Bigg Boss 15 14th October 2021 Episode Update: A Crack In Vishal And Karan’s Friendship

Bigg Boss Day 11 Episode Updates

The detainees are battling in the undertaking. Karan is grabbing sticks from Afsana. Afsana assaults Miesha. All others charge at them. Umar says Miesha is getting injured. Vidhi attempts to take the can from Donal. Umar advises Jay to get away from Miesha. Miesha cries that she is getting injured. Shamita requests that they watch out. Karan attempts to pull Jay away and blows up. Nishant pulls him back and requests that he quiet down. Try not. Karan gasps in irate. Miesha cries in the corner. Karan says they continue to pull us. Miesha says they were pulling my hair.

Umar lets Afsana know that you are kicking individuals. Pratik shows Umar’s face to Shamita. Umar lets Shamita know that you need to stop them, they have torn my garments, what is this? Shamita says you have done a great deal Umar, you are charging at individuals as well. Miesha goes behind Vidhi. Vidhi is harmed so Miesha tidies her up. Umar yells at Ishaan that your group is playing seriously. Miesha comes and attempts to assault Donal. She lets Donal know that you have harmed me and Vidhi seriously. You have pulled my hair relentless. Pratik requests that Miesha quiet down. Miesha blows up and attempts to take Tejasswi’s pail. Akasa pulls her back and says you will get injured. The gong plays as everybody is battling with one another. Bigg Boss says this round has finished so all of you should stop now. Ishaan yells Umar is getting the undertaking dismissed.

Afsana offers juice to Vishal. Karan requests that Afsana get lost. Umar says Tejasswi is utilizing water. Vishal says our pail is unfilled. Shamita requests that them all stop it. Nishant tells Shamita that I saw Afsana’s container and it had juice. Pratik says I additionally saw them. Shamita requests that Pratik stop it, they took the can to the washroom which isn’t permitted. Shamita says no one is the victor in this round. All of you are playing like holigoons. Miesha cries and lets Karan know who is Donal to pull on my hair? Karan says we won this round yet Shamita needs them to win. Miesha reviles and says she is a creature. Karan says they are playing without cerebrums.

Shamita advises everybody to pay attention to her. She says you can’t take the container to the washroom where there is water and you can utilize it. Umar shows his injury on the face and says Shamita is their ally that is the reason she can’t see this. Shamita yells at Pratik and Nishant to not jump on her. Nishant requests that Shamita quiet down and pay attention to him. You simply need to actually look at the level of their juice. Shamita says however they can’t take the container to the washroom.

8.00 PM

Nishant lets Shamita know that you don’t need to trust me yet I saw Ishaan’s group concealing the juice in the washroom region. Shamita says they can’t take it to the washroom. Nishant says there is no such guideline, you can’t make your own standards. Pratik says they can conceal it. Shamita says they could however they had a water supply in the washroom region. Assuming you both need to jump on me, do it. I’m simply utilizing my good judgment.

Jay lets Karan know that everybody is reviling now. Wouldn’t you be able to all see now? Afsana says I will not extra Umar.

Ishaan cries and tells Simba that I can’t take this. Miesha is harmed and Umar continued to assault us. Simba says you have made an honest effort. Ishaan says I simply miss my mom. Simba embraces and control center him.

Miesha lets Tejasswi know that our play is to grab from all of you. We are quitters so we are battling.

Ishaan tells Simba that Miesha was pushing me back, it hurt me. I have designated myself for her however she is doing this for an undertaking? Simba says you came alone in this house, Miesha is a decent young lady however remember why you are here. You came here without Miesha so you need to play alone. Ishaan says you are correct.

Pratik advises Shamita to glance around so she can perceive what others are doing. Shamita says don’t guide me. Pratik says you lost OTT likewise along these lines. Shamita says you were never reasonable in OTT moreover. Nishant advises Shamita to do what she believes is correct.

Umar lets Afsana know that one more group was your ally yet you were unable to trust them? Akasa requests that Umar end it, give her some space. Miesha comes to Ishaan and embraces him. Ishaan says you continued pushing me, you continued to revile me. Miesha says no one but you can blow up? I can’t?

Afsana empties water into her juice can. Vishal says no one saw it.

Karan lets Nishant know that they hit Vidhi severely, we actually battled alone. They made a collusion to battle us together. Nishant says Shamita’s choice wasn’t right.

Bigg Boss lets the detainees know that the present time for the assignment has finished.

8:30 PM

Shamita tells Jay and Vishal that I am not playing a reasonable game as I gave more stick sticks to you. All are jumping at me now. Shamita calls Nishant and says for what reason are you asking me to decently when you realize we made a settlement with Vishal’s group. Nishant says I am not requesting that you play reasonably, we will make Vishal’s group win. Shamita says on the off chance that I am chipping away at our arrangement, for what reason would you say you are calling me uncalled for? We 3 chose to support Vishal’s group. Pratik says it was your choice, I requested that you play decently. I continued to advise you to give equivalent sticks to them. Shamita says we as a whole concluded together to make Vishal’s group win. Nishant requests that they stop it, we will talk about this later on.

