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Gyan Sankalp Portal is a scheme of the Government of Rajasthan. Under this scheme, the condition of schools is to be improved by the government. The scheme was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan on August 5, 2017.

Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Yojana. Gyan Sankalp Portal

Under the Gyan Sankalp Portal scheme, proper development of all schools is to be done, to make them convenient for the education of children and to bring their level of education towards betterment. Through this scheme, financial support will be provided by the people in the Gyan Sankalp Portal and Chief Minister Vidya Gyan Kosh to strengthen the structure of all government schools located in Rajasthan. This portal has been created by the Department of School Education and aims to reduce the funding gap. Under this scheme, signature campaigns will also be run for the education of each district of Rajasthan.

Through this fund and portal, the fund has to be collected and managed properly for the basic needs and priorities of schools through several Bhamashahs, institutions and crowd funding. With the help of this important scheme, in less than one year, about 2 thousand donors contributed a total contribution of up to 4 crores.

Gyan Sankalp scheme features

The main function of the Gyan Sankalp Portal attracts many donors, philosophers and industry-rich people under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to provide innovative schemes for children’s learning and their basic needs in several government schools in Rajasthan. To do.

Along with this, these people can adopt any one government school at their own will and can help in the complete development of the children studying in that school.

Not only this, the funds donated by these donors will be given income tax exemption under Income Tax Act 80 (G) and those who are willing to donate through foreign source, by the “Foreign Contribution Regulation Act” Necessary documents to be carried out will also be processed by the state government itself.

Gyan Sankalp Portal Registration | Register Online at Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal

Now we will know how to register online in Gyan Sankalp portal under this scheme.

How to register on Gyan Sankalp Portal
  • Go to the official website first
  • Visit the official website of Gyan Sankalp.
  • Click register
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Now the online registration form page will open. In this, you have to fill all the information sought
  • Submit registration form
  • Now you fill the registration form
  • Now enter your user ID and password and login
  • Now you can manage the registration by logging into your account.
What is Gyan Sankalp Portal?

Gyan Sankalp is an online platform, which seeks to systematically address the education funding gap by personally connecting government / CSR donors to government initiatives that can directly support the government.

How can help under this scheme?

In different ways, such as – adopting schools, adopting a new project, supporting a project, supporting the Chief Minister Vidyadhan Kosh, donating donations to a school

Where and how to contact for support?

For departmental and general assistance, dial 9001739911 or [email protected]. Email, Project related assistance or dial 9887415785 for any further technical assistance or email [email protected]

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