Molkki 15th October 2021 Episode Update: Virender Gets Released; Purvi Marries Arjun

Purvi is told by Arjun that Virender has been killed because of her intelligence. She will then live the rest of her life as a widow. He is asked not to leave. She will do what he asks, but please save Virender. He claims that Virender could have been saved if Virender had accepted his offer. But she wanted to demonstrate her intelligence. He said that time is over, and so does the offer. Pay for her intelligence. Sakshi tells her to punish him. Purvi is not to blame. He should save Virender because they saved his life. He said that he had no time to spare for this. He goes to the court.

According to the opposition, it has been 2 days since the last time Virender was seen by a lawyer. The judge is asked to close the case and proceed immediately. Arjun is asked by the judge if he would like to speak. This is Arjun’s last chance. Arjun apologizes to the court for his inefficiency and requests extra time. The opposing lawyer claims that the court cannot waste time like this, and asks the judge for a final verdict.

Prakashi shares her fear with Anjali about being locked up in the house. Anjali questions Sakshi and Purvi about how she was able to get out of the house lock up so quickly. Prakashi said Sakshi believed she had bribed her bodyguard to lie to him. Then she discovered it was another person, and so she was freed. Anjali wonders if that could be the person. Prakashi claims she tried to ask Sakshi but she refused. She was in tension. Purvi and her seem to be up to something. They may have found a way for Virender to be released from jail. They won’t spare Anjali or Prakashi if Virender is released and they all get together.

Purvi interrupts the judge as he prepares to deliver his verdict. It is very important. Arjun is asked to go outside. The lawyer for the opposition argues. Arjun claims that they have solid evidence and asks for 30 minutes. The judge agrees. Virender is confused.

The judge and others wait for Arjun & Purvi after 30 minutes. The judge is about give his final verdict. Arjun arrives and states that he has proof to prove his client innocent. He points out the bullet and says that it’s the one that Virender shot that just hit Daksh. He calls the supplier to give his testimony. The supplier identifies and states that Virender’s bodyguards are using those guns. Arjun calls Virender’s guard from whose gun he fired the bullet. According to the bodyguard, he was threatened with bribery and forced to lie. Arjun questions him to explain what happened that night. According to the bodyguard, Purvi was being molest by Daksh. Virender warned him but he continued to run. Virender grabbed the gun and shot Daksh in the arm. He identified the gun and the bullet. Arjun informs the judge that this proves that Virender is innocent. He also presents the forensic reports. He states that the bullet that Virender fired was found in the room and not on Daksh’s corps. The judge gives Virender a 10-minute break.

Sakshi asks Arjun about Purvi. Arjun thanked Virender. Arjun says that it is his duty. Virender wonders about Purvi. The hearing continues. The judge declares Virender harmless and releases him. The judge tells police that they must continue investigating to find the true culprit. Virender, Sakshi are extremely happy. Arjun is told by Virender that he doesn’t know how to express his gratitude. Arjun replies that it is not necessary. He says he has work. Virender wonders about Purvi’s whereabouts. She should have been there for a happy occasion. Sakshi believes she might have gone home to greet him. They both reach home. Virender believes that Purvi must have made some special arrangements. They arrive at the house to see Arjun wearing garland. Virender questions Arjun about the effect of garland on him. Purvi is his first call. He is shocked to see her dressed in garland, with sindhoor and mangalsutra. Virender questions her about what is going on. She stands beside Arjun. Arjun side-hugs her. Virender is stunned. Arjun claims that she is Mrs. Purvi Arjun Bajwa. Everyone gets shocked. Prakashi asks Purvi: What did you do? To prove all of this, you took Virender from jail. Purvi is quiet. Virender requests her to speak out. Why does she stand with Arjun so strongly? Arjun claims she married him. Prakashi is happy to hear this. Purvi thought she wanted to kick her out. Now, she is going to humiliate Purvi. She tells Virender, “I told you Molkkis were like this only.” They change husbands as often as the weather. This made me understand why Purvi brought Arjun home. She wanted to be able to have a romantic relationship with him, and no one would doubt her. In jail, I explained to you that there is something going on between them. You didn’t believe me when I showed them pictures. You can now see what is happening. You were warned that Purvi was not trustworthy. Prakashi is yelling at Virender, asking him to stop. He grabs Purvi’s hands and asks him to look into his eyes. He doesn’t care what the world thinks. He will believe anything she says. He trusts her completely. He believes that Bawri, who is willing to give her life for him can’t be another’s. He calls her to talk. She looks away and doesn’t speak. Arjun asks Purvi to leave his wife and takes Virender’s hands. Virender looks on.

Precap: Virender grabs Arjun by the collar and says to him that he will punch him. Purvi interrupts and requests that Virender stop. She responds, “Leave your husband.” He is my husband and I love him. I am his wife. Virender said, You are my wife. She said, “I was your Molkki.” I never wanted to be with you and I don’t think I will ever want to. Arjun is my wife, and I will go along with him. Virender looks shocked at Purvi. Arjun orders Purvi to give up all of her possessions, including the children. Arjun gets mad again and says to Virender that if he takes the children’s names, then he will pull out his tongue. Arjun reminds him of Purvi’s custody of the children and that he cannot stop them from going along with them legally.

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