Balika Vadhu Season 2 Written Episode Update of 19th October 2021: Prem Ji’s Stern Demand To Khim Ji

The story begins with Anandi arriving at the storeroom. She is just about to open the lock. Jigar arrives and steals keys from her hands. Anandi gets scared. He encourages her to not worry and tells her the reason you’re going inside. Anandi says to get kadai. Jigar insists that I have knew and that we’ll go in together to buy kadai and that we is going to be afraid. He enters the storeroom and asks Anandi to go. Anandi walks in, scared, and remembers the terror she experienced there. Jigar is able to turn to the light and tells her not to be afraid. He locates the large Kadai, and explains how you will handle it by yourself. They both hold it , and bring them to their kitchen. Diwari is interested in Ratan for a look at how well they look. Ratan acknowledges Jigar. Jigar goes. Diwari asks Anandi if she didn’t tell about mangalsutra incident. Ratan asks Anandi why you didn’t tell. Anandi states that I don’t inform that teacher penalizes me. Maadi Baa also punched me and offered me the opportunity to learn to learn. She claims that I did not realize that I would inform you.

Diwari declares she’s a little girl. We will cook food. Later Anandi removes the plates off of the table. Ratan notices her. Maadi Baa requests Sejal as well as Anandi to eat since everyone has the food they had already. Diwari says that now bahus will be able to take a bite. Ratan lies by Anandi’s bedside and remembers everything. She says you’ve got so many things, but she didn’t inform us about it. She asks, what age did you reach? She says that we’ve been a part of the happiness of others and now there is nothing more as important as your happiness. The next morning, Ratan packs their bags. Khim Ji asks if they will leave this morning. Ratan is convinced that she will not inform him right today, and she tells him they will not be staying here. Khim Ji tells us that we shouldn’t stay for any longer. Ratan states that Anandi is absent from school, and Kalpesh is left alone. Maadi Baa is asking Prem Ji to inform Samdhi as well as Samdhan Anandi will be staying in her sasural. Anandi hits a ball on the wall. Jigar is there and takes the ball. He claims that you’re playing by yourself. Anandi states that Gopal is not present, and you’ll not be playing with him. Jigar promises to come and play with you. He tells her to sit down.

Kanku informs Anandi that they’ll head to the grocery store after a couple of days. Anandi declares that she will not be staying long, and will be returning to Devgarh. Kanku wants her to stay for a few more days. Anandi declares that she will go in the near future. Khim ji asks Sejal about Prem ji. Prem ji says I am here. He is there together with Maadi Baa. Khim Ji tells Maadi Baa that they have never believed that Moti Baa would behave in this manner and tells her that God will give her strength and peace to all of you. He requests Diwari as well as Lakha Kumar to remain patient and assures them that the trying period will end. He gives a hug to Prem Ji and says that you are the strength of the household, and asking him to take the care of Babu Ji. Prem Ji says you’re right and we will try to not let our dear ones leave us. Khim Ji says that we will go to Devgarh this morning. I will be with you all the time Don’t forget this. He requests Ratan to make a call to Anandi. Prem Ji claims that I did not allow him to get Anandi to her home. Khim Ji and Ratan are stunned. Khim Ji says that we are headed on a trip to Devgarh as well. Anandi will be with us. He tells him to not discuss the possibility of the possibility of letting Anandi remain here for a some days. Prem Ji tells him that Anandi will be staying in her sasural for the time being.

Jigar, Kanku and Anandi appear. Anandi observes the game of stapoo drawn and informs them to take part in the game. Jigar isn’t willing to play the girl’s game. Kanku insists that I play. Khim Ji asks Prem Ji what you are saying and then asks Maadi Baa to help him know. Maadi Baa says Prem ji is right. Ratan wants Sejal to inform Prem ji that this is not the case. Maadi Baa wants Sejal not to intervene. She declares that Anandi is engaged to Jigar and her gauna also happened. We now have a baahu. Khim Ji says that it was to fulfill the wish of moti baa. Prem ji says Baa went. Khim ji says so will you betray your friend.

Maadi Baa requests him to control his emotions and be shrewd. Ratan says Prem ji bhai, you have betrayed us. Prem Ji says I did not betray you. Anandi was my Bhagyalakshmi. since she has left, we’re in a mess, and I will not put our fate be at risk by sending Anandi to betray her. Khim ji claims you’re contemplating yourself, what do you think do you think about Anandi. Ratan claims that we made a decision on their wedding prior to her birth. However, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right for her to pursue her dreams. Ratan says that we have entrusted you and put this ghatbandhan on the line. Khim Ji says that I won’t be a slave to your opinions and adds that Anandi will visit her sasural once she is 18 years old. Maadi Baa says that you should not have gotten her married and now, as the wedding took place We want our bahu living in our home for the rest of her life. Anandi plays stapoo along with Kanku and Kanku, while Jigar watches the two.

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