Miesha insults Shamita’s reasonable play and says she didn’t give us stick sticks.

9.00 PM

Jay tells Miesha that I saw you cheating, you poured water in the pail. Miesha says I guarantee I didn’t do it. I don’t object to you making a union with Ishaan’s group. The main issue is that Donal and Afsana were harming us. They can’t pull on hair, utilize their nails and scratch our appearances. That is simply unacceptable. Jay says that is off-base. Miesha says Donal is playing a grimy game. Ishaan comes there and tells Jay that I am playing with Afsana who doesn’t tune in by any means, I continued to attempt to stop her however she doesn’t tune in. Jay advises Ishaan that I was prepared to name myself for Miesha, I realize you are our ally.

9:30 PM

Vidhi tells Shamita that Donal was scratching our appearances with her nails. Jay says check out Umar’s face. Vishal got injured as she tossed a pail. Donal comes there and says I don’t have long nails. Miesha says I saw you pulling on my hair. Donal says my face was damaged. Karan kicked me so hard and afterward Miesha scratched my face. Miesha says OK, we are for the most part lying? We will talk tomorrow in the errand. Donal says I didn’t contact Vidhi. Miesha says we will see where we reach. Donal says reality consistently wins.

9:45 PM

Donal goes to the gear region and cries. She tells Karan that Miesha is lying, I didn’t scratch her face. Karan says you were pulling me so hard. Donal says I don’t have nails, I am not a bonehead to hit a young lady. I was simply evading Miesha. Miesha said that she will wreck my face. Miesha says when? Karan tells Donal that I am not accusing you yet I am letting you know it occurred. Donal says I got injured as well.

10:15 PM

Nishant lets Shamita know that individuals flip on this show. I can’t actually trust Vishal. Shamita expresses what might you do in my position? Nishant says I would play decently. Shamita says one group needs to come in the house so would you be able to trust them? Nishant says I am not confiding in anybody so I will not feel awful. Shamita says then, at that point, how might you feel terrible when I am believing somebody and they may manipulate me?

Donal tells Vishal that Ishaan will make Miesha win. Vishal says he can’t do anything as Shamita is our ally.

Shamita lets Nishant know that for what reason is Karan feeling awful that I didn’t pick him? He would blame everything on me when the opportunity arrives. Nishant says why not Jay? Shamita says Vishal is the most grounded so we need him on our side. Nishant says you know it? Shamita says OK.

Vishal tells Donal that I made a genuine association with Shamita, she calls me sibling. I made her the skipper so she is repaying us. Vishal says when we go in the house then I need to see who is my ally without a doubt. I just trust Shamita in this house.

Shamita tells Nishant that I trust Vishal as it were. I truly feel he resembles my sibling so I need to go with my heart. Nishant says fine.

11.00 PM

Nishant tells Karan that I trust you and Pratik. Karan says Pratik doesn’t confide in me, what have I done? Nishant says you are thoroughly taking care of the game. Karan says I don’t have a decision. Nishant says you are correct. He tells Karan that Shamita is sold on Vishal’s arrangement. He said that he will not allow you to make the guide in the event that he goes in the house. He said that he holds the control over you. Karan says I played a steadfast game with them yet he double-crossed me. It’s acceptable that I have seen their genuine countenances.

11:30 PM

Tejasswi tells Nishant that Vishal thinks about our guide plan. Nishant says Vishal guaranteed us that assuming his group goes in the house, he will not allow others to make the guide. Tejasswi says Vishal made a security with Shamita and made her a chief, it was his system. Vishal made this bond with Shamita for the game yet I am with you no doubt. Vishal can change his side yet I will not. I will uphold you. I will tell you if Vishal chooses to make the guide. Nishant says I will attempt to save myself from Pratik and Shamita’s circle. I will uphold you if Vishal conflicts with his promise.

11:45 PM

Tejasswi tells Vishal that Nishant is our ally however you are certain that assuming we go in the house, we will not allow them to make the guide right? Vishal says no, I guaranteed Shamita. Tejasswi says in the event that you choose to make the guide, I will not help you. Vishal says I will not conflict with you and Shamita. I just trust you both. Vishal says I don’t care for Jay as he doesn’t tune in. Tejasswi says we three guaranteed each other since the beginning. Vishal says I am simply offering it to you. It’s hard to converse with him. He is my companion so I would prefer not to battle with him, he shouldn’t make my life troublesome.

12:30 AM

Karan lets Ishaan know that you are a numb-skull to make a union with Vishal. Ishaan says we needed to. Karan says we should contemplate the guide. On the off chance that Vishal and Tejasswi go into the house, who will make the guide? Vishal is brilliant and he is foo

12:45 AM

Tejasswi tells Vishal that I am feeling remorseful. We have accomplished difficult work for the guide and presently we need to discard it. Jay says we will not let Shamita and Nishant know where we have kept the unique pieces. Vishal says OK, we will not let them know where the guide is. We need to advise Shamita and Nishant to watch out for you all at evening. We need to cause them to trust us. All of you can make the guide yet we will carry on like we are Shamita’s ally.

