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Dear friends, Yogi government has inaugurated Madarsa in UP. The main objective of the Madarsa portal is to stop the fraud in the Madarsa. After the launch of this portal, all the Madarsa will be made online so that the big scale rigging is stopped. |

Function of Madarsa board
(A) Grant of recognition

Under the Madarsa Board, Madarsa who meet the standards of the Zardania, Faucania, Alia level are accredited. (Uttar Pradesh Government Arabic and Persian Accreditation Administration and Services Regulations 2016 has been promulgated for the recognition of the relevant standards and conditions). At present, the status of Madarsa of the state operated under the UP Madarsa Education Council are as follows: –

  • Udarania (Primary Level) Faukania (High School Level) – 14677
  • Aaliya (Manushi, Maulvi, Alim, Kamil, Fazil) – 4536
(B) Organizing and conducting examinations

1. Munshi / Maulvi (equivalent high school) (recognized by UP government for higher education and placement)
2. ALIM (equivalent intermediate) (recognized by UP government for higher education and placement)
3. ALIM (equivalent intermediate) ) (Recognized by UP government for higher education and appointment)

(C) Course

Curriculum wise details of the UP Madarsa Education Council are as follows: –


Compulsory subject

1. Theology (Shia / Sunni)
2.A- Arabic Literature (For Maulvi Candidate)
B-Persian literature (for Munshi candidate)
3. Urdu literature
4. General English
5. General Hindi

optional subject

  • Mathematics / Home Science / Logic and Philosophy / General Studies / Science / Tibet

Syllabus for Madarsa recognized by the Madarsa Education Council are prepared and the courses are approved. A curriculum committee has been formed for this.

Madarsa grant

From time to time, permanent recognized Madarsa of Aaliya level operated in the state have been taken on the grant list. For which the proposals received are examined and it is recommended to include Madarsa who fulfill the standard and conditions for grant, on the grant list.

Operation of Madarsa 

In Madarsa recognized by the council, under the Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Education Council Act-2004, compliance with the Madarsa  is done as per the conditions / restrictions contained in Regulations 2016. On notice of deficiencies, notice is given for redressal. Madarsa are also inspected from time to time. Suggestions for efficient operation are also given. In violation of orders or non-fulfillment of any standard, recognition / withdrawal is also done.

Control of Madarsa 

For the control of the entire recognized Madarsa located in the state, the system contained in the Uttar Pradesh Government Arabic and Persian Madarsa Recognition and Administration Services Regulations 2016 is followed. Apart from this, District Minority Welfare Officers have been deployed at the district level to control Madarsa. Besides, registrar / inspector and sub registrar are working at the level of Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Education Council to control the Madarsa of the entire state. The Registrar is the Chief Executive Officer of the Council.

All Madarsa will get their registration done on the portal. From this portal, the salary of the teachers / staff of Madarsa funded by the state government will be paid and honorarium will also be paid to the teachers / staff under Modernization / Mini ITI scheme.

Council’s Munshi / Maulvi / Alim / Kamil and Fazil level examinations of 2018 will be conducted through the portal.

Transparency, quality and reliability will be brought to the work of the council by online implementation of the portal and schemes.

UP Madarasa Portal | Purpose of UP Madarsa Portal |
  • Madarsa will be uploaded on the portal along with photos
  • In which details of sanctioned posts of teachers, all posted staff and vacant posts will also be available.
  • On the portal, all employees and teachers can also apply for payment of all bills including salary.
  • Arrangements have also been made to dispose of it online.
  • After the approval of the officers, the salaries of the employees and teachers will also be directly transferred to their account.
Benefits of Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Portal
  • In this portal, all the subsidized and non-subsidized Madarsa of the state will be made online.
  • With its help, it will also help in improving the education system of Madarsa.
  • The government will also help in making the system of Madarsa right.
  • After the portal is launched, all the problems including salary payment, scholarship will be settled online.
  • There are 6725 recognized Madarsa.
UP Madarsa portal online registration
  • Now if you want to get your registration done in Uttar Pradesh Madarsa, then you have to click on the website given here.
  • After clicking on the website, a page will appear in front of you.
  • On this page you will see the online form of Madarsa registration.
  • Click this forum.
  • Fill in the information asked carefully in it.
  • Click on submit button
  • In this way your Madarsa board will be registered.
Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Portal Create New Password
  • Friends, if you want to create a password in Madarsa portal in Uttar Pradesh tomorrow, then you have to click here.
  • Now a page will open in front of you.
  • Fill all the information carefully there.
  • And submit
  • In this way your new password will be created.

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