Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Episode Update: Jasmin Gets Tejo Arrested

Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Episode Update on Theblogmania: Jasmin Gets Tejo Arrested

The episode begins with Tejo telling Simran to give an hour to Simran she’ll tell you everything. If you promise her that you will not miss her out, you won’t become annoyed, she’s been through with difficulties, and when the happy times are here and you’re ready to give her the strength. Simran apologizes Papa I’m sorry, I’ve injured your heart and was penalized. Gurpreet claims that Simran was his favourite of his initial Kanjak when he reminisces about the good old days.. Tejo says he will be able to remember it, it’s an affectionate relationship. Khushbeer claims you didn’t value the love of your father and you didn’t appreciate my family’s pride or mine Daughters aren’t like you, they’re just similar to Tejo who can be anything for an environment where she is annoyed and irritated and I am angry with the way she handled it, however, she fulfilled her job and made me feel proud and fulfilled a mother’s wishes, and unlike you, you’re selfish, you do not care about the love of your parents and family pride. Tejo insists that you should keep the bhog, you are a shrewd girl. Kanjak returned. Gurpreet says you must make a promise to me before you can do anything. Tejo says promise. Gurpreet promises that you’ll be calling me Mummy Ji from today onwards, not aunty ji. Tejo smiles and hug her. They both cry. Gurpreet says that I have three daughters as of today. I will give you Bhog today.

Khushbeer claims that I have two daughters, six years ago, and still I have two daughters, Tejo and Mahi These tears could cause your mom to cry, not me. I’ve kept you here due to Candy who is my blood, and I do not want him to be penalized for his actions I’ll never ever forgive you. He demands that she go. Simran tears and walks away.

Tejo holds the Bhog. Everyone prays. Simran is seen running. They ask them what was going on. Simran claims that dad did not forgive me, and he’s angry. Tejo says he’s angry with me too, but we will be forgiven. Simran states that he’ll accept your forgiveness, but not mine because I’m not a good mother like you. Fateh arrives and asks about what transpired. Gurpreet states that she’s grieving for her heart due to the words of your father. Fateh says Mahi as well as Amrik. They both nod. Fateh questions why, but you simply love dad. Mahi states that it’s not the time to cry, it’s time to cheer. The group hug, jump and sing. Mahi holds Tejo together. Simran smiles. Tejo and Fateh glance at one another. Jasmin is watching from a distance. Tejo takes Fateh’s hand disappear. Jasmin enters the room and says I’ll make Tejo leave this place I swear. She throws cushions. She takes a call from an investor to Fateh’s cell phone.

She confirms that she is Tejo Virk is speaking, will be arriving at the academy early in the morning. She calls back and tells me that I made the arrangements. It’s a morningand Jasmin inquires about what happened, Tejo called you here but she did not make any payments. I’m brand new to the area. The man shouts and says that I am a student at this academyand need my money. She opens the file and says that there is no action taken the tax on income is not paid. I observe only one day. The man inquires about the way.

Tejo says, look at what I bought for the Kanjaks and the boys. Gurpreet says that we have a new boy at home, Candy. Simran says he’s excited to be able to witness all this. Biji says that his Mami is here to guide him through everything and make him the best. Tejo claims that I am not his Mami and I am not able to be his Maasi. Nimmo claims that Jasmin has wrecked our lives and relationships also Where are they. Mahi claims she might have been to the academy, I watched her leave. Nimmo claims she’s lazy. She went to academy after she was asked to prepare breakfast. Jasmin claims that Tejo is the one who does everything as she is Fateh’s spouse You can go through the files, it contains the signatures of Tejo. The man recollects Fateh’s words and walks away.

Police arrive at the house of Khushbeer and meets. Inspector calls Tejo Virk. Everyone watches. Khushbeer is curious about what has was going on. Inspector informs us that the police have an arrest warrant in her name. They are stupefied. Khushbeer asks if you’ve lost your mind? You are in my home. Tejo has been my bahu daughter, and she isn’t going anywhere. Biji is curious about what she did have done. Inspector claims she took payments from the academy, she didn’t refund the money nor did she provide the shares. Gurpreet claims she’s not able to make this claim. Inspector says that those who have invested in the school, they have filed a FIRand we must take her before the court. We have an arrest warrant. Khushbeer argues. Tejo insists that you don’t be angry, you’re already sick Let them perform their job. Investors have misunderstood however, I need to leave. The police officer drags her around. female police officer. Everyone is concerned. Tejo is taken by police.

Khushbeer is calling someone. Jasmin tells her that Tejo is likely to be detained. I do not want Fateh to be aware of anything and she must be in jail. Fateh is looking at his cell phone. She places the phone in the laptop. She requests for him to laugh. He tells her that I am working. She inquires for information about the Canada plan. Khushbeer claims that Fateh’s number isn’t accessible, Tejo is bearing the cost because of Fateh and Jasmin’s negligence I don’t know where’s the phone. Fateh states that there is no way to be sure that anything will happen for six months, or until I divorce, I get out of this, and find my phone. Peon arrives and hands over an answerphone. He states that it’s a phone request for your number. Fateh questions what is it the police did, they arrested Tejo for the academy work. Jasmin inquires about where you are going? Tejo used to manage academy in the past, she could be doing something. He demands that she put down her rant. He leaves. This time, she says it’s not your responsibility for saving Tejo.

Inspector requests Khushbeer to return home. They will discuss when his lawyer arrives. Khushbeer wants to know how you can detain an innocent individual. Simran consoles Gurpreet. She states that Tejo is courageous. Abhiraj, Rupy and Satti arrive and inquire Khushbeer what’s happening in the academy, if it’s of his, what’s Tejo doing in prison. Fateh and Jasmin arrive. Fateh says don’t be worried, I’ll see, Papa go home and relax. He is to the inside. Abhiraj blocks Jasmin from entering. Rupy says if you’ve done this? Tell me. Tejo is locked up. Fateh speaks to an inspector. Jasmin insists that you blame me. I’m not sure of the numbers, Tejo used to handle the math, but my understanding is inadequate, Tejo can be wrong at times. Khushbeer looks on. His lawyer arrives. Khushbeer insists on doing anything to arrange Tejo’s bail My daughter is in jail.

Lawyer is meeting the inspector. Gurpreet Biji and Biji ask for prayers to Tejo. Khushbeer returns to home, along Rupy along with Satti. Gurpreet is asking if Tejo return. Satti suggests that we ask Matarani in order to rescue Tejo. Jasmin smiles and says, “Pray for as long as she wants. Tejo will remain in prison, far from my world.

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