Bigg Boss 15 5th October 2021 Episode Update: Pratik And Jay’s Over The Top Fight

Day 3 Live Updates from Bigg Boss House

3:45 PM

Jay asks Akasa what happened. Are you feeling down? He doesn’t say anything. He approaches the camera and states that he didn’t want Tara’s (daughter’s) dress to be given, but that my family members would be punished. So he is giving up. He places Tara’s dress into the storage.

5:15 PM

Shamita is told by Nishant that he will put you in a position. There are three biscuit boys (six packs) on the island. Shamita asks Raqesh to make biscuits and then come in. Nishant believes Raqesh should be making tea and be Mr. India. Pratik teases Shamita. Shamita asks Shamita to go to Akasa. Pratik claims that she has nothing to do with me.

5:30 PM

Jay tells Tejasswi about my desire to hide the dress of my daughter, but Afsana asks me directly about it. She opened her mouth, but nobody knew. Tejasswi claims that she made sure that we gave up everything. Jay claims that I cannot sleep without Jay’s daughter’s dress. Vishal claims she is a fool friend.

5:45 PM

Vishwa Sundari speaks to jungle inmates. She said, “I know you are in trouble, but I am here for you all.” Her smile makes all boys laugh. Sundari claims that I have hidden a magic book in the pool. You will find a way out of this mess once you find that book. Two people will continue to move the wheel, while the other jungle inmate will stay in the pool. You will keep moving the wheel until the book in the treasure box is full. She said that OTT inmates would be the referees for the task.
Instructions were read by Shamita, Nishant, Pratik and Nishant.

6.00 PM

Nishant informs the jungle team that the task is complete. They cheer. While Vishal enters, Sahil and Ishaan begin to move the wheel.

Jay tells Afsana you discussed my daughter’s dress and so I had to stop. Afsana claims that I thought you were mad at me.

Shamita asked Karan what he would choose if given a choice. Karan replies that he wants a proper meal, like rice and pulses.

Jay is told by Afsana that she didn’t eat food after a fight. Jay states that Jay doesn’t care what you eat so make sure to take good care of yourself.

7.00 PM

The positions of the jungle inmates and dong rings can be changed. Umar begins to move the wheel. Akasa questions Nishant about whether she can just stay in the pool, or swim. Pratik said you must jump in the pool fully. Akasa said that she knows you like singing but doesn’t want to fight with me. Pratik claims she is taunting.

7:45 PM

Vishal emerges from the pool after the dong is played. Akasa enters while Jay starts to move the wheel.

8.00 PM

Vidhi claims that Miesha is spending her time with Simba. Tejasswi advises Vidhi to choose which one. Akasa asks her if she likes Simba. Akasa says no. Akasa said guess who I like? Akasa claims Miesha is playing a match with Simba. In 2 days, I cannot make a connection to a man. Vidhi believes it could be an attraction. Akasa claims that I don’t know anything about attractions. Akasa ends her time when the dong starts. Jay and Donal start to move the wheel.

Donal asks Tejasswi for a conversation with Afsana. She is making us feel bad about not eating. Tejasswi replies that she has not eaten since I asked. Donal informs Tejasswi that if Afsana does not want to eat, then she can be. Tejasswi claims she is eating everything, but doesn’t touch the food I make. Miesha wants to speak to Tejasswi.

Akasa and the dong rings come out of this pool. All clap for Akasa. Tejasswi leaps into the pool. Karan believes Akasa to be a strong girl. Akasa claims it wasn’t cold. Tajasswi dancing in the pool

8:45 PM

Jay makes a joke with Nishant and tells Pratik to save him, the biscuit boys beat me. Nishant claims that I am a flourboy while all the others are biscuit boys (6-packs).
Tajasswi requests Afsana go to eat.

9:15 PM

Tejasswi’s time at the pool is over when Tejasswi gets his dong rings. They grab her and open the treasure box. She opens the treasure box and takes it out. It contains a blueprint for a house path. Karan said it looked like a puzzle. Jay said that Jay told him there are many ways to get into this house.

