Choti Sardarni Written Episode Update of 18th October 2021: Seher Gets Injured

Seher is able to see an old man named Sartaj and remembers the wedding celebrations in Canada. The man asks What are you doing here? She said it’s my village. My husband and I. He says that you’ve ruined my sister’s wedding and now you’re there. When I meet Rajveer, I’ll.. seher says don’t speak a word about me. Seher says due to Rajveer and you, my father removed me from the house. Seher claims that we did the right thing with you. If you violate any of the rules.. Seher says that you did exactly what you did in Canada. Here if you go against me I’ll cut you all. Seher states that I’ll put an end to what’s wrong. Sartaj advises you to stay within your boundaries. Seher claims that my rules are the same.

Seher is able to see Nimi going, seher runs after her. Seher says , I’m sure you’re concerned. Sukhi is your best friend. I’m sure you and Sukhi had the identical reasons to try suicide. Please let me know so I can assist you. Nimi believes there’s plenty of danger in the area. They’re animals. Seher claims you can talk to me. When it’s late. Rajveer could be on the way. What were you talking about? Who is responsible for the death of sukhi. Sartaj begins a bulldozer, and then runs it over the home. Nimi warns that they’ll be able to kill us. The house starts to crack. Nimi as well as Seher are terrified. A rod is thrown onto Seher’s feet. The head of Seher is injured as well. Seher collapses and falls. She falls and faints. Nimi shouts. The crane continues to come into. Nimi screams for help.

The bulldozer is moving toward Seher. Seher gets up. Nimi chooses her and she takes her away.

Nimi runs seher to the hospital. Sartaj is waiting for her. He claims that if I leave her alive , she will search for all the evidence. Then you’ll be dead. He tells me that you’d like for me to help you save Nimi but you won’t. Nobody can stand between me and my mission. Also, you will be dead. He’s going the process of giving Seher injectors. Inspector arrives.. He says Seher? Seher? CM’s DIL? He chooses the injection. Sartaj does the injection.

Seher closes her eyes and spots Sartaj. He tells her to relax, we’re taking care of you well. Relax, where’s Rajveer? The inspector says that Rajveer asked us to look after you. He’s tried to contact you. What’s the reason? Seher states that something very risky is happening with this picture collage. I’d like to discuss this on my own.

Seher informs the inspector that the bulldozer was trying to kill them while Nimi was lying to the police. Shee describes how she helped save nimi before sukhi passed away.

Sartaj is requesting his men to watch over seher.

Seher is with sukhi’s mother and inquires about the reason sukhi commit suicide? She replies that she doesn’t know. Seher says did she study? She says she studied until five. Seher questions when did she get married and had her first child? The woman replies, are you crazy? Sukhi didn’t get married. So what was the baby? Sehrr states that sukhi was expecting. Right? She asks you to leave here and leave us alone. Seher believes they’re trying to hide something. She tells inspectors we need to go meet nimi. Only she will be able to answer.

Seher visits Nimi’s house and asks, who is nimi? Her mom tells her that we don’t know anything about sukhis death. Please move on from here. Seher suggests calling Nimi out. I’d like to speak with Nimi.

Episode ends.

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