Bigg Boss 15 2nd October 2021 Episode Update: All New Contestants Enter The House

Bigg Boss 15 Episode Update on theblogmania : All New Contestants Enter The House

Premiere Night

The voiceover welcomes everyone into the Bigg Boss jungle. Salman appears on stage as a Tiger, and dances to the jungle song. He dances along with the children. Salman said that this is his jungle, my home. He dances on swage karain sab-ka sawagat.

In the House

Salman Khan invites everyone to Bigg Boss Jungle. He takes you around the jungle house. The pool is now a jungle pond. He claims the vibe will be different. You thought I would welcome contestants. Only from this place will I introduce the contestant. You’ve seen the first contestant many times.

Jay Bhanushali is the contestant 1.

He dances on the stage, then enters the house. The new house has captivated him. He claims that the house is bigger than it was before. He places his lantern on the tree. Jay said that he is the first contestant. I’m very excited. He enters the green jungle-like house. Jay asks why he shouldn’t be on the stage. He claims they’ve spent a lot of money on the house. He enters the bedroom, and he selects his bed by placing his chain there. Salman comes into the house. Jay embraces him and says hello. Salman shows Salman around the living room and tells him that it is not easy to live in. Jay said that he is a huge fan of the show. This season will be entertaining, I’m sure. Salman claims that the previous seasons were easier. Jay jokes that he could go home if he wanted. Salman claims that you have signed the contract. Salman shows Salman the bedroom. Jay states that Jay has chosen his bed. Salman says take your chain back. Jay states that I only need one bed because it is important for me. Salman laughs, and promises a double bed.

Jay claims that I will be cursed. Salman questions Jay about his dream. Jay said that he doesn’t believe in getting out of the middle and will give his 100%. I don’t want my team to be eliminated in middle. To win, I will be aggressive. Salman questions you about your most frightening quality. Jay said that if someone touches my skin, I lose all patience. Although I’m aggressive, I don’t want anyone to be instigator of me. Salman claims they all listen. Salman takes Jay to the back yard and locks the doors. Jay is handed the key by Salman and he says that you are now the owner of the house. He gives Jay the key and tells him that he can’t let him in. Salman states that you are the first contestant who will be received by me from the house. It is not going to be easy. There is no way around it so be prepared.

Jay states that he is scared. Salman points to a large tree and tells him that this tree will listen to all his requests. To move forward, you’ll need its blessings. Salman wants to know if there is a bathroom or washroom here. Jay replies that I only see the pond. Salman said you won’t need a tissue to use the bathroom, but you could use leaves. He asks you where is your bag. Jay claims they took it. Salman claims you’ll feel cold at night. There are also many insects around so you’ll need stones to light the fire. Have fun. Salman walks out of the house. Jay sighs.

The Stage:

Salman steps onto the stage. Salman welcomes everyone to the next season. He said that he has already met the first contestant, so you are familiar with the pace of the season. You will be able to meet all contestants right now. The contestants are dressed in masks and enter the stage. They dance to a coke cola song. They dance on kala-chashma together, all wearing masks. Salman claims you’ve seen all contestants and can guess their names. They are all vaccinated, but mask is mandatory. If I can’t guess, then I will welcome them one at a time. He said that I would have BigG as my assistant. BigG is a man dressed in a gorilla costume. Salman attempts to talk to him, but he just rolls around on the ground. Both dance to a dabang song. BigG leaves. Salman: Let’s welcome another contestant.

Contestant 2: Vishal Kutty

He dances to the taddad song and comes up on the stage. Vishal said, “I have to tell you something sir.” Salman is told by Vishal that you are my inspiration. Because I’m from a small town, I used to have to blacken your film tickets in order to pay my fees. People used to laugh at me when I said I wanted to be an actor. My father was a mechanic. It is my dream to share the stage with you. I’m doing well now, having completed an MBA. Salman hugges him and says that he is happy for him. Your growth is amazing. Vishal asks him what he will do. Do you want to fight or have fun?

Vishal believes in having fun. I don’t mind living like a jungle person. Salman assures him that he will teach him something. He points to an amazing mirror and tells him that it shows you inside. Vishal stands before it. Vishal is both naughty and dignified in the mirror. This jungle is a jungle. Salman wants to know if he’ll mix with someone. Vishal replies that he doesn’t intend on falling in love, but when could he love someone? Salman laughs at the joke. Salman responds, “Let’s meet another contestant.”