9:00 PM

Karan refers to the instructions, which state that they must find puzzle pieces in order to create a path. They must find it in the cave. They can then enter the house once the pathway has been completed. This will be their guide. They will need to create a path from the glass door to get to the main entrance. The OTT inmates and only the jungle people will be allowed to nominate them until they have completed this pathway. The OTT inmates will stop jungle inmates from completing the pathway. The lion voice will play and the inmates will enter the cave to find the puzzle pieces.

9:45 PM

Karan informs everyone that they must find the puzzle pieces in order to enter the house. Karan urges his team not to stop the work.
Pratik hides the map. Nishant is told by Pratik that they cannot do anything right now. Pratik hides the money under the couch.
Vishal informs everyone that they have taken the map. Tejasswi promises that he will enter to find it. Karan claims that we will attack them inside. All inmates are allowed to enter the house. Umar requests the map. Shamita said they couldn’t get into the house. Umar claims that you cannot take the map. He attempts to get into the bedroom. Nishant claims that you can’t all enter the house. Donal said that we need the map. Nishant claims that this is against the rules. All members look for the map. Pratik hides himself in the bathroom. Pratik approaches the inmates, and says that he doesn’t have any. Shamita promises that you will all be punished. Afsana claims that we have already been punished. Jay claims that we will destroy all things if we don’t find the map. Nishant claims that this is unjustified. They wanted a reason for people to enter. Pratik claims that you are causing havoc. Jay tries checking on the bed, but Pratik stops him. Jay shouts at Pratik to stop pushing him. Pratik shouts at him and tells him to fight with me. Jay curses Jay. Pratik tells Jay that I will not spare you if your bed is messed up. Jay tells Jay to get lost. You are a tiny baby Tommy, so you can follow me Tommy. Pratik requests him to find his way. Jay tells him to come Tommy, and follow me. Simba is looking around the kitchen. Umar informs Nishant that the map can’t be hidden. Nishant tells Nishant that you cannot mess with my personal belongings. Tejasswi claims that you were also looking at our personal items. This is called karma. Nishant claims that you cannot check my bag unless I give permission. Karma is not something you should tell me. Jay says to Nishant, Pratik is trying too smart. I am his father. The map is found under the sofa by the new inmates. They run to each other and cheer. Sahil found it, but it isn’t the actual map. It’s only the envelope. Nishant asks, “Why aren’t you cheering now?” Tejasswi explains that they must have kept the paper in their pockets. Pratik informs Akasa, “I didn’t hide it.” Nishant claims they are throwing my clothes. Tejasswi laughs and falls on top of him.

10:00 PM

Jay grabs Nishant. Nishant laughs, and says that they won’t let me live. He tears up and says they are ripping my clothes. They won’t let me use the bathroom. They all laugh at him. Shamita is hugged by Nishant and he says that they are tearing at my clothes.

Karan takes Shamita, Pratik, and Nishant’s bags. Pratik tries unsuccessfully to stop them, but they won’t listen. Miesha blocks Pratik’s path. Pratik says give my bag back. I didn’t conceal any map. Donal claims that we won’t return the bags until we have the map.

Nishant said that I will not let anyone sleep if they have torn up my bed.

Pratik has taken my cigarettes, Ishaan claims. He eats their fruit. Pratik says you took our bags so we took your cigarettes. Ishaan claims that this is not your father’s rule. Pratik says don’t curse me. Nishant requests Ishaan not to curse him.

Shamita informs Tejasswi, “You have taken my toiletries, and my lingerie.” Tejasswi tells Shamita that this is not a problem.

Karan eats the fruits. Vidhi, Tejasswi get it.

10:00 PM

Shail informs Shamita, Pratik, and Nishant that if they don’t find the map, we won’t give you your items back. Pratik suggests that you take all the food you like. Karan claims that we have already eaten all the fruits.
Pratik is asked by Nishant to be calm. Pratik said that if they open my bag, I’ll jump all over. I will not spare anyone. Nishant advises not to get mad. Pratik whispers to Pratik that I have kept my map in my bottle. Nishant suggests that we split it in two.

