Reliance Jio DTH Set Top Box Price Launch Booking Date Information

Reliance Jio DTH Set Top Box Price Launch Booking Date InformationYou have only heard about your Reliance Jio phone and SIM and today everyone knows about it because Reliance Jio has made such an image in the market that hardly anyone will be able to forget because Reliance Jio Free Net Free Call Free messages are giving everything free and its users are increasing day by day and now Reliance Jio has made a plan that they will bring DTH set top boxes in the market and only at cheap prices.

So tell you that the starting plan will launch in 2017 for Rs 185 and it will bring many plans and each plan will have different rates like Gold plan, Platinum plan, Silver plan, My plan, Jio starting plan Adi and all plans will have different features and their rates will be fixed accordingly, then I will tell you today about the plan of Jio DTH and what will be the rates of those plans tomorrow.

Types of JIO DTH plans
  • JIO DTH Basic Home Pack
  • JIO DTH Gold Plan
  • JIO Silver DTH Plan
  • JIO Platinum Pack For DTH
  • JIO DTH My Plan
Plan according to JIO DTH area!
  • JIO DTH South India Plan.
  • JIO DTH North India Plan.
  • JIO DTH East India Plan.
  • JIO DTH West India Plan.
JIO DTH Set Top Box Plan

i would tell you that Reliance Jio is bringing DTH set top box, its first welcome offer like Sim will be given free for 6 months, it has not been announced yet, but where is going the way Sim’s The first welcome offer and then the new offer were given in the same way. Free plans will be given for the first 6 months in the set up box and only after 6 months the plan will be charged. It will be launched officially inside JIO DTH Set Top 2017 And then more information about its plan will also be given and I will tell you the rates that have been fixed for these plans.

JIO DTH Plan Rates
  1. Normal Plan – 49-55 Rs.
  2. All Sports Channel – 60-69 Rs .
  3. Value Premium Channel – 120-150 Rs.
  4. Kids Channel – 188-190 Rs.
  5. My Family Pack – 200-250 Rs.
  6. My Plan – 50-54 Rs.
  7. My Sports – 159-169 Rs.
  8. Big Ultra Pack – 199-200 Rs.
  9. Metro Pack – 199-250 Rs.
  10. Dhoom Pack – 99-109 Rs.
JIO DTH South India Plan
  1. South Indian Value Pack – 120-130 Rs.
  2. South Maximum – 134-145 Rs.
  3. My Sports – 145-150 Rs.
  4. Mega Pack – 199-299 Rs.
  5. South Ultra – 199-250 Rs.

Reliance Jio brought its 4g service to the market at a very cheap rate because there are many telecom companies within India which were very difficult to compete and Reliance Jio used the 4g service to hit the market as soon as it came to market Received such a good response that lakhs of users have increased day by day and seeing this, where is going in 2017 that Reliance Jio is bringing DTH set top box And the company coming in very cheap plan and then bringing broadband service with speed of 1Gbps which will run with optical fiber technology and the biggest thing is that it is an Indian technology and Indian company and will be able to take advantage of very fast internet. And the DTH set top box will also run through the internet and it will be an Android DTH set top box and can be seen online in it.

And its channel plans will be very important because today competitors in the market will have to wait for the company and today companies like Vodafone Airtel and Videocon are already offering DTH Set Top Box in the market and their monthly plans are Rs 250-300 without HD channel. Where are you going that Reliance Jio 180 – 200 rupees HD channel will bring 300 channel plan with 50 Hd channel.

JIO DTH Set Top Box Rate

JIO DTH Set Top Box is the basic part of JIO DTH and now today we will tell you what is the price of Jio DTH Set Top Box, it is not the final price or the official price. This is just an estimate. The price of a normal set top box is now Tata Sky 1599 in India these days, Airtel price is 1490, Videocon in 1620 so it is a part of Reliance with Big TV, much like its process of 1500. These values ??are the basis. The low price is only Airtel. So we want the price of Jio DTH will be 1000 to 1200. This is just an expectation from us. Share your thoughts with us so that we will know a lot more about our expectations.

JIO DTH Channel List
  • Colors TV (All Channels, Viacom 18)
  • Sony (All Channels)
  • Star Network (All Channels)
  • ZEE Network (All Channels)
  • Sports Channels
  • Starr Spots
  • Ten Sports
  • DD Spots
  • Other
  • News
  • ABP News, ZEE News, Aaj Tak, India News
  • All Regional Channels Like Dangal, ETV Haryana Punjab, Himachal
  • PTC, MH1, ABP News Sanjha, Majha Other.
  • English Movies Channels (All)
  • All Other Channels Will Be Include Soon.

Note: – The information given by us is only on the basis of assessment and further information will be given to you only after launch.

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