Peepal tree and their unheard benefits.

The peepal tree has many unheard benefits.

There is hardly any person who would not know about Peepal Tree. Elephants eat its leaves with great fervor. Therefore it is also called Gajabhakshi. Peepal tree is often available everywhere. A peepal tree is always seen on the side of roads, in temples or gardens. Thousands of people also worship the Peepal tree on Saturday.

Still, people have very little information related to peepal trees, most people only know that it is worshiped only, but the truth is that the peepal tree is also used medicinally and many more Benefits can be taken in diseases.

Many old Ayurvedic texts have described the properties of the Peepal tree and its leaves (Peepal Leaf), that the use of Peepal improves the complexion, relieves wounds, swelling, pain. Peepal cleanses the blood. Peepal bark is beneficial in urinary-vaginal disorders. The use of peepal bark clears the stomach. It also enhances sexual stamina and helps in conceiving. Use of peepal is also useful in gonorrhea, phlegm defects, diabetes, leucorrhea, respiratory diseases.

What is the Peepal Tree?

The root of the peepal plant is covered with seeds inside the soil and extends very far. Like the vat tree, its old tree trunk and thick branches emerge from it. This is called peep beard. These jats are not very thick and long. A sticky white substance (like milk) is produced by breaking or peeling its trunk or branches or by breaking the soft leaves.

These 13 benefits are from the Peepal tree

Peepal tree has great importance in Hinduism. It has not only been linked to the world of religion but according to botany and Ayurveda, the peepal tree has been considered beneficial in many ways. We are telling you about some similar health benefits from the peepal tree. Let’s know, 9 big benefits of Peepal tree.

These 13 benefits are from the Peepal tree
                                                                               13 benefits are from the Peepal tree

1. Shortness of breath– Peepal tree can be very beneficial for you in any type of breathing problem. For this, remove the inner part of the bark of the peepal tree and dry it. By eating the powder of this dried part, all problems related to breathing are removed. Apart from this, drinking its leaves in milk is also beneficial in asthma.

2. For teeth – Toothaling of peepal makes teeth strong, and the problem of toothache ends. Apart from this, using fine powder made by grinding 10 grams peepal bark, catechu, and 2 grams black pepper, all problems of teeth are eliminated.

3. Effect of venom – If a physician is not present on time when a poisonous animal is bitten when the juice of the peepal leaf is given to the patient after a while, the effect of the toxin starts to decrease.

4. Skin diseases – Eating soft leaves of peepal or drinking its decoction is beneficial in skin problems such as ringworm, itching, itching. Apart from this, applying peepal bark on the problem of boils and pimples is beneficial.

5. On wounds – If there is a wound in any part of the body, applying a warm paste of peepal leaves helps to dry the wound. Apart from this, using this paste daily and applying peepal bark, wounds heal quickly and do not cause a burning sensation.

6. Colds – Peepal is also beneficial in cold and cold. Drying the leaves of peepal in the shade and making a decoction of it with sugar candy is beneficial. This helps to cure a cold quickly.

7. For skin – To improve the skin color, a paste of peepal bark or its leaves can be used. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing the wrinkles of the skin. Soaking fresh root of Peepal and applying it on the skin reduces wrinkles.

8. Reduce stress – People are rich in antioxidants, chewing its soft leaves regularly reduces stress, and also reduces the effect of increasing age.

9. Hemorrhage – In case of bleeding from the nose, breaking the fresh leaves of peepal and extracting juice from it and putting it in the nose is very beneficial. Apart from this, by crushing its leaves, sniffing also brings relief.

10. torn heels – People will also help you a lot in the problem of the bursting of heels. Applying milk of peepal leaves on the cracked ankles cures the torn ankles and softens the palate within a few days.

11. Jaundice – After jaundice, drinking sugar syrup made by mixing sugar candy in the juice of 3-4 new leaves of peepal is very beneficial. Giving it twice a day for 3-5 days is beneficial.

12. Stuttering – Consuming powdered ripe fruits of dried peepal powder with honey removes the problem of stuttering and improves speech.

13. Gas or constipation – Peepal leaves are used as a medicine in the problem of constipation or gas. It is also considered a bile destroyer.

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