Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 16th October 2021 Episode Update: Purab Mistaken Preeti To Be Chosen By Veena Devi

The Episode begins with Thapki gazing at the sindoor that falls on her forehead from the Aarti Plate. Purab takes the Mata Rani’s chunari off his head and stands in front of Thapki. Thapki then touches sindoor on her forehead and stares at it. Then she looks at Purab. Both of them are then greeted by the garland. They look at one another. Dadi said that Mata Rani would have united Thapki with Purab if she wanted. No power can separate them. She requests her to agree. Purab asks Thapki whether she came to his home to give CDs and then says, “What is this desperation?” She mumbles and then says, “Your screw is loose.” She sneezes. He hands her tissue paper. Thapki accepts it and thanks him. She claims that you are creating unnecessary issues. He responds that he wants to hear the truth and asks him to share. She says intelligence is required for this. He said, “Leave from here before your mom sees you.” He recalls Veena Devi saying that she hates stammers. She questions why. Hansika arrives and asks Purab for permission to go there. Thapki informs Mata Rani she feels sorry for Hansika, and thanks Mata Rani. Hansika said that you have reached the final stage of direct love. Purab stares at Thapki, as she takes out the aarti stuff. He asks her if she saw her courage. Hansika questions what’s going on. I’m talking to you. He tells her honestly and she asks if he loves her or if he did it to tease his mom. Purab responds that there are many ways to tease mom. Purab says that we are good friends and our marriage will go smoothly. There will not be any surprises. He said that it was foolish to marry strangers. She then asks, “What about love?” Purab said that love is like time. It will have its effects just as quickly. Hansika believes it will happen quickly and you won’t be able to stop it. He is embraced by her. He is reluctant to hug her. She asks him where he got the proposal and ring. He says that he will show Mom and Dad. He replies, “Let’s complete this formality.”

Sudha and Preeti are back home. Sudha claims they are happy to see Thapki’s happiness. Preeti said that I would be Thapki’s true sister and she will provide good food at her home. Sudha scolds her. They watch the news on the channel. Veena is asked by a reporter if she can show him the way to music director, as he used stammer. Veena Devi said that when I asked him to sing, his voice was stuck in Sa. Sudha has an idea. She thinks of reasons Veena Devi would make Thapki her bahu. Preeti is shocked to learn that Veena Devi does not know anything about Thapki’s stammering. She tells Preeti that she will take out Thapki’s four wheels.

Purab visits Veena Devi. Veeni Devi cries. Purab asks her to have something. He says that Dadi said she didn’t even have prasad. He replies, “I got the answer. You have asked about Hansika.” He said that he doesn’t love her but that he is certain it will after marriage. He said that we are close friends and know each other. He said that although you’ve rejected her as a singer, she shouldn’t be dismissed as a bahu. He then asks her to choose. Veena Devi replies, “I wish you would have given me the chance to choose.” Sudha is told by Thapki that she hasn’t met Armaan. She tells Sudha that she should not spend time with Armaan and that life will be wonderful. Purab said that time and perfection are two important things for him. Hansika is perfect. She is talented and sings well. He believes that if there’s no perfection in a life partner, then it will feel like time has stopped. Thapki believes that people who don’t have flaws will find their lives boring. She says that Armaan should push her vehicle just as she has pushed hers. Mama ji, Anchul and Anchul arrive and ask her why she would like to cook for her special day. Thapki promises to tell you what we’ll eat. Mama ji promises that we will both make food for you all. Purab insists that I will marry Hansika. He said that if you don’t eat, you will get headaches. He said that Navratri is continuing, and that we must release many songs. Without you, it is impossible. He makes her eat and asks her to continue eating.

Mama ji and Anchul try to cook. Thapki tells Mama ji that you have shown us comedy without tickets, and she asks them to come. She grabs the bangle from her pocket and holds it near the window. She signs with her mother that Mama ji, Anchul, and her father love her. She promises to fulfill all her relationships well and doesn’t think she can tell about garam patila.

Dadi asks Purab to give shagun in Armaan’s sasural. He asks if Armaan’s relation is fixed. Dadi replies that the girl chosen for you is the same girl Armaan has been paired with. Purab agrees, I will give shagun. Thapki opens her house to him. He questions her about what she is doing. Thapki said that this was my house. Purab believes Mom chose her for her and recalls her stammering issue. Thapki questions if Dadi wanted you to make rotten faces. Sudha arrives and takes the shagun. Preeti arrives and offers him water. He looks at his mother’s bracelet and believes that Mom chose him. He sits down and drinks water. Thapki requests him to get up. He inquires about Preeti. Sudha claims that she makes sure everyone drinks water. Purab is taken out by Thapki and dragged with him. He questions why she is following him. He asks her why she is following him. She says that her hand is stuck to his. They attempt to fix it, and they get closer. Thapki is furious and claims that you called me Speed braker. I won’t come in front of you. Purab claims that a watch is useless.

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