Contestant 3: Tejasswi Prakash

She takes to the stage. Salman greets her and tells her that you’re in a jungle. He asks her if she knows Vishal. She replies no. Salman claims he is the jungle’s elephant. Tejasswi says I love Ganpati so I like elephants. Salman wants to know the weight of an elephant. She replies, “500KG” I believe. Salman questions her about what she will do in the game. She said that she will do her best to win. Vishal claims that I don’t fear naagins. Tejasswi claims that I am not. I wanted to be an elephant. Vishal said, “Look at your size.” Tejasswi claims that I eat a lot. I am looking fat. Salman claims you look slim.

Tejasswi said that I only get fat on my face. Salman laughs, and asks Salman what her quality will be. Tejasswi said that she is hungry to win the show. My personality is what I want. I love food. I was not able to win the last show, so I am now an injured lioness. Salman said that you’ll need to be strong in the jungle. One person even saw a ghost living in the house. Now it’s a jungle. Tejasswi said that there’s always a ghost living in the jungle. Salman questions if she will fight or just have fun in the jungle. She said that she would fight. Tejasswi claims that I have a strong physique. Vishal giggles. Salman gives Vishal their amazing mirror and promises to show her the truth. Mirror says she is intelligent, hungry and talkative. She is the parrot of the jungle (poppet). She said that she likes poppet. Salman laughs. Salman is told by Tejasswi that she will be your favorite on the show. Vishal smiles and tells Salman that she is a poppet. Salman asks her what she thinks you won’t find in the jungle. She replies Ice-cream. Vishal said that I only need food to survive.

Tejasswi claims that you will send food on weekends. Salman claims that he will create your menu. He informs them that they’ll need a survival kit to survive in the jungle. He points out a shop where only one person will be allowed to select items. It is up to you to win it. Their taste will determine the outcome of the fight. He blindfolds them, and asks them to guess what items they eat. Vishal and Tejasswi are given an eggplant. It’s an eggplant, she says. Vishal agrees. Salman claims that both have one point. He forces them to eat iceberg. Tejasswi guesses it. He forces her to eat her pumpkin and gives Vishal a pea. Both of them guess the truth. Tejasswi is made to eat a bittergourd. Vishal eats ladyfinger. Both guess it. Salman claims Tejasswi won so she can make her survival kit within 60 seconds. Tejasswi uses a gas stove. She brings a pot, stones and tissues. Salman tells you that your time is up. BigG is bringing their lanterns. Tejasswi enters the house.

From the House:

Jay is out walking in the garden and a tree calls him. He asks Jay to put on headphones. He does. She then asks Jay how he likes this jungle. Jay claims it looks like a dream home. The tree then asks Jay if he is familiar with her. He said no. He says no. She insists that he try. Jay replies that your name is vishwa Sundar right? She smiles and confirms her statement. She claims that I have magical abilities which I can share with you. Jay asks, “What do I need to do for?” Jay says smart. First, you must prove you are worthy of them. Second, you must win their trust. Jay says deal. Sundari says let’s see.

Jay says Jay’s voice is very hot. I can flirt with your wife and you won’t feel ashamed. Sundari promises that we will continue to meet later. Jay said that Jay’s laughter would make him laugh on the show. Tejasswi arrives at the house armed with her survival kit. Jay takes a bow, and she is greeted by Tejasswi. Jay states that they didn’t give her anything. Tejasswi places her lantern on top of the tree. She claims that this house is like an avatar. Jay shows her the locked house, and tells her that we’ll have to live there for now. Tejasswi selects her bed. Jay shows them that they are unable to even use the bathroom. It’s not possible to keep it in. Tejasswi said that you guys can poop anywhere. Jay claims that there are cameras everywhere. Jay claims there will be one bathroom for 14 people. Jay asks her to speak to Sundari tree, but she won’t.

From the Stage:

Salman informs Vishal that he has to take some steps before you can enter the house. He directs him to a tunnel. Vishal follows the tunnel to the house. Jay and Tejasswi welcome him. Tejasswi promises to show him the house. He is asked to place his lantern on the tree. He said, “Yes, poppet.” Vishal jugs Jay. Vishal claims they sent Tejasswi straight into the house, but I had to go through a tunnel. Jay shows Jay around the house. Vishal claims she took so many things from her survival kit. Jay and Vishal laugh at her for using a pot that was empty of food. Tejasswi promises you’ll cry over this pot.

From the Stage:

Salman is pleased to welcome the next contestant.

Contestant 4: Vidhi Pandya

She dances on the stage with Salman and takes a selfie. He promises that soon you’ll be in the jungle. Vidhi said that I was afraid of your anger. Salman claims that I am not angry. Salman says that you enjoy chilling out. Vidhi said that I’m a lazy, hardworking person. Salman claims that our amazing mirror will reveal your true self. Mirror says she’s lazy, chill, and naughty. She is a panda. Vidhi giggles and tells everyone that she is a panda. Salman suggests that we welcome another contestant.

