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Madhya Pradesh’s government is determined to provide easy, continuous and complete social security to all the residents of the society living in the state as per their eligibility, following the principle of “Sarvajan Hitay Sarvjan Sukhay”.

Earlier, the schemes were being implemented by different departments, but no department had a database of the beneficiaries registered under the said schemes online. There was no transparency in the implementation of the schemes as the departments did not have the latest information available to their beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries also had to submit applications repeatedly to avail the benefits of the schemes and repeatedly had to submit their identity-related documents and documents/certificates related to the scheme such as caste certificates etc. with the application. In all these processes, the applicant had inconvenience and delay in work.

Keeping the above in mind, the overall mission, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has prepared a database of all the families residing in the state and all their members. In order to create a database, first of all, a door-to-door survey of all the families was done and information of all the families and members was obtained and its registration was done as a comprehensive portal. Following this process, the State Population Register of the state was created.

Detailed profiles of family and family members are available on the population register on the portal such as which caste, religion, family, or family live below the poverty line, name of the head of the family, name of the member, age, sex, marital status. , Work area, educational level, disability, savings account information.

After registration, all families have been given a unique composite ID of 8 digits and all members have a unique ID of 9 digits. The entire unique ID is completely free and given to all. It will remain the same in its lifetime. Individuals can also go to the comprehensive portal, to know the complete unique ID of themselves and family members.

At present, on the Samagra Portal, various schemes such as scholarships (schools), food (PDS) at low rates under the Public Distribution System, insurance, all pension schemes, marriage assistance, ex-gratia funds, National Family Assistance Scheme, Aam Aadmi are based on Samagra ID. Insurance and maternity leave assistance, etc. are being provided. The amount is being paid in registered and verified savings accounts on the portal of the beneficiaries. This has made it possible to ensure transparency in the beneficiary-oriented schemes and the benefits of the schemes with ease.

You can easily find your 9 digit unique composite id as follows

All non-income tax payer SC / ST families residing in the state are being given food items (5 kg per person per month) from their ration shops through the Public Distribution System (PDS) under the Food Security Act. An e-ration card/eligibility slip has been given to them by the Food Department through the local body on which the overall ID of all the members of the families is also printed/inscribed.

  • Ration card/eligibility slip has been pasted on your family’s old ration card. You can know the overall ID by looking into it.
  • If you do not have an eligibility slip, then you can see the information of all the families under your ration shop by clicking here. Where you will get your overall ID. 
  • Last year, all school students of class 1-12 were mapped to the Samagra ID, their school and class in the Samagra Shiksha Portal. Based on this mapping, the benefit of 30 scholarship schemes of 4 departments to children was approved through the Samagra Education Portal as per their eligibility.

You can see your overall ID by looking at the list of class-wise students of your school last year (2013-14). 

  • If your overall ID is not available, then you can see the record of your siblings’ school and know their overall ID Click Here.
  • With the ID of any member in the family, you can easily know the ID of the other member.
  • If you have the overall ID of your family, then you can click here to know your overall ID.
  • If you have a composite ID of any member of your family, then you can click here to know your overall ID.
  • Click here to search for a composite ID in the name of a family member.
  • If the mobile number of a member of your family is registered on the whole, then you can click here to know the overall ID from the member’s mobile number.
  • If you do not get your overall ID by any means, then you can go to your Gram Panchayat / Janpad Panchayat office (in rural areas) and ward or zone office in urban areas and know your overall ID in the overall register of residents there.
  • If your name is not in the list there, you can get your complete ID from the same office for free.
Guidelines for new registration: –

For a new registration, at the Gram Panchayat level in rural areas: – Gram Panchayat Secretary / Ward level in an urban area: – Wards have been appointed.

Click here to see the list of Gram Panchayat Secretary / Ward incharge of your area. 

For the new registration, two {2} orders have been issued by the government, which are given below and you can see the order by clicking on the link.

1. Regarding the process of new registration of family/member on the State Population Register. {samagra / spr / 2014/118/526} {29/09/2014}

2. In connection with the continuous registration of the new registration of the missing family/members on the overall population register portal and the process of updating the information of the registered family/person. {samagra / 2014/153/583} {11/11/2014}

view complete profile
View all id
Urban bodies: – Search for colony / ward
Correction in Samagra ID Know how to update name, date of birth and Aadhaar number in the overall profile?

If you want to improve the name in the information recorded on the samagra portal, then you can easily enter your request through the Samagra Citizen Service Portal, and update the name of your family members. With the going link, you can submit a request to update the name. Brief information is being given about the application for name correction, please read this information first.

Important rename request in aggregate
  • You will need an active mobile number to request
  • Please be careful and diligent when you submit a request for change.
  • After your request is submitted, you will get a 6 digit PIN on the mobile number. This OTP needs to verify your identity.

As soon as you enter Samagra Id and submit the prescribed captcha word, you will get first name, Last Name, Mother Name, Father Name, Date Of Birth, Category, Family Id and Gender etc. as Persnal Details on SAMAGRA PORTAL. |

Under Update Name, you have to enter New First Name and New Last Name in English and Hindi.

With this you have to enter the mobile number also, on this number you will get an OTP from Samagra Portal, which will have to be entered.

The third part of the page is to upload the proof document related to the amendment, the size of the document should be less than 100 KB. Here first you have to select/enter Document Type, Document Title, etc. Also, the relevant document has to be uploaded by clicking on the Choose File.

Enter the details of the document issuing authority and the date of issue, and enter the prescribed code and click on REQUEST CHANGE OF NAME and submit it.

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