10:00 PM

Nishant is told by Afsana that everyone came to play a game. Pratik is blocked by all the inmates so that he cannot enter the jungle. Pratik giggles at them. Nishant said that they are still awake. Afsana is also in the house, and she gets blocked there. Karan cheers Afsana’s presence on the other side. All the new inmates cheer. Pratik attempts to clear the path, but he fails. Pratik is stopped by Nishant. Pratik has been blocked by all the boys using their beds. Umar requests Pratik to be more assertive. Pratik tries to take the bed off, but Nishant stops him. Pratik is asked to relax by Nishant. They shouldn’t have the footage. Bigg Boss property is not yours to destroy. They are ignorant so leave them as they are. Afsana enters the kitchen and eats what she likes. Afsana is greeted with cheers by all. Shamita is hugged by Afsana, and she says that she is with her now. Toast is served to the inmates. All inmates eat bread. Donal says that he likes this almond butter bread. They all enjoy it together. Afsana enjoys eating bread while everyone cheers for her. Afsana and Nishant share bread. Afsana said that if Bigg Boss scolds you then, Karan assures you that we all will support you.

11:15 PM

Pratik is being blocked by Miesha, who says he can’t leave when he’s here. Karan laughs. Pratik asks why you are misbehaving? Miesha claims that you made me cry twice. Pratik claims you are rude to me. Miesha claims that I make faces all of the time. Pratik claims you are deliberately pinching my heart. Miesha said don’t play any emotional games with me. I have been hurt too. Pratik tells Pratik to get it out.

11:15 PM

Umar tells Pratik you can’t hide it. Pratik claims that I did. Jay assures Jay that we will not allow you to come on this side. Pratik believes it must someday. Vishal claims that if we’re wrong, Bigg Boss will stop us. I have nothing to do with you. Jay says to Nishant, “You are a greater celebrity than any other” (Pratik). Pratik asks Pratik, what’s that? You have a low mentality. Jay asks Jay to let him go. Pratik asks Jay why he doesn’t think he is a more famous celebrity. Jay asks Jay to get lost. You’re a *****. Jay is taken away by Karan, who says that he won’t instigate you. Jay claims he is reaching for my shirt. Pratik says you called me *****. Jay asks Pratik to find his way. Pratik attempts to take the bed off. Pratik attempts to jump onto the other side.

Nishant warns Pratik not to do it as he could get hurt. Pratik leaps onto the jungle side. Nishant claims that you are hurting us by tying the bed together. Shamita claims that this is madness and they are hurting Pratik and Nishant. Miesha requests Pratik not to do this. Sahil requests Pratik to show him the map. Pratik insists that he won’t. Shamita requests everyone to stop it. Pratik should be back. What’s wrong with you all? Bigg Boss requests everyone to be calm and not damage the property. Shamita claims this is bullsh*t. Umar and Ishaan shout at Pratik. Umar claims you are a ***.. Pratik says don’t curse me. Pratik is pulled away by Miesha, who says, “Why are you getting so physical with other people?” Calm down. Pratik claims there are two against twelve people.

Shamita claims they’re all acting like goons, and are classless. Pratik is told by Karan that you are getting physical. Pratik asks why Pratik can’t he join this side. Karan shouts, “You started fighting with us.” Karan states that if someone calls me classless, then I will not spare anyone. Pratik shouts at him that he started to be physical and we didn’t push. Pratik claims that I wanted to be on this side, so they started pushing. Karan tells Nishant that we won’t allow you to come here. Karan says to Nishant Shamita calls us classless, but Pratik is jumping on this side. Pratik was pushing the first, even though we were laughing. Vishal claims that Miesha was laughing with Pratik, but Pratik started pushing first. He became insane and joined this side. Pratik is asked by Ishaan to get up and cry in a corner. Pratik leaps at him and asks what? Ishaan responds, “What can you do?” Miesha attempts to calm Pratik down. Ishaan says don’t get physical, you are a mosquito for me. Karan asks Ishaan to calm down and takes Ishaan with him. Karan says don’t get physical. Ishaan says he is pushing me. Karan claims that the cameras can see him. Pratik believes that people curse and look very nice. Jay asks you what food do you like to eat. To me, you are a little boy. We are annoyed by you, you were not at OTT. Pratik charges at him, calling you a cheap man. Jay claims you called me ****, I will not spare you. I’ll see outside the house. You are a *****.

