Udaariyaan 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin Meets Jas

Udaariyaan 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin Meets Jas

The Episode begins with Tejo scolding Jasmin. She apologizes for returning to the academy as your boss and Fateh’s. Fateh arrives and asks if we can start the puja. Jasmin tells Fateh that she doesn’t want to participate in the puja. She goes. Fateh, Tejo and others perform the puja. Gurpreet claims that Candy is having his first Dussehra. We will take Candy and burn the Raavan. Mahi claims that we haven’t gone out in many days. Amrik recalls the childhood moment and laughs. Khushbeer tells Tejo and Fateh to come back. It was the investors’ condition. Jasmin arrives and watches. Fateh thanked Tejo for being his boss and said that it didn’t matter if you were here. Biji and Nimmo inform that Tejo is Fateh’s wife. They have a good time. Fateh said that academy cannot run without you. Tejo claims that I understand. I did not come to support your condition. However, for the investor’s situation, you were held in jail. The family was too concerned, so I am upset. I care about the deal which allowed you to be released. I have done this for my family. I pray Jasmin does not do anything. Tejo is praised by the family. Jasmin recalls Jas, and says that I know how to undo seven rounds. Fateh tells me that I need your support in this academy. Tejo claims that whenever I tried to help you, I was hurt. He said, “I have apologized to your.” She wonders if everything will be okay if someone apologizes. He said that few things were in our control. She responds, “You are correct. Leave it.” He asks if he can help me run this academy. Jasmin isn’t qualified for this job. Jasmin arrives at Jas’ home. She is welcomed into the house.

Fateh asks Tejo for help. Tejo states that if you’re in trouble, you believe you’ll get my support. But it’s not. Fateh says, “Please Tejo, I need you.” She walks away. Halla hai…plays… Jasmin inspects the door. Jas grabs her by the knife and asks how she got here. Jasmin claims that I came to speak of your profit. He claims that you disguised yourself to catch me. She said it was old, it was Fateh’s plan. But things have changed and I can help you to take revenge. He claims you will take revenge on your sister. She responds that she does not like her and has ruined my life. He then asks, “Why should I help you?” She replies that she took a risk and came here. Move the knife away. I also heard that an enemy’s enemy was a friend. Tejo is Fateh’s wife now. Don’t you want revenge? He recalls Tejo’s words. He drops the knife. She grabs the knife. He tells her to put the knife down. She takes the knife back and asks if he wants revenge.

He is presented with gold bangles. He checks. The family is amazed at the Dussehra’s Ram Leela. Candy hears from Khushbeer about Ram Leela. Lord Ram kills Raavan, ending the evil in the world. Jasmin watches. Fateh claims Raavan is a bad guy who kidnapped Sita. Tejo says Ram had freed Sita. Jasmin says Jas is the one who reached us all. Dada ji said that we all have Raavan, and the one who thinks negatively about others is a Raavan. Candy claims that Raavan will also be killed. Jasmin mocks him. Candy makes fun of him. Jasmin is taunted by Nimmo. Jasmin believes that everyone will now know the truth. Jas plays dhol and comes to the Raavan. Everyone cheers when they see the Raavan engulfing. Jasmin believes Tejo’s Raavan is just alive. Jas looks at Tejo angrily. Jas thinks back to Tejo. Jasmin smiles.


Tejo is shocked to see Jas. Jas kidnaps her. Fateh looks for her. Jas cuts Tejo with a knife.

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