Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 13th October 2021 Episode Update: Veena Devi Invites Thapki And Her Family For Navratri Celebrations

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 13th October 2021 Episode Update: Veena Devi Invites Thapki And Her Family For Navratri Celebrations

The episode begins with Tai Ji staring at Purab baking cake. She tells her that you will be making a cake in one week. She then asks him whether he was fighting with his mother. He states that Mom’s search has been complete, so he thought to have a celebration. Tai Ji believes that the dream of your friend is broken. Purab affirms that Hansika is gifted and should have a shot. She believes it’s good to obey your mother. She requests him to give up peace in the home.

Veena Devi cooks the food for Purab. Dadi states that Shahrukh Khan was that if a person wants to achieve something with total determination, they can they will succeed. Purab is calling Veena Devi. Dadi tells him that your son has called you. Dadi smiles and says mom cooked chole and kachori for him and that son baked cupcakes to her. They call Vinod, Sargam etc. Tai Ji makes him eat Kachori and Chole. He claims that you prepared it and claims that you brought it to me when I was in the hostel. Veena Devi says that she’s chosen the singer , and also her Bahu. She congratulates Purab and invites him to try the sweets. She stops him.

Thapki returns home and informs her mother that she bought a surprise gifts for her since some crazy arrogant man purchased all her bags this morning. She displays the present. Her mother displays her doll. Thapki claims you’re trying to blackmail me emotionally. Thapki’s mom stops her and says that this is you. She makes a sign and Thapki interprets her. She says I was a victim of bad language when she was born as well as Mami was a snitch. She says that now you’ll be a bahu of an unborn daughter. She is looking at her mother’s wedding gown, and says that you could not wear it to become her bride. However, you you been keeping it in a safe place until this point. The mother puts the dupatta over her head, and stares at her smile. She acknowledges her. Thapki affirms that your happiness is when I accept. Sudha and Preeti their.

Purab declares in what century we live and claims that you have made my marriage work without me asking. Veena claims that it is my mother, and has the right to judge your behalf. He claims you have the right however, it is within the limits. He claims you aren’t able to make my decisions for me. Veena Devi claims that you’re married now. Purab says that I’m more aware about my own life. Veena Devi wants Purab to behave and says that I don’t consider you a foe The girl is beautiful and you should meet her once. He says if I have to say no to her the reason is why I would want to see her. He believes that the face of a company is different and my own marriage is different. Veena Devi claims she will make you feel happy. Purab claims that I have a plans for my life. Veena Devi questions him, what is his favourite color? Veena Devi is stunned. He claims that you’re your favorite color is red. My most loved music and book. He tells her about her favorite song and book. He says it’s odd to not know about the memories your son has of his childhood. She says that I can remember that you visited Disneyland. He said my most memorable moment was when you would hold me for three seconds every year. I would be waiting for that moment throughout the year. He claims that you can’t give me my mother and that’s the reason I’ll look up my wife by myself. Veena Devi is stunned and believes I’ve made wrong, and if attempt to establish the tone for your life, what’s wrong. She believes that the girl is great. Purab claims she’s like the trophy you won, just like Veena Devi and another Veena Devi. He is not in the alliance. Thapki is willing to join the alliance in order to bring her mother happiness. Mama is smiling, while Sudha and Preeti become shocked and angry.

Tai Ji smiles and stares in the direction of Veena Devi. Mama Ji informs Thapki that she was happy for him and asks her to not go back on her decision. He receives a phone call and then goes. Preeti takes a bite out of Sudha and tells her that Thapki will rule, and asks if we can be her people. Sudha says I’m amazed right now. She is grateful to Thapki and says that you’re willing to give everything to your mother. You were scared of your mother. But now you are no longer afraid. Thapki declares that I will be there for my mother throughout my entire throughout my life. Sudha wants to know if you’d like to bring your mother to the Sasural. Thapki states that I’ll marry under a condition, and they must accept my conditions, otherwise they will look for a different girl to marry their son. Mama Ji comes to the house and informs her that he received a phone calls from Veena Devi’s home, and they called us to celebrate Navratri Puja. He asks her to not commit any wrongdoing. Thapki tells me to speak with Veena Devi in person.

Veena Devi organizes the Navratri celebration. She is asking Tai Ji if she’s invited all her relatives. Tai Ji claims she’s invited guests, but she hasn’t yet called the distant relatives. Veena Devi suggests that you should have contacted everyone in your family. Thapki is there together with the rest of her family. Veena turns her attention to her and then asks Thapki to go inside. Veena Devi informs Dadi that she’s here. Thapki comes in and takes a look around the home. She slips, falls and slips and the money in her purse falls to the floor. Thapki chooses the pieces. Veena Devi, along with her entire family watches. Dadi says to Veena she’s searched for Lakshmi for the home and Mata Rani has blessed her as well. Vinod questions Veena to clarify that you have said that only family members can attend. Veena Devi greets Thapki’s family. Thapki rubs Dadi’s feet, and the next step is Veena Devi’s feet. Veena Devi promises that you will always touch my feet and will be staying here in the near future. She tells me that I will show you my home and asks for others to visit as well. She asks Thapki whether she enjoyed her sasural. Thapki smiles and nods. Veena Devi is asking Vinod to meet with their Samdhi and Samdhan as well as their bahubu. Vinod abruptly says. Veena Devi says that it’s an exciting surprise for our son. I’ll announce to the family and friends to announce that Purab as well as Thapki will get married. And at that point, do not tell anyone. Thapki believes that she will keep her status before Veena Devi.

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