Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th October 2021 Episode Update: Veena Devi Agrees To Thapki’s Condition

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th October 2021 Episode Update: Veena Devi Agrees To Thapki’s Condition

The show begins the episode with Veena Devi informs Vinod that she’ll reveal in front of the family members and the media to announce that Purab and Thapki will be getting married, and that she will reveal anything to anyone. Thapki decides to remain in her vows, even before the cards are released. She stands up and declares Veena Devi ji…Dadi advises her to not be hesitant and to tell who is on her mind. Sudha says to Thapki not to be worried and to tell everyone that they are waiting for her. Thapki tells her Veena Ji, I’d like to convey important information to you. The temple bell sound with the help of the Pandits. Veena Devi can’t understand her voice and demands to go to the Music room and have a chat.

The music area the Servant stammers, while apologizing to Veena Devi. Veena affirms that I believe those who stammer have their heart broken. She says that if I’d been aware that you were a stutterer, I would not have employed you. Thapki arrives and tells her about you have a riyaaz room. Veena Devi says that we will do our practice here and I’ll be teaching music to my son. Pandit Ji arrives and the aresoor that he has taken dropped from the plate gets into Thapki’s mouth. Veena Devi is scolding Pandit Ji, and then gets the warm drink for Thapki. She requests her to look after her throat as she is a singer and invites her to let her out.

An employee informs the worker they know that Veena Devi has been fired as music director. She also explains that Navratri songs are prepared by in the near future. He requests her to create director’s lists and he’ll speak to Mom. He is furious that she has made a decision to break his relationship without consulting him. He demands an incentive to employees who attend the celebration.

Tai Ji sends a video message to Purab and requests Purab to return home. Purab says that he will not be coming and I won’t argue with Mom. Tai Ji shows him the relatives of Thapki, and tells him that our relatives are here, and the media has also arrived. Purab questions who are the relatives? Tai Ji asks him to visit, and tells him that she is unable to reveal anything because she is afraid of her mom. Her bahu arrives and is curious about Tai ji , why she’s doing this? Tai Ji says that I’ll create Thapki to be my wife. Bahu thinks she’s seeking my sautan. what should I do.

Veena Devi performs aarti of Mata Rani and sings bhajan in front of the crowd in front of her. Thapki is thinking that if she declares that she is pregnant, how will I maintain my status. The letter she writes to her mother in which she expresses her gratitude to her for allowing her to live with her stammering issue, and some people consider her to be unlegitimate. She states that her mother has been through a lot for me and that’s why after my narcissism I’m not looking to be a bahu like other women. She says she would like for her mom to be smile and wishes to see her family happy for the rest of their lives. She writes: I hope that you can understand me. She walks toward Veena Devi and holds the letter. The letter falls out of her hands. She tries to retrieve the letter.

Purab is sitting in the car. Hansika phoned him, and tells him that you haven’t seen me since yesterday. Purab claims he was busy. Hansika asks for you to come to my house. Purab says, ok, I’ll choose you and then we’ll meet at my home. Tai Ji’s bahu warns her she’ll take her own life and won’t allow her to get her husband. Thapki arrives and finds a an email from Tai Ji. Tai Ji’s bahu is also watching and is about to receive this letter but the message disappears away. Tai ji says I am not bringing your saut. Thapki discovers the letter has fallen on Sagar. Sagar places it down on his table. The photographer grabs it and cleans his camera. Thapki grabs it from his fingers. She walks over to Veena Devi and takes her feet. She presents her the note to Veena Devi. Veena Devi reads the letter. Sudha declares that she is extremely clever and wrote down her requirements on the paper. The paper is half tear. Veena Devi is reading the letter. Dadi wants to know what’s written in the letter. Veena Devi takes Thapki’s hands and removes her from the room. Everyone looks shocked.

Purab and Hansika return home. Dadi arrives at Veena Devi, and she asks, what is going happening? What brought you to bring Thapki to this place from the media. Dadi gets a glimpse of the half torn letter. Thapki has just about to leave. Veena Devi claims that I didn’t request you to go. She informs Amma Thapki’s soul is as innocent, and not just her voice. She states that your mother is wonderful to be the mother of you, and we are unable to divorce the mother from you and then says I’m in agreement with your situation.

Tai Ji asks Purab whether he’s looking for Veena. Purab decides for a visit with her. Dadi thanks Veena for finding the perfect diamond for Purab and granting her wish. Dadi wears Veena Devi’s tilak and demands that she tie her mauli on Thapki’s hands and to make her wear Chunari. Veena Devi tie her mauli and asks her to wear her chunari. She says you’ve been not known to us for several years, and now I am going to reveal yourself to everyone. She says it’s your duty now to carry my legacy forward. I am glad that I received bahu as a gift for my child. She lays chunari over her head. Purab arrives and is able to hear Veena Devi.

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