What is the scientific name of goldfish?

Scientific name of Goldfish: In this post you will know what is the scientific name of Goldfish? This is a question that every student should answer. Scientific name of goldfish has been asked in many different examinations. Goldfish is also known as goldfish, and sometimes you are asked the scientific name of goldfish in examinations instead of the scientific name of goldfish. So don’t worry, you will get the answer of this question in this post.

Goldfish ka Scientific Naam kya hai? | What is the Scientific Name of Goldfish?

Scientific Naam of Goldfish Carassius auratus hai. If its name is seen in Hindi, then scientific name of Goldfish in Hindi is Carassius auratus. With its bright reddish-orange coloration, the goldfish is one of the most easily recognized fish.

Goldfish is also called golden crucian carp. And in Hindi, Goldfish is called “Goldfish”. It is one of the three famous ornamental fish in the world. Goldfish originated in China and has a history dating back more than 1700 years.

If we talk about goldfish, today it is seen in many homes in a tank or jar. Many people keep it in their homes because it looks very cute, apart from this, keeping goldfish is considered auspicious for homes. But when he is asked that what is the scientific name of Goldfish? So hardly people know the scientific name of Goldfish. Goldfish are classified in detail below.

Where did the Goldfish originate?

Goldfish are believed to have originated in China. When Jinhuan of China reached Mount Lushan, the lake was full of red-skinned fish. The red-skinned crucian carp was the oldest ancestor of the