Balika Vadhu Season 2 Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Anandi Comes To Prem Ji’s House To Mourn For Moti Baa

Balika Vadhu Season 2 Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021 on

The Episode begins the episode with Ratan saying to Anandi she is wrong. Maa Ashapura is calling Moti Baa. Anandi claims that this isn’t true What is the way Maadi Baa let me go? Ratan affirms that you’ve got everyone, however Maa Ashapura isn’t able to find anyone , so she calls Moti Baa. She requests her to leave and get dressed, as they will be going to Raigarh. Anandi tells her that she will go along with you. However, she must she promises me that you won’t abandon me in Raigarh. Khim Ji promises her that they will be able to bring her back. Anandi requests him to keep his fingers on hers and to promise her. He promises her.

Ratan will also promise Anandi. Khim Ji promises to take your back Devgarh. Anandi is dressed in the ghagra offered by Prem Ji. Khim Ji asks her to put on some basic clothes. Prem Ji is crying and says that it was his fault He shouldn’t have let Anandi leave. If she was there, Baa would have not gone away. He can see Khim Ji, Ratan and Anandi coming in. He embraces Khim Ji and weeps. Khim Ji tries to calm him. Anandi embraces Prem Ji and then cries. Prem Ji wants Anandi to check that her moti baa has left, and left them to their own. Maadi Baa appears to Anandi and asks what happened to you and what happened there? Anandi states that I will never see her again. Maadi Baa tells her that her values and love will always be with you. Sejal visits Anandi and invites her to join her. Ratan holds her. Maadi Baa asks Ratan to sit. Sejal is the one to take Anandi along. She has Anandi wear a white saree, and informs her that she should wear it since she is part of the family. Anandi is asked if I am required to play the game again since I’m not married yet. Sejal affirms that she is and asks her to wear mangalsutra a second time. Then she applies the sindoor to her forehead.

Prem Ji thanks Khim Ji for taking Anandi there. Khim ji tells Prem that I have the right to be sad also, and says this isn’t the right moment to be there however your family is huge and then suddenly, this occurred. He advises that if you need assistance, please let me know. Prem Ji says I’ll manage everything. He is asked whether Anandi would be willing to visit initially. Khim Ji says no but she was willing when we talked about Moti Baa. Prem Ji states that Anandi as well as Moti Baa were once in love with the other. When she left the city, Baa went. Khim Ji asks him to take care of himself. Maadi Baa is of the opinion that the true test of friendship is in the air. Sejal brings Anandi to the party. Khim Ji and Ratan are shocked to see her in a white saree. Anandi puts her hands in her pockets in front of Moti Baa’s frame.

Ratan makes food for everyone. She asks , where can I get tea powder? Anandi gives her. Ratan asks , how do you find out? Diwari is there and says she worked here previously. She claims it was your wish she learned to cook so she prepared food here. She has also made laapsi while watching on phones, particularly Baa. She claims she’s no longer. Ratan wants to know how much food has to be made? Diwari states that many people will arrive today and want to cook a large meal. She demands Anandi to take kadai from the storeroom and she gives her keys. Ratan requests Kaka’s assistance to get the Kadai. She asks why you are afraid. Diwari states that Anandi is scared of the storeroom and storerooms, since Maadi Baa locked her inside the room for the entire night. Ratan is stunned. Diwari apologizes Anandi and says that I did not remember the incident. Ratan asks Anandi why Maadi Baa had locked her. Diwari says, I’ll explain to you to let her go and take Kadai.

Anandi gets keys and leaves. Diwari states that Anandi had bought mangalsutra to buy a phone, and that’s the reason she locked her in order to provide her with an opportunity to learn. Anandi is unsure of what Diwari tells her. She goes to the storeroom and remembers being locked in the storeroom. She is scared and believes I’ll be in my own way. Diwari states that she was by herself throughout the through the night inside the storage area. it is easy to see why Maadi Baa was upset, as mangalsutra is able to be sold. Ratan asks why she was punished in such a way. Diwari says that the motive of Maadi Baa was to help her learn. She says Sejal and Prem that they couldn’t talk in front of Maadi. She claims I was there and provided her with food. Anandi attempts to open the lock , but is shocked when someone grabs keys from her hands.

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