Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th October 2021 Episode Update: Uttam Threatens Kajol, Dr. Anurag Tries To Help

The episode begins the show with Kajol telling Chandana to smile. She then she says that If Baba notices that you are like this you will feel guilty. She asks her to not cry. Apu tells me I am able to put a smiles on Maa’s faces. The man says Shyam as he plays music. Shyam sings song. Anu, Chandrika and Apu dance. Kajol promises Baba the promise that she’ll make them content for all time. She goes to work and is able to hear Rajesh saying to Uttam that they’ll pay this money back to Uttam. Kajol examines the file and is stunned. Rajesh states that he has given the money Vishu sir. Uttam claims that I am a businessman who lends money to earn the interest. He says he isn’t a believer in anyone and demands that she pay back his loan. Kajol asks how we can provide you with this money so quickly. He tells his goons to look into the office and inquires about the value. The goon states 25 lakhs. Kajol promises to repay the money by paying interest. They have filed a Police complaint. Uttam states that police can’t find the perpetrators. He is able to open the almira. He enters the almira. Anurag thinks to call Kajol and asks what is she? Then, he considers calling Rajesh. The goon of Uttam opens the locker, and tells him that there’s nothing in it. Rajesh takes the call however, Uttam’s goon takes his phone and places his phone on the counter. The doctor. Anurag hears Uttam threatening Kajol to go home and get his printing press papers in order. Kajol’s office is evacuated. Dr. Anurag arrives and watches the goons leave. He believes that Kajol is self-confident and will not accept the money I’ve given her. He is thinking of ways to help Kajol. Kajol informs Rajesh that they must get as many orders feasible. The doctor. Anurag gets a message.

Naina is in Chandana’s room and she finds her pressing the head. She asks if I can apply balm to your head for headache relief. Chandana accepts. Naina applies balm on her head. She then asks Chandana what made Kajol visit the office in the first place, as if offices can’t operate without her. Chandana says that if you’re unable to help her , then don’t yell at her. Naina admits she’s not sure that didi will go to work or meet with Dr. Anurag. Chandana is watching.

A person comes to Anurag’s cabin. Anurag asks for updated brochures from our non-profit organization. The man says we received new brochures about two months ago. The doctor. Anurag says I don’t like the blue color and would like to print it again. The person says there’s black and red color on the booklets. Dr. Anurag is hesitant to debate and gives the printing instructions the Ananda Printing press. He suggests he talk with Kajol Mukherjee, and then give her the his. He is thinking of meeting Kajol at the NGO.

Naina says to Chandana that she was in the hospital when Didi was conscious she called Dr. Anurag’s number first. He was admitted to the hospital, and then dropped her off here. She claims he was talking confidently that Kajol di was alive and that she was acting strangely in morque. She believes it’s untrue that she’s alive, and that he was also the scene. Pishimaa listens to Naina listening to Chandana’s ear and then scolds her. She tells her that they will be grateful at Doctor. Anurag. Chandana requests Naina not to see the drama in this and informs her the doctor. Anurag was your baba’s doctor who helped Kajol and that’s all it takes. She leaves.

Rajesh says to Kajol that they have received an order of a large size. Kajol is delighted. Rajesh promises to go to meet him. Kajol claims that even I will go. Rajesh insists that she not worry and promises to leave. He tells her that we can transfer some money Uttam and keep Uttam calm for a few hours. She calls and informs him that she will be there to pick up the order. She believes she has received two orders in one day. She thinks that she’ll never concede defeat and will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of her family She is asking Baba to ensure that she is blessed forever.

Kajol contacts an NGO and is pondering how to contact Pishimaa. Her phone is busy and is hoping to secure the contract. She arrives at the NGO and is greeted by a tiny girl crying and falling. She is adamant that the girl should not cry and asks what is bothering you. The girl makes a sign on the ground. Kajol demands that she hit the ball. She hands her the ball. The girl asks, how did you hurt yourself? Kajol says I had fallen down too. Anuradha Ji arrives and is happy to see Kajol taking care of the girl. Kajol says she enjoys working with children. Anuradha claims that their NGO is designed for children. The man is asking Kajol whether she could get 2000 prints. Anuradha states that they are looking for attractive designs. Kajol promises to print the brochures. Anuradha promises to get to know the other kids as well. Kajol says that if I’d known she would be visiting, I would I have provided chocolate, gifts and other treats for them. Anuradha Ji asks her to not feel guilty and talk to them nice and they’ll be delighted.

The girl is there and requests Anuradha along with Kajol to go, because there was a visitor. Kajol is amazed to see Kajol and Dr. Anurag playing with the children. She believes he’s charming however, he can be arrogant at times. Anuradha questions Kajol to confirm if she knows the name of Dr. Anurag and says this is his NGO. Kajol considers this and realises that he asked her to be a music teacher here. She believes that he may have spoken to them and asked for work but what is the reason?

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