Karan lets Tejasswi know that when you go in the house then you will not permit us to make the guide right? Tejasswi says we are playing on the two sides. Nishant doesn’t need all of you to make the guide. Karan asks what amount would you be able to trust Vishal? Tejasswi says I don’t have the foggiest idea, he is befuddling me. I told Vishal that I will consistently play with the wilderness group.

2:15 AM

Tejasswi gives the unique pieces to Donal and Miesha. Tejasswi requests that Donal conceal it. Ishaan requests that Donal conceal it in Karan’s sack. Donal places it in her sack. Miesha says for what reason would you say you are keeping it with yourself? Donal says I have made it. Ishaan says I couldn’t care less on the off chance that you keep it however Karan requested that I keep it in his sack. Donal says I will converse with Karan. Tejasswi says my dependability to the wilderness group, I have sewn those rugs myself so it’s my persistent effort as well.

Bigg Boss Day 12 Episode Updates

8.00 AM

The detainees awaken to the melody 10,000 foot view. They all dance. Vishal wishes great morning to everybody.

Karan asks Shamita that Vishal told Donal and others that you will make him win. He continued to say he made a settlement with you so you won’t play reasonably. Pratik says Vishal is controlling everybody. Nishant tells Karan to not allow Vishal to make anything, you can prevent him from getting the juice. Karan tells Shamita that Vishal said to Donal assuming you don’t pick him, he will deceive you. Shamita says I trust Vishal, he wouldn’t say that.

9.00 AM

Ishaan tells Karan that Jay consented to assist us with making the guide. I should keep a union with Jay and Vishal, they have played decently with us. Karan says they are not playing decently. Jay realized he will not be going inside the house then he requested that Vishal give him the interconnecting pieces. Jay isn’t playing decently. I need Jay to go in the house. Vishal is ensuring we are against one another so he and Tejasswi can go in the house. He is tricking everybody.

9:45 AM

Karan lets Shamita know that my concern isn’t with you picking Vishal. We are playing hard in the errand then you being unreasonable looks terrible. Shamita says I trust him all the more yet on the off chance that you battle, I will make you win. Karan says assuming we play decently, you will allow us an opportunity? Shamita says in the event that your level is up, Vishal then I will make you win.

10.00 AM

BigG leaves the letter. Akasa peruses that the game is intriguing as wilderness detainees eating one another.

10:15 AM

Karan lets Umar know that we need to get Vishal killed in the assignment to make a huge difference. Vidhi tells Karan that Vishal figures just he and Tejasswi can make the guide. Karan says Vishal is displaying being enormous personalities by concealing the guide however he is double-crossing us all. He might have conversed with me and let me know that he needs to go in the house then I would have upheld him. We are all in aggravation, he continued to show compassion yet this is what his genuine face is? Umar says you are correct.

Umar goes to the washroom region and conceals unique pieces.

10:30 AM

Shamita tells Nishant that Vishal remained silent to anybody yet Karan is saying this to me. Karan took Donal’s name and said that Vishal conversed with Donal about my arrangement with him. Nishant says you ought to ask Karan. She calls Karan and asks when did Vishal let you know that he made an agreement with me? Karan says he is talking about it to other people. Donal says he remained silent to me so for what reason did you take my name before Shamita? I had no conversation with Vishal about his settlement with Shamita. Vishal says who did I converse with? Shamita says I need to get it out.

Vishal tells Karan that I said I and Tejasswi have endeavored to make the guide however I didn’t say all that. Karan says we will know what you discussed after the undertaking closes. Shamita says I am making my system so don’t say all that. Vishal lets Karan know that you were against my group so I was unable to converse with you. Karan says you didn’t take guarantees with Shamita? Vishal says my association with Shamita is in the open. Karan says Shamita isn’t as a rule reasonable on account of Vishal. I’m not saying Vishal is tricking us. Vishal says you would have done likewise. Karan says no, I would have enlightened you regarding my partnership with others. You made a collusion with Shamita however you didn’t tell us. Karan says we will see after the game, all that will be clear.

11.00 AM

Shamita lets Ishaan and Donal know that you simply shield Vishal’s group. You can give stick adheres to Vishal’s group so he can make the juice and kill Karan’s group. When Karan’s group is out of the game then you both can play decently.

11:30 AM

The signal plays and all hurry to get the unique pieces from the storeroom. Umar takes it while Afsana is snatching Pratik. Umar conceals the pieces in Vidhi’s pack.

12.00 PM

Shamita tells Karan that I am reclaiming my assertion. I told you in the event that you play reasonably, I will make you win however at that point you went around and spoke seriously about Vishal. So I can’t make you win regardless of whether you play reasonably. I will keep it open, it very well may be a reasonable or uncalled for game for me. Karan says I let everybody know that you will play reasonably. Shamita says you can advise them now. Karan says our machine is broken moreover. Shamita says you can’t pick another machine, it’s my standard.

The episode ends.

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