Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th October 2021 Episode Update: Aarav And Simar Sit For Havan

The episode begins beginning with Aarav, Vivaan and Badi Maa sitting for puja. Pandit Ji performs tilak for Vivaan as well as Aarav. Badi Maa requests Aarav to fill up the red mud pot, and then she asks Vivaan to fill the black clay in the Kalash. She invites them to sow seeds within the mud. The seeds are poured into the red clay. Badi Maa prays Mata Rani for their happiness. Simar says to Sandhya her that she’s important to everyone. Sandhya declares that she is routine and that everyone will forget her within a couple of days.

Simar says that whenever I consider leaving the house I can’t bear the thought and asks what she could endure when her soul is tied to the house. Sandhya claims women don’t have a right to do anything. She says that first , a woman is given the name of her father, and later , her husband’s. She says she’s able to be a woman without being able to live without the Oswal Surname but cannot apologize for it. Aarav attempts to speak to Badi Maa. Badi Maa goes. Gajendra asks what is making a fuss of Maa. Aarav insists that you aren’t talking about anything.He states that whatever Maa has done isn’t incorrect.

Gajendra declares that everything Badi Maa does for her family is done for the improvement of the home and informs her that Sandhya’s decision could make the family financially hurt and they must compensate. He claims he would like to hear an apology of Sandhya in respect to her mother. Aarav affirms that his mother isn’t wrong and she is suffering. Gajendra does not listen to him and continues to go.

Simar questions Sandhya regarding the record. Aditi arrives and demands Sandhya to pack her bag. Sandhya goes. Simar notices Reema trying to raise the agarbattis, she is stopped. Reema confronts her and requests her to add oil to the lamps. She is thinking of making her appear bad to everyone, and then pours oil over the door to make Badi Maa Aarav, Vivaan and others fall to the ground holding the matka. They are heard coming. Simar gets onto the oil , and is near to fall. Reema arrives and is poised to fall.

Simar is watching them come. Reema demands that you to stop them from coming or you will be punished, or let them fall and help yourself. She suggests that you do what you can to be awesome, but now I need to know what you’ll do. Simar states that if I don’t stop them, they could slip and the matkas could break. She looks to Mata Rani, thinking what to do. She sets the mat on the door to hide the oil. She then throws some flower petals over it, just when they’re about to be allowed into the home. Aarav, Vivaan, Badi Maa and others are welcomed into the home. Reema is irritated by Simar’s intelligence. Simar declares that we will be welcoming Mata Rani with flowers. Badi Maa requests Aarav to take care of the kalash and she sees Sandhya and Aditi waiting to go with bags. Pandit Ji informs her that the matkas are put in. He asks Badi Maa contact the elder son and Bahu. Badi Maa replies that Sandhya is not able to sit, however son’s son is able to sit. She invites Vivaan as well as Reema to be seated for havan.

Vivaan and Reema arrive at Badi Maa to sit.Vivaan asks Badi Maa to allow Aarav as well as Simar take a seat for havan, as they have done for his family’s happiness. Badi Maa accepts and invites Aarav as well as Simar to sit down for havan. Vivaan and Reema get up. Reema looks at Simar angrily. Vivaan informs Reema that if he doesn’t consider her a wife, he won’t join her at the evening havan. Reema says Vivaan. Chitra affirms that Vivaan is a very stupid decision to miss out on a chance.

Gajendra wants Sandhya not to apologize for Badi Maa and to not leave the house. Sandhya states that the problem concerns my self-esteem and I will not let my daughter turn into another Sandhya. Aarav as well as Simar are the final two to complete the havan. Pandit Ji requests for them to pour water over the matka. Vivaan informs Aditi that they won’t leave the home. Aditi declares that it’s Maa’s choice. Reema arrives and informs Vivaan that they’ve had a an excellent chance to be seated inside the havan. Vivaan states that for you, chance are important to me, but for me, relationships matter. He requests her to be removed from his home. Reema is unable to comply.

Indu is praying to Mata Rani for prosper her children and to not allow them to do anything wrong. Shobha presents Aarti platter for Divya along with Vivek and tells them what to take part. They take part in the Aarti. Roma asks Mata Rani to send Lalit back.

Sandhya and Aditi will be leaving. Badi Maa is there and drops eye drops into her eyes. She gets a piece of paper from Bhairav. Sandhya informs Badi Maa that she’s sure she’s angry with her, however, it’s not because of Aditi’s fault. Badi Maa claims that you’d like to become a maths teacher and you want to teach students. She wants her to estimate the amount. Sandhya says 12 crores. Badi Maa has said 12 crores in exchange for your slap, one-day loss and asks who will be compensated for the loss of 12 crores.

Summary: The Badi Maa says to Sandhya you’ve found the exit door and how to go out of the home. Simar states, Maa isn’t going anywhere. She displays old memories on a screen, describing the way Badi Maa told her that Sandhya has done so much for their family. Badi Maa becomes angry and tells Simar his one month period is up today. The woman has just 24 hours get out of the house. Aarav intervenes. Badi Maa suggests that he consider it a deal to keep Sandhya at her home.

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