Barrister Babu 13th October 2021 Episode Update: Trilochan Seeks Batuk’s Help

Barrister Babu 13th October 2021 Episode Update on Theblogmania: Trilochan Seeks Batuk’s Help

The episode begins with Batuk remembering Anirudh’s words. Anirudh demands that he goeven though Bondita is already overseas. Batuk insists that he doesn’t wish to leave. He weeps. Anirudh tells him that you will not be here during the holidays and we won’t visit, so don’t send an email to us, just keep your distance. Batuk claims you’re telling this due to the enmity between villages. Anirudh is of the opinion that you travel abroad to study very well. Batuk claims that Bondita is the reason for all this. I’ll never forget her. Facebook comes to an end. Batuk is dancing with buddies.

Anirudh claims that Chandrachur is coming to our area very soon. Trilochan insists that you don’t use his name. I’m thinking Bondita is cooking Halwa. Anirudh says she’s cooking Kheer. Bondita receives halwa in exchange for Trilochan and kheer for anirudh. Sampoorna tells you that you were both happy the girls today. Trilochan requests Anirudh to give Bondita. Anirudh gives the gift. Bihari states that there was a visitor who came to see you. A man named Prabhu Das arrives and says that I must come, I’ve learned about your case. this is my widowed daughter, do you want to fight her case. Trilochan states that Anirudh will be fighting the case. Anirudh states that no, it’s to empower women, Bondita will take on the case. He requests Bondita to get ready for the next case. Prabhu Das says that I would like to have Kumud married however her parents aren’t ready as she is pregnant. they want to have their son’s child They torture her I want her to be content. Bondita declares that she will fight this case. A mother is the one who has the right to her child. Not even a father can take this right. Anirudh believes that Bondita is bravo and smiles. Trilochan is convinced that I need to get Batuk’s help to prevent their distance from getting any deeper.

Bondita is brought before the courtroom. A man threatens her and requests her not to take on in the case of the widow. Bondita warns that if she doesn’t leave my path then I’ll be severely punished. The waiter informs you that Kaka has called to you. The waitress picks up the phone. Batuk asks me to give him the phone. He picks up the phone and says that no one is in between my household and mine. He speaks to Trilochan. Trilochan requests him to speak straight. Batuk jokes. Trilochan says that I’m not feeling well, I’m afraid that Anirudh will collapse and shatter. I see that Bondita is going to be successful as a barrister, and Anirudh won’t be in the dust. Bondita claims that you will see the girl get justice. I’ll take on this case, I will take action. Trilochan states that Bondita is a skilled lawyer. Anirudh also gave Bondita an item to give her, she took it back and left to work on the case. Anirudh’s not yet able to comprehend, he’ll come to the issue later, and his ego is going to be injured, I’m worried that this ego will cause a break in their relationship, I’m sure it will cause pain to Anirudh. I love them both and am very happy for them, however, Anirudh is my son as a son isn’t able to be a bahu in the like a bahu cannot be the son of a bahu. Batuk shouts”blo*dy hell!… Trilochan inquires whether you have a solution for us. Batuk responds, yes, I have the solution for our family. It is hell for Bondita and I will instil her about the importance of values, I’ll return to India and return to Tulsipur. Trilochan agrees and invites you to join us. Batuk says, I love you and smiles. A widow’s Saas sprays black ink onto Bondita’s face. The woman warns Bondit and demands that she wear the garland of slippers. Reporters click pics. The lady is scolding her. She tells her to not fight the widow’s cause, we are not going to let anyone commit the wrong thing by altering our traditional beliefs. The majority of people are against Bondita.

Bondita comes home. She is crying. Trilochan says that I was scared for this. See how they treated her. Anirudh states that it isn’t right to stand up for women. Bondita affirms that she is not afraid, I taken the men’s clothes to show them how woman feels when she must bathe in public and uncovered areas. Or that time I hit your friend Thakur after he slapped me. I’ll make a statement to help every widow. I purchased sweets for my mother and Mami was able to throw them away it was a norm within the society that widows shouldn’t have any joy, however, I was just a child at the time, and I didn’t get it and now I’m barrister babu in the present I’m able to secure the rights of all widows, so why don’t I. Anirudh tells you to fight, I am with you. We will be able to spread this message like wildfire and you will prepare a great speech to inspire widows everywhere to claim their rights. She agrees and takes his hand. Rishta tera mere ….plays… Trilochan watches and says Batuk please come quickly so that you can stop Bondita from turning into a raging winds, and make her serene that family members and Anirudh remain happy. Batuk shouts and says that I will train her to remain as the wife of Anirudh, not just Bondita she is Bondita Anirudh Roy Choudhary.

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