Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th October 2021 Episode Update: Badi Maa Asks Simar To Leave In 24 Hours

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th October 2021 Episode Update on Theblogmania

The Episode begins with Sandhya holding Simar’s head in her hand. Aditi takes Sandhya into her room. Badi Maa said that the matter was about my family members. Who will go and who will stay. It was between the family. Then, how can outsiders interfere? She walks towards Simar, pointing out that a flower can’t fit in a vase. Simar then throws a flower at her and asks, “Who are you?” Aarav said Simar is the Bahu of this house. Badi Maa calls Simar a guest for 6 days. She asks her if she forgot that only 6 days remain. Without thinking or asking anyone, she says, “You have opened the Ghatbandhan and now teach me life lessons.” She wants to know why she is destroying everyone’s lives and eclipsing theirs. This is not the girl she says, but poison. Aarav asks him what he is saying. Badi Maa asks Aarav to quieten down like he was standing. He then says, “What did I tell you?” What will I do if she makes another mistake? Aarav claims you said you would throw her out. Badi Maa states that 1 month ends here. I don’t care how many days remain. She states that the 24 hours will last for her at Oswal Mansion and asks her to bring all her old clothes and pillows. Aarav responds, “Badi Maa.” Badi Maa believes this is the price of not letting Sandhya go. She claims that Sandhya Oswal is what made Oswal family, trust and respect possible. This girl is a lie, betrayal, and cheat. She hates Simar. Reema stares angrily at Simar. Simar stares at Badi Maa as she walks. Others leave too. Simar stares at Aarav, and cries. Badi Maa asks Aarav not to make this decision so quickly. Badi Maa said that accidents can happen suddenly. She also opened the ghatbandhan and lectured me about woman freedom. She claims that I made this decision in the last 24 hours without thinking and then asks you if there is any problem. Aarav claims that this is unfair. Simar still has 6 days to go. Sandhya, Aditi listen to her. Badi Maa tells her she must go. Aditi stops Sandhya, and asks her silence so Badi Maa can toss Simar out now. Badi Maa calls Maharaj Ji and asks him for something to put in the middle of the hall. Everyone stares at the sand-timer. Badi Maa states that the reverse countdown has begun and that just as the sand begins to slide down, it is time for you to understand your time is up. She says that this girl will be leaving Oswal Mansion as soon as the 24 hours are over. She asks, “Who heard?” She stretches her arms and says that today is Navratri’s first day. MataRani led the way. Everyone goes to their bedrooms. Simar holds her mangalsutra.

Badi Maa is told by Giriraj that they can free the truck. Badi Maa calls her supervisor and asks him for help in getting the trucks released. Gajendra tells her not to be worried and promises to get the trucks unloaded. He assures her that all of his decisions are correct and that he has never made a wrong decision. He then asks him why he asked that girl to leave suddenly. Badi Maa said that the girl has been with him since she was a child, and he told her she doesn’t need to be more specific. Giriraj says you did right. Badi Maa corrects him and tells him to get up. Gajendra is asked to not distract him and keeps her informed about trucks.

Rana ji meets Gupta. Gupta says Giriraj doesn’t like his mother enough and suggests that they just have to set the light. Mohit lightens the wine. Simar is greeted by Vivaan who promises to not let him go. Simar declares that the thing that is no longer needed will be taken. Aditi states that you are always needed. Vivaan replies that I won’t let you go. Simar tells Simar that he doesn’t want anyone to be hurt and asks him to let Simar go happy. Vivaan replies that I cannot, because my brother’s happiness comes from you. If you leave, his happiness will also leave. Simar claims Aarav Ji’s happiness is with all of you, I arrived here only a month ago, and there is no comparison between you all and me. She believes Aarav Ji’s responsibility lies with you all and asks if you would consider doing me this favor. Vivaan says I can give my life for you. Reema looks shocked hearing him. Vivaan asks Bhai how he can live without his partner. Simar tells her to teach. She asks him to make a promise to Aarav that he will always be there for her. Vivaan promises her that he will take care herself and will inform him whenever there are any problems. Simar makes the promise to Simar and asks him for his help. Vivaan claims that this house is incomplete without you and asks who. She said that I was your sister and she doesn’t want to be called bhabhi. He said that we are now friends because friendship is between two people and that life complexity cannot touch it. He calls them friends. Simar holds his hand and says “friends”. Reema stares at them and becomes upset. She moves on from there. Simar and Vivaan looks at her.

Later, Vivaan enters the room and says, “Vivaan, seriously, you are getting upset about Simar.” She then says, “Vivaan, she is getting what they did, punishment because she betrayed.” He said enough. Reema said that she doesn’t know what she had in her mind about me. She asks, “Why can’t we focus on our married lives? I’m doing so much and putting in so much effort. Can’t you see?” Vivaan claims this is what makes the difference between you two, she doesn’t show she has made efforts and she is a gem. He said you would be leaving the house. Reema claims she will be kicked out, but I will remain here. She said that anyone who has the courage will show up. Vivaan tells you to leave the house, and she gives you the envelope. Reema sees divorce agreement papers. He claims that he is divorcing me. Reema is stunned and weeping.

Precap: Gajendra says to Simar that she did a lot of things for her family. It’s all I’ve seen. Today, a bahu has left the house. But, I found a daughter. I proudly can say that I’m the father of two daughters. He hugged her. Aarav, Sandhya and I are both happy to see that.

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