Pratik presses him and tells him to stop cursing my mother. Karan grabs Pratik, and asks him to leave. Pratik shouts at Karan that he curses my mother. Pratik screams and shouts, “How dare you!” Pratik is calmed down by Nishant. Jay is being held back by Karan. Jay asks Karan to stop it. Jay is told by Tejasswi, Donal and Pratik that things are not going right. Pratik gets angry and threatens to break everything if my mother curses him. Pratik strikes the glass and breaks it. He screams, “How dare he curse me mother?” Shamita tells him to calm down. Nishan hugs him.

Jay says to Tejasswi, he can’t get my collar. I will not spare him.

Pratik bangs his head against the wall, and declares that he won’t be heard cursing my mother. Nishant requests everyone to get up and let him breathe. Pratik relaxes in the smokeroom.

12:01 AM

Jay is told by Vishal that he doesn’t throw away anything for this boy. Jay states that he would not spare him if he were outside. Vishal said, “Be intelligent. You are not outside with him.” He will respect you if you don’t bark at them. Jay claims he pulled my collar and made me mad. If they touch me, I won’t spare them. Karan asks him for a calm response. Jay claims I wasn’t saying anything but he grabbed me by the collar and poked me. Vishal replies, “I am with you.” Jay asks Umar to apologize for his curse. Jay replies, “I will say sorry if you grab my collar.”
Vishal says to Shamita & Nishant, “I am sorry for everything.” I was wearing shorts, and I might not be able to fight.

Donal informs Akasa they are not giving the map. Akasa insists that they aren’t bowing down.

12:00 AM

Simba advises Miesha not to cry over Pratik. If anything goes wrong, I will be there to help you. Miesha said that I would call you Simbesh out of love. He said that he was fine with it. Miesha informs Simba Pratik wants to appear outnumbered, and that he is being targeted. He is playing that card.

1.00 AM

Umar says to Nishant that he called you Nalla, but I won’t spare him for that. Nishant claims that you’ve called me many things. Jay is told by Nishant that Umar was pushing Jay and my hand was hurting. But Umar began cursing me. I do not abuse people.

Shamita informs Vishal that Ishaan, Umar, and Shamita are very aggressive. Simba was not aggressive to me.
Karan told Nishant that while we were having fun, Pratik wanted to display his manliness to at least 4-5 men. These guys won’t allow him to do that. He wants to display his machoness towards other machos. He thinks Pratik is a strong competitor than his fathers. Nishant said that although you are all sensible, you were all possessed high energy. Karan states that Pratik will poke 2-3 men if he does so, and everyone will reciprocate. Karan tells Nishant that Pratik pokes then 2-3 guys will reciprocate. Nishant claims that today’s clash was equal. Karan claims that I do not believe so. Pratik initiated it.

2.00 AM

Shamita informs Nishant Pratik wanted to fight on the side of Shamita. He thought they wouldn’t react. Nishant says that Pratik was instigated by them. Shamita said no. Pratik began to support their side, so he started it. Pratik’s actions were foolishness. He could make the game more interesting. Pratik is a good friend of mine, but I cannot keep him from making mistakes. He needs to think about the game. He can’t be a fighter for everyone.

2.00 AM

Pratik is told by Nishant that Shamita believes you intentionally instigated other people. We can’t fight them all, this is just one game. Nishant believes we can give them the map as we cannot move forward in the game without an alliance. Pratik claims that we cannot give the map to them now. Shamita said that you shouldn’t have sided with them. Nishant said that you made us look foolish. Pratik said that if they follow the path, then you will follow it and we will be nominated. We are safe because they are here.

Bigg Boss informs the inmates it’s time to nominate. Today, the property was damaged. Pratik broke the glass, which was wrong. As punishment, all the jungle people were nominated for his error. All of us look on.

2:05 AM

Vishal stares into the camera and states that they are fighting over small issues. It all depends on how you view things. Some people don’t fear God watching, while others aren’t afraid of Him watching. Others won’t say anything because God is watching.

PRECAPTejasswi claims Bigg Boss was my baby. Bigg Boss will admit his love for me. She speaks to the camera, saying that my baby doesn’t listen to her. She makes everyone laugh.
All jungle inmates are nominated because of Pratik’s error. Jay claims that Pratik was not punished at all. Vishal says that Pratik’s error led to us being punished, but Pratik wasn’t punished for raising his hands against Pratik. If that is the case, then you can’t blame us for raising our hands. It is not something I believe they would do, but it is being telecast.

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