CG Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan(Bhulekh) | Land Records, Geo Map – B1 Khasra, P-II Khatauni Imitation, View Report Online

Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan-Bhulekh | Land Map Chhattisgarh | B1 measles, P-II Khatouni digitally signed report view online Download | Chhattisgarh (CG) Khasra Khata Khatauni |

Dear Chhattisgarh residents, in this article, you will be informed about the facility of viewing online records of the lands of Chhattisgarh. Many online facilities can be obtained on the Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan portal such as Chhattisgarh Geo Map, B1 Khasra, P11 Khatauni Report. Along with viewing online, you will also be able to download this report.

CG Bhuiyan is a land records computerization project of Chhattisgarh state. Its two parts are Bhuiyan and Earth map. While Bhuiyan is a compilation of measles and account-related information, the land map is a means for managing the measles map. The facility of viewing Khasra (P-II) and Khatauni (B-I) has been made available for the citizen through Bhuiyan. A copy of the measles can be seen through the land map. The Government of Chhattisgarh has computerized the entire system of viewing the land accounts.

Now, people living in Chhattisgarh can view all the information related to land map, Khasra and Khatauni online on the computer.

Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan (Bhulekh) | Geo map

Friends, now you will get Chhattisgarh Khatauni land map etc. all online, which will benefit you a lot:

  • Now the people of Chhattisgarh will not have to go round the Patwarkhana.
  • People of Chhattisgarh will be able to see all the land records online.
  • This will reduce the fraud.
  • People of Chhattisgarh will be able to enter their account number and get all the details of the land.
Chhattisgarh B1 measles P II Khatouni copy, report | Online download

Method of viewing Khasra (P-II) and Khatauni (B-I), downloading report

  • First of all visit the official website of Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan (
  • Now go to the civic amenities section on the right and click on the digitally signed B-1 / P-II application link
  • Now in the new page you will be asked that to download the Khasra Khatauni report, either select the village directly or give the village code
  • After selecting the village, you will be asked to fill the Khasra number or name.
  • After giving all the information correctly, you will have the option to download the measles or Khatouni report.
  • Enter your name, email and mobile number and click on the report link. The option to download the PDF file will be visible.
  • Now download the B1 or pII report.
Chhattisgarh land map | CG Khasra Naksha Online

To see the map of your land in Chhattisgarh, read the following information carefully:

  • Go to the official website of Chhattisgarh Geo Map
  • Select District, Tehsil, RI and Village
  • You will see a map on the right. Click on your measles number in the map
  • After clicking, you will see the plot information.
  • Click on Map Report and download the plot report. You can also take the Khasra Khatauni Report from the same
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