Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th October 2021 Episode Update: Aarav And Simar Feel Emotional Pain Of Separation

Simar gives aarti in her house at the beginning of the Episode. Aarav is standing in front of her. Gajendra approaches Simar and holds his hand on her forehead. He blesses her. He leaves. Sandhya stares at them. Aarav calls Simar. Simar tells Simar that he will be back in the kitchen. Aarav believes she is neglecting him and keeps himself busy with housework. Sandhya visits Aarav. Servant then informs Sandhya that someone has come from the office. The employee explains that the other person is at fault and says that there are still six days to go. You will be strict. Aarav states 6 days. He then tells you that you were relaxed believing there would be 6 more days. Employee replies, “Sorry Sir.” Aarav asks if he has any idea or trick that can stop the time from slipping. Sandhya listens to his pain. Simar visits him and offers him water. Aarav requests the employee to go. Simar is seen walking away. He recalls Badi Maa’s words, “This will be Simar’s last 24 hour, and she shall leave here once that time period has ended.” He eats chillies, angry at himself. Simar stops him from eating chillies and offers him water. He refuses. Simar requests him to sit down and then goes to get honey. Aarav eats again cold and coughs. Simar tries making him take honey but he refuses. Simar makes Simar taste honey using a spoon. Badi Maa is on the phone with Simar and sees Simar putting honey in Aarav’s mouth. She is shocked and then she moves on. Simar claims that hiccups don’t stop and tries distracting his attention by asking him to look for the cockroach. He continues to get hiccups. She begins the countdown. The hiccups stop. He relaxes and she says that his hiccups are over. Aarav asks her to get up and finish the work. Anyone can call you anytime. She holds her hand to her chest and asks for relaxation.

Roma calls Lalit, and his phone is off. She then sees Mata Rani’s procession from there and asks Mata Rani for Lalit’s return. She then sees Lalit approaching her. He is running to her and she hugs him. She says how much she misses him. She then asks me where I went, and leaves me alone. Lalit said that I have been returned. Roma asks Roma if you still love me after you have left. He claims he loves you and has promised not to leave.

Sandhya approaches Badi Maa, and touches her feet. She apologizes and asks her to return her order. She said, “Don’t make me feel guilty for my son.” She said that my Aarav is in pain. Badi Maa questions if you don’t think his pain is reaching me. She said that if the organ becomes rotten, they will cut it and throw it away to save its life. Sandhya wants to know if it is possible. Badi Maa said that if Aarav loses patience or crosses the boundaries, they won’t be able to throw the girl out of their house. He won’t be able to look into my eyes or face me. She claims she cannot bear his pain. Sandhya says Badi Maa. Badi Maa said that she has accepted your apology but cannot accept my orders. Simar glances at the slipping sand and runs to her room. Aarav notices that you seem to be in a hurry, and asks Simar if she has five minutes for her. Simar states that she has 20 hours with him and no one can disturb them. She said that she knew I needed to leave the place I was living in when I signed the divorce papers. But, it was so hard, almost like I was losing something. She claims that I didn’t see your eyes, nose, and hair properly. Its reflection is in me, but I need to feel the touch. He asks her to touch his nose, hair, and eyes. He says no, Simar. This is impossible. It seems like someone is trying to take my life and ask me to live. He claims he’s never felt emotionally vulnerable before and this is not Aarav Olswal. He then asks her why. He asks her why she doesn’t want to live in a world where love is everywhere, there are skys of love, land of love, and love. He wonders “Why?” Simar claims that this is happening because of me. I have no idea when it will happen. You are not in pain, I can’t. She tells me how to be separate from her. If you are with me I feel alive and have an identity. She said that if you don’t have me, there is no purpose to my life. Aarav believes we don’t have to be apart. Your helplessness to leave the home is what makes me feel helpless, but I can stay. I am packing my bags and I will be coming with you. I cannot live without you. Simar suggests that you decide to go meet everyone and then say good-bye. He refused to go, so she asked him to come. She smiles and tells him that he can’t, but he is not sad. She asks what is important to me? Your thoughts about me. You have packed your bags. What else do I need? While I don’t intend to divorce you from your loved ones, I will always remember that your bag was packed and you were ready to go. Aarav said that you have a wonderful understanding of complex things. How will I survive without this simple and sweet Simar? Mahiya song plays…..

Precap: Aarav requests Simar to signal to him that she feels the same as he. He asks Simar to tell him what she thinks. Simar cries. He kisses Simar’s forehead and cheeks. The song plays.

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