Contestant 5: Simba Nagpal

He appears on the stage, and he says that he is a lion. Salman questions him if he will fight or have fun in his house. Simba said that I would be honest in the house. I am passionate about what I do. I believe in achieving my goals. Salman believes that everyone wants to win. Which is your strength? Simba said that I am calm but don’t like people playing with me. Salman suggests that we look at your strengths. He is smart, intelligent, and aggressive according to the mirror. He is a lion. Salman said you will both play a game to win a survival kit. Vidhi is a friend, and Simba married Vidhi by running away with him. I am now your witness. Salman and Simba perform the scene. They attempt to convince him. Salman invites them to a wedding. They have a good time and laugh. BigG hands them both their lanterns, and says they don’t have to use a kit. They enter the house.

From the House:

Vidhi follows the tunnel to get into the house with Simba. Simba enters the home. Simba is embraced by all three of his inmates. Jay embraces him. Simba says you are Karan right? He replies, “No, Jay.” Vidhi remains in the tunnel. A blast occurs and Vidhi collapses. Finally, she enters the house. She is welcomed by all. Tejasswi takes her around. Vidhi attempts to speak to Sundari but she says that she isn’t talking. Sundari states that I don’t speak to everyone. You have to be worthy for me to talk with you. Vidhi asks Vidhi if she can help her in the house. Sundari doesn’t answer her. Vidhi thanks Sundari for speaking.

Contestant 6: Umar Riaz

He steps onto the stage. Salman claims that you are Asim’s brother. Umar claims that I am older to him. Salman questions why you would want to go into the house. Umar said that you inspired me always. I was a doctor, but I now want to pursue my passion. Bigg Boss offered me the chance to be my brother. I will be different. I will give 100%. Asim Riaz comes into the house and hugges Salman. He embraces his brother. Salman wants to know what is going on. Asim said Umar was nervous, so I explained that it was a reality TV show. It’s all about reaction and action. Salman laughs. Asim believes that our fire for work is what inspires us all. Salman raps with Asim. Salman laughs with him. Salman sends Asim away. Salman suggests that we welcome another contestant.

Contestant 7: Ieshaan Sehgaal

He meets Salman, Umar and takes to the stage. Ishaan said that I am straightforward and won’t let anyone mess with me. He claims that I have a tattoo of this. Salman claims there is an amazing mirror that will reveal all about you. Umar is strong, loyal and a fighter. He is a bull. Umar laughs. Ishaan is trustworthy, stubborn and a fighter. He is a bull. Salman said, “Let’s welcome another contestant.”

Contestant 8: Donal Bisht

She appears on stage with Umar, Ishaan, and Donal. Salman questions her about her. Salman asks her about her mental strength and good heart. Umar claims we have the same color. If she has a heart problem, then I will be a doctor. Donal giggles and replies that they are friends only. Salman asks Umar, Ishaan which animal is hers. Umar said pigeon because it’s delicate. Donal disagrees. Ishaan claims that I find her beautiful and that she is a butterfly. Donal says thank-you. She claims Umar is wrong. Salman said that survival kits are necessary for all people. He asks Donal for help and to judge the players. Salman states that Umar and Ishaan will fight on the pole. The winner will be the one who falls down. They will first have a verbal battle. Ishaan claims that I am a fighter and will win. Umar claims that I am a smart person and can manipulate people. Donal says Umar seems mature but Ishaan has zeel to win. I don’t like manipulation so Ishaan wins. Salman said that next fight would be a physical one. Both fight. Umar is told by Ishaan not to hit him on his face. Both of them hit each other with planks. Umar said, “I am sorry.” Donal watches. Umar wins the physical round. Donal said they gave it their best. Ishaan claims he punched me in the face. Salman claims it was unfair. Salman sends Umar inside.

From the House:

Umar enters the home. All contestants inform him that they are inside. Vishwa Sundari, can you speak to her and ask for our release? Umar attempts to communicate with the tree. The smoke fills the air. Umar is laughed at by all. Tejasswi requests him to jump from the tree. Vishal replies, “Enough.” They all get up and leave the room, saying that we were just having fun.

Salman lets Donal and Ishaan choose their survival kit while they are on the stage. They each take their items and enter the house.

Donal and Ishaan are taken deep into the jungle by a car. They are afraid. Donal asks how far it is. Ishaan believes Umar is lucky. If he had hit me outside, then he wouldn’t be standing. They are taken to a campsite. Donal asks what’s the name of this campsite? Ishaan asks where we will sleep.

