Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Thapki Reattempts To Reveal The Truth To Veena Devi

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The Episode begins the episode with Ashok demanding Thapki to take a rest. Sapna says that roka’s mahurat has ended. Veena Devi is adamant whether you’re still anxious about roka. Dadi states that we’ll have a roka in the future and then asks Thapki to take a break for a while. Nandini questions why we need to sit and wait to see the final roka. Veena Devi says that everything has took place in front of you. We can sit and wait. Nandini declares that whatever has happened occurred with Thapki and is asked if she wants to be punished Hansika. Dadi wants to know what you’re telling us? She replies that Hansika along with Purab’s roka will be happy when they have a set time. Purab and Hansika take part in the ceremony of roka.

Priyanka is taking photos while the roka ceremony is taking place. Sapna is asking Priyanka to leave and take charge of thapki. Priyanka gets into an argument. Hansika and Purab receive the blessings of elders following the roka ceremony. Nandini states that the marriage mahurat should be removed so that we have the time needed to plan. Mukul says let’s set it up on a suitable date. Vijay requests for them to stay until Armaan’s roka. Mukul turns to Nandini and tells her that we need to meet an urgent need, Hansika will remain behind. Hansika sets off to collect her parents and mother. Veena Devi informs Purab that marriage doesn’t take place between boys and girls however, the relationship is between two families and she says that your decision is right in front of you. Thapki informs her mother that she’s good. Sapna makes Thapki talk to Armaan.

Thapki welcomes him, but is a bit agitated and demands to speak to her mother. Sapna inquires about why you’re silent. She wants Thapki to speak. Armaan inquires about what happened to her neck. Veena Devi appears and pays the bill, and says Thapki is required to time off, since I’m the one singing. Sapna declares that”I am my saas”. She has preserved the rasam in the area, to ensure that my bahu won’t face any issues. Sapna begins the roka ritual and explains that Armaan asked her to present the ancestral jewelry to her wife. She hands over the her necklace Thapki. Armaan smiles. Dadi presents them with gifts. Sudha and Preeti discuss that it’s beautiful. Mama Ji tells them that Thapki has given gifts to you. It’s not expensive, however it is created by her affection. Veena Devi becomes emotional when she sees the image of God. Sapna says she’s happy she has a bahu. Thapki is her bahubali. Pandit Ji arrives and requests the kundali. Sapna tells me that I’ll take Armaan’s kundali to him and requests Veena to present Purab’s kundali Pandit ji.

Thapki decides to give some thing in exchange for something Purab personally. Veena Devi walks into her room, and believes that you’ve resisted the good alliance because of your ego. Thapki like a girl, is taken to be the lucky one. She walks out with her kundali. Preeti visits Veena Devi’s room and is amazed by the place. She opens the drawer and pulls out the letter that was written by Thapki. She believes that I have discovered a method to show the stammering issue. Now look at how I can make you hit an the axe with your leg.

Sapna is inquiring Pandit Ji to prepare a an appropriate mahurat for both weddings. Veena Devi requests Hansika to come and fetch Purab. Purab’s kundali is moved by winds and is placed near Thapki’s kundali. Pandit Ji selects the Kundalis. Purab is via phone. Thapki appears. Purab removes his watch and puts it on his shirt. Thapki insists that I must speak to you about something to discuss something important. She states that there are two kinds of people. One type does not work after hours due to poverty and insufficiency, and other people chase all things and use work as an justification.

Purab claims there’s a third kind, who wastes people’s time. She mumbles and declares Pu…He is curious about what it is. Thapki advises that this advice isn’t digested, and she wants to gift him a present. He takes the handkerchief , and declares it to be a poor design, and a hot vessel. She claims it’s the way you. Purab is then off to Thapki. Preeti arrives at Thapki and exposes the tissue.

Pandit Ji checks the kundalis, and informs them that the couple’s Jodi are perfectand guaranteed to be together for 7 years. He says that I have been lucky to match Thapki with Purab’s. Tai Ji tells Pandit Ji that he has said a the wrong line and that Purab is a wrong number. Sapna says Thapki and Armaan are getting married, Armaan is my son and Purab is Veena’s son. Pandit Ji apologizes and promises to look into it again. Veena Devi thinks about Pandit Ji’s remarks.

Preeti informs Thapki that Veena may have received a half a letter. Thapki claims that I’ve written completely. Preeti claims she thinks that you are fast, but you’re a bullock. She claims that the truth isn’t out. Thapki says that I’ll discuss it with Veena Ji, and she leaves. Preeti is at the top of the swing swings and giggles telling her Veena Ji will be taking over your life when she learns about the truth behind you. Thapki is asking Servant what is the location of Veena Ji. He tells him that he is that she is in the room. Thapki arrives at her room. Preeti shares the news with Sudha and she asks her to be grateful. Thapki notices someone sitting on the couch and believes Veena Ji is sitting. She tells her she wants to talk to her and tells her that the day’s the half-written letter arrived at your home. She is hesitant and says you’re likely to understand what I was trying to convey to you by way of the letter.

Thapki affirms that I have admired your mother’s influence since you’re a great person, and also a great singer. She says that there is many things in the heart but the words don’t are released from the mouth. She says that I am asking you to support me and show love. She claims I can handle the struggle with my words and requires your help. She asks if you would take me seriously despite this challenge. Thapki suggests that if you feel that I’m suitable for Armaan Ji, then you can be blessed once. She states that I received my answer and don’t have any complaints as I have received plenty of affection from you. She folds her hands , and disappears. Someone is sitting in the chair.

Thapki says to her mother that she’s terrified, but must be honest with her. She asks her mother what she should do? And then Veena Devi comes down. Everyone is scared. Sudha as well as Preeti have been waiting patiently to see Veena Devi to scream her anger. Veena Devi is there. Thapki notices a mauli lying on the floor and sits down and pick it up. Veena Devi keeps her feet on her palm and asks her what you are doing? Thapki hands her the mauli into her hands. Veena Devi congratulates her and thanked her family members for taking her to the temple. She says that very few have the same qualities as you, truthful and sincere. She blesses her and holds her the hand of her head. Thapki remembers her words and is emotional.

Episode End


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