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Saral Haryana | Apply Online / Register For Saral Id | Saral Haryana PortalIn this article, we will talk about the Saral Haryana portal. The permanent residents of Haryana will be happy to know that now you will be able to get all government facilities and information online through the Saral Haryana portal. First of all, you have to register and create a simple ID, after that, you can easily log in and get every facility. For your information, let us know that Antodaya Saral Kendras were started on 25 January 2018.

Since then, ordinary citizens have benefited a lot with the help of simple centers all over the state. Recently, Haryana Antodaya Saral Project has received Gold Award by the Central Government.

If you have not yet applied for a simple ID, this can be done very easily. Let’s know-how.

Saral Haryana Portal | Register on Saral Haryana portal. Simple id application
  • Let us now understand how to apply for a simple ID:
  • First of all visit the simple Haryana official portal
  • After the portal opens, under the login box “New User? Click on Register Here ”link
  • Now a new page will open in which information related to registration will be sought.
  • Fill all the information correctly and click on “Validate”
  • After this, OTP will come on your email and mobile number, fill it in the space provided. Then click submit
  • Now your registration will be done on simple portal. You will also see the message on the screen.
  • Now enter your email id and password and login

After login, you will now be able to avail of the benefits of many facilities/government schemes online. You will be happy to know that 238 schemes and 291 services of 38 departments can be availed on the Saral Haryana portal.

Saral Haryana Portal ID Registration | Simple Haryana online application

To take advantage of all this online or to get information, it is very important to register on the Saral portal. Only then a simple ID will be created through which you will become a separate identity.

Related questions and answers
Who can register on Saral Portal?

Any permanent resident of Haryana can register on Saral portal. Being a conscious citizen you must register

What facilities are available on Haryana Saral Portal?

238 schemes and 291 services of 38 departments can be availed on Saral Haryana portal. Keep in mind that only registered applicants will be able to take advantage of them.

What information will have to be given for registration?

You only have to provide mobile number, email id, name, password etc. for registration. After registration, other information can be sought for online application of any scheme or while availing any other services.

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