From the stage

Contestant 9: Akasa Singh

She steps onto the stage. Salman welcomes her. Akasa said that she has met her before. My father was a singer, and he used singing your functions. Salman claims that he remembers you singing a song in my film. Akasa asks if we can sing aathe an aa hookstep. Salman joins her in dancing. Salman questions Salman about how you will survive in the jungle. Akasa said that I couldn’t survive without my phone, so it would be hard. Bigg Boss will be my best friend. To survive, I will make my vlogs. Salman claims that an amazing mirror will showcase your best qualities. It speaks of naughtiness, finickiness, and high-maintenance. She is a cat. Akasa says I agree. Salman says that we should welcome another contestant.

Contestant 10: Karan Kundra

He dances on rated gabru before he enters the stage. He greets Salman and hugs Akasa. Salman claims he is TV’s rockstar. Karan laughs. Salman questions Karan about what he will do in the house. Karan said that I would have fun fighting and having fun. Salman questions if it’s okay to mingle. Karan said that it was important for her. Salman questions you about what you are looking for. Karan believes that our hearts should be in harmony. Salman believes that your fans should be delighted to have you here. They want to know what you think. You will be asked to describe a word I have used. He asks, “What about animosity?” Karan suggests that we approach it with passion. Salman asks love? Karan said it had hurt me, but it was the reason I live. Salman questions anger. Karan said it wasn’t good, but fair sometimes. Salman asks Bigg Boss? Karan said it was difficult. Salman asks cat? Karan replies wild.

Akasa giggles and admits that cats can be adorable too. Salman asks Akasa? Karan claims she is strong. Salman suggests that we ask the mirror about Karan. Mirror says that he is intelligent, angry, and a leader. He is a wolf. Salman said that he believes you will bond. Akasa claims that we are both punjabis and will fight, but we will end it soon. Salman said that you’ll need a survival kit for the house. To win the contest, you must complete a task together. He asks them to touch certain colors. To touch the colors, they must follow Salman’s instructions. Karan removes his jacket and follows his instructions. Akasa wins and can choose from 8 items in the kit. He sends Akasa and Karan to their house.

From the House:

Akasa comes into the house. All are welcome to her. Tejasswi gives her a hug for using a potty chair. Jay giggles at her. Akasa says I was so embarrassed. Akasa claims I took more than eight items. Akasa claims they didn’t tell me I couldn’t share. Jay and Vishal took her items.

Karan is walking through the tunnel. He smiles as he enters the home. He is welcomed by all. Everyone ignores him. He is confused. Jay informs Tejasswi Akasa was talking to him. Karan replies, “I know you are all joking.” Umar smiles and embraces him. Karan embraces Jay and tells him how happy he is to meet you.

Donal and Ishaan were in the jungle. Ishaan claims that I didn’t realize it would be this literal jungle. Donal says that I am glad I brought an orange. Ishaan says I am on diet but it’s fine. He shares an orange with her. Ishaan takes his jacket off. Donal suggests that we move the beds. Donal and Ishaan bring the beds. Donal assures us that we will be able to lie down. Ishaan questions Donal about her character. Donal states that while I stand by my position, I don’t get mad for no reason.

From the Stage:

Salman: Let’s welcome another contestant.

Afsana Khan is the 11th contestant

Salman greets her and makes fun of her wearing gold jewelry. Afsana claims that my wedding was scheduled for November, but it was canceled due to Bigg Boss. She said that I am attached to my fiance. Salman claims he would be happy without you. Afsana said that you are her brother. Salman suggests that we ask an amazing mirror about you. It’s a showoff, entertaining statement. She is a monkey. Afsana said that she would love to sing a song. She sings barh dinu jholi. Salman said, “Let’s welcome two more contestants.”

Contestant 12: Miesha Iyer

Contestant 13: Sahil Shroff

He asks them whether they’d rather fight or have fun at the house. All of them answered both. Salman questions them about their character. Afsana said that my anger is outof control. Miesha believes that I am able to surprise you by my reactions. Sahil claims that I would observe all. Salman claims that I think Sahil would be hunted before having a chance to hunt. Afsana agrees. Sahil agrees. Mirror says Meisha’s loyal, innocent, and friendly. She is a puppy. Sahil is calm, focused, and smart. He is a cheetah. Salman suggests that everyone must play a game to win a survival kit. They must catch the balls Salman throws at their heads. Sahil wins the contest and gets items from his kit. Salman sends them in.

From the House:

Sahil enters the home, while Afsana & Miesha pass through the tunnel. They are scared, but they manage to enter the house. Karan hugs Afsana. Sahil hugs Miesha.

From the Stage:

Ranveer Singh arrives on the stage, and says that he has come to watch you. Salman asks why? Ranveer claims that I am a member of Colors Family.

The episode is over.

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