Haryana Ration Card List | [Apl / Bpl / Aay] New Haryana Ration Card List 2020

District wise / village wise ration card list Haryana | New APL, BPL, Antodaya List 2020 Haryana, How to View / Download EPDS Haryana Ration Card List

Haryana Ration Card List

Ration card is very important for all of us in today’s life. People who are unable to raise their family properly and their financial condition are very weak or their income is very less. Ration cards are used to give such people free or very low prices for the items used in their living.

The government opens a government ration shop to give ration to such people at a cheap price, where people go and get their ration card at work price by showing their ration card. The Haryana State Government has also operated the ration card scheme for the poor and helpless citizens of their state.

In this article, you will tell how to see Haryana Ration Card List online. Through this list, APL, BPL, Antodaya (AAY) list of any village in the state can be seen online.

Haryana Ration Card List | Haryana Ration Card List 2020 Watch Online

Before that, let us know the method of viewing the list online, let’s learn some important things:

Types of Ration Cards in Haryana:

The following four types of cards are made in Haryana –

1. Green Ration Card

  • Above Poverty Line (APL) families
  • 5 kg of wheat

2. Grey Ration Card

  • For Other Priority Households (OPH) Families
  • 5 kg of wheat

3. Yellow Ration Card

  • State below poverty line (SBPL) or below poverty line central (CBPL) families
  • 2 kg sugar at Rs. 13.50 per kg
  • 7 liters of kerosene at Rs 13.63 per liter
  • 2.5 kg of pulses at Rs 20 per kg

4. Pink Ration Card

  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) beneficiaries
  • 35 kg wheat at Rs 2 per kg
  • 2 kilograms of sugar per 13.50 kg
  • 7 liters of kerosene at Rs 13.63 per liter
  • 2.5 kg of pulses at Rs 20 per kg
How to view Haryana Ration Card List 2020 online | APL, BPL, AAY Haryana Ration Card List

If you live in Haryana or want to check someone’s name in the list of ration cards in Haryana, then today we will show you how to look for names in online ration cards –

  • To check the new Haryana Ration Card List, you must first visit the official website of the Haryana Food Supply Department.
  • When you go to the website, you will see the ration card written on the left side. You have to click on it.
  • As soon as you click on the ration card, there will be a page in front of you, in which you select your district.
  • After that you will have all the district names of Haryana in front of you (column with DFSO NAME).
  • After clicking on your district, all the AFSO in your district will be in front of you.
  • As soon as you click on the name of your AFSO, you will see a list of the names of all the ration shoppers near you, click on the FPS Owner of your area.
  • After clicking, you will have a list of all ration card holders in your area. Click on the view button next to your name and you can see all your information like ration cardholder name, father’s name, age, Aadhaar number.
  • If you want to keep a copy of the ration card with you, then you can also print it out.

In this way, your name can be easily seen in the ration card list in Haryana, APL, BPL, AAY list can be found, and print of ration card information can also be taken out.


What information is mandatory to view the ration card list of Haryana?

Name of the cheapest ration shop owner of your area (FPS Shop Owner Name) and your ration card number.

How to know whether Haryana APL, BPL, Antodaya are named in the list?

Check your ration card information online with the information given above. In this, your category (APL, BPL, AAY) will also be told.

Will printing of the ration card mentioned be valid for government work?

No, yes. You can print it out to get information, it will not be valid for any government work.

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