What are Agneepath Schemes? , What is Agneepath Scheme Selection Process, Age Limit, Qualification, Salary & Eligibility

Agneepath Scheme: It is the dream of many youths to contribute for the country and everyone has a desire to do something for the country. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India has taken out the Agneepath scheme, due to which the dream of many youth will be fulfilled.

So in this article we will know what is agneepath scheme, how to apply agneepath scheme, what is agneepath scheme army age limit, as well as what is this agneepath scheme eligibility, and the biggest question is what will be agneepath scheme salary. So let’s know.

What is Agneepath scheme?

Under the Agneepath scheme, all the youth of the country, whose age is between 17.5 years to 21 years, will be given an opportunity to work in the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) for 4 years.

The youth who will be selected under the agneepath scheme will be called Agniveer. However, the Agneepath scheme also includes the entire process of selection of Agneepaths and those who are fully fit in the Agneepath scheme selection process will get a chance to contribute to any one of the Army, Navy and Air Force for 4 years.

Agneepath scheme announcement

The Defense Minister of the country, Shri Rajnath Singh himself announced the Agneepath scheme on 14 June 2022 and its complete information was shared with the countrymen, here we are sharing this complete information with you

Agneepath scheme eligibility

Certain eligibility has been prescribed for Agneepath scheme and who is covered under this policy can join Indian Army under Agneepath scheme.

  • The applicant should be a citizen of India.
  • Applicant age should be 17.5 to 21 years.
  • Also must be physically fit.

Those who fall under this eligibility criteria and who have a desire to serve the country by themselves can apply for this agneepath scheme.

Agneepath scheme salary

Under the Agneepath scheme, those who will be selected in the Indian Army, they will be given a very good salary for 4 years. Will contribute. The details of the salary of Agneepath Yojana are as follows-

agneepath scheme salary

Agneepath Scheme Key Points

  • Age 17½ to 21 years
  • 4 years service including training period
  • Salary for the first year will be around ? 4.76 lakh, after that in the last year the salary will reach the maximum of about ? 6.92 lakh per annum.
  • After the completion of 4 years of service, each Agniveer will get ? 11.71 lakh under the service fund package, which will be tax free (30% of the monthly salary of each Agniveer and some will be deposited in the Agniveer corpus fund by the government. You will get a package of ? 11.71 lakh from
  • Along with this, an insurance cover of ? 48 lakh will also be given. Which will remain non contributory i.e. you will not have to pay premium for the insurance.
  • Apart from this, Agniveer Skill Certificate will also be given. Which will be useful for taking further jobs in future.

Conditions of Service of Agneepath Scheme

  • Under the Agniveer scheme, all Agniveers will be enrolled for only 4 years including training.
  • Agnives will get a chance to work here in the Army, Air Force and Navy, then they will be selected in the nominated category only after fulfilling the medical eligibility conditions on the basis of the category.
  • But along with this, the option of Regular Cadre will also be given while applying. That is, after 4 years, if you are made regular considering your ability, then will you work, if you agree for regular then you can choose this option.
  • Only 25% Agnivers will be selected for Regular Cadre.
  • Agniveers can be posted in any regiment of the army.
  • After the completion of the service period, Agniveers will be given special symbols according to the category of the army.

Agnipath Scheme Seva Nidhi Package Benefits

  • 30% of the monthly salary received by each Agniveer will be added to the AgniVeer Corpus fund and some percentage will also be given by the government, which will eventually prepare a package after 4 years.
  • When Agniveer completes 4 years, Agniveer will get ?11.71 lakh (tax free) from the Agniveer Corpus Fund collected under the service fund package.
  • Agnivers will easily get loan from the bank.

So that after completing 4 years of service, Agniveer can start any business of his own.

Agneepath Scheme Recruitment (Video)


What is Agneepath scheme indian army age limit?

Age limit for Agneepath scheme is 17.5 to 21 years.

What is Agneepath scheme eligibility?

1. The applicant should be a citizen of India.
2. The age of the applicant should be 17.5 to 21 years.
3. Must also be physically fit.

Agneepath scheme salary per month

1st year = 30,000/- Per month
2nd year = 33,000/- Per month
3rd year = 36,500/- Per month
4th year = 40,000/- Per month

How to apply Agneepath scheme online?

Although the process of application has not started yet but very soon you will be able to apply for it from the website of Indian Armed Forces.

What is the age relaxation of Agneepath scheme?

The maximum age to apply in this scheme is 21, but in view of the recent protests, the maximum age has been increased to 23 years. This relaxation in agneepath yojana age limit will be for this year only, after that again recruitments will be done on the basis of maximum age 21.


Keeping in mind the interest of the youth of the country, the Government of India has launched the Agneepath scheme. This will give the youth an opportunity to serve the country at a working age. We have given you what is the agneepath scheme eligibility in this article? And have tried to give detailed information about the agneepath scheme selection process.


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