is scheduled to Chandana. Shyam insists that she sit down and says that you are suffering from pain. He says there’s an element of strength in music, and requests the singer to join in. She says I really need to speak to Maa. He tells her to sing and take away your suffering and your father will be waiting to hear from you. Arundita is asking Arjun whether he knows the story of Kajol or Anurag. Arjun is reading the news. Tai Ji requests Amrita to take a close look and she says that the woman you used to praise is a sloppy character. She says that she now understands the reason she ended her the union with Arjun and forced us to join in the dowry accusations. She says she’s left Arjun after she has gotten Anurag. Arundita says she was first caught Arjun but now she is trapped by Anurag. Amrita claims she is doing her best to get her press both during the day and at evening. Arundita wants to know if you are communicating with her. Arjun states that Kajol did not do what she was supposed to She was in error and was throwing pit at Shreya Bhabhi as well as me. He tears newspapers and throws it away. Arundita asks if you would like for your life to be destroyed by becoming a part of this family.

Priyanka arrives at the ward of Anurag. The nurse says that he was there to the ward for a tour. Priyanka is determined to discover what’s going on with Anurag as well as Kajol. Arjun phone calls Naina and tells her about Kajol along with Anurag. He explains that they were out at late at night. He says there’s something going on between them. He states that their relationship may be damaged. She affirms that she will manage everything, and then ends the conversation. She states that you are your real persona Kajol di. Kajol sings a song, while Shyam performs the music.

Naina takes a look at the newspaper, and then presents it to Chandana. Chandrika is looking at her while she walks and then sits alongside Kajol. Apu, Anu and Pishimaa are also seen at Kajol and sit. Chandana is shocked when she reads the newspaper. Naina is arousing her and she lashes out at Kajol to the point of causing her to rage. Chandana is furious and goes to Kajol. Everyone is shocked by Chandana angry. Chandana holds Kajol’s hands and asks, what’s this? She throws out the newspaper. Kajol is reading the headlines and is stupefied. She declares Maa Kajol, this. Chandana is slapped with a slap. Pishimaa attempts to stop her from hitting Chandana. Chandana wants to know what Kajol’s performance first. Naina smiles.

Pishimaa is reading the newspaper. Kajol declares that I was helping me. Naina says that we’re stupid, as you were enjoying working with Dr. Anurag. We were worried about you. She wants Pishimaa to check that her beloved had a cut on her face. Pishimaa states that she must first find out the truth. She declares that Kajol will never commit any act that could damage her reputation. She inquires about why the two of you get to know Anurag. Kajol says I met him for work. Naina inquires about why you both take the quiet road after to leave the hospital. Kajol responds that Dr. Anurag’s NGO’s manager phoned me to have these brochures made. I didn’t know about the possibility that Dr. Anurag would be in attendance. Chandana questions why you lie on the last day, and what is the reason why he’s there. Kajol states that he was helping me with the order.

Naina wonders what the reason is? She says that nobody assists without any motive, and she says he even took you to this place, and behaved like he knew better than we do. She asks you why you make a call to her once you gained consciousness. Chandana declares that she broke her union with Arjun since she was able to get the wealthier Dr. Anurag. She also declares it’s good your father passed away before he could have seen your actions, or else it would have been impossible for him to reveal any one without shame. Kajol declares that there’s no connection to the Dr. Anurag and me, I was there to work for an NGO and, when I was late Dr. Anurag offered to take me at the airport. When some gangs assaulted us on the way, he was injured while trying to save us. She claims she called an ambulance and brought the injured man to the hospital. The photo was clicked at the time. She states that’s all there is there was nothing to do.

Naina questions what the Dr. Anurag is interested in you, following your breakup with Arjun and asks if you’re doing the same thing to Anurag like you did when you been able to trap Arjun. Kajol insists that you don’t speak to anyone that I did not capture Arjun nor Dr. Anurag. She says you’re sceptical about my character. Chandana declares that you have no right to speak about anything. Naina has doubts about your relationship and Dr. Anurag. I kept her in the dark and informed her that my daughter isn’t able to do this, but you’re as such, and may have played a game where a doctor is worried about. Lekha declares that everything have been against you.

Kajol says that my marriage was cancelled a couple of days ago and that I’ll be in a new relationship shortly. She inquires if I’m inexpensive. She states that the doctor Dr. Basu was Baba’s doctor and that the reason he helped him is because of his feelings of sympathy. She claims that I am not his girlfriend, and she asks Pishimaa as well as Lekha to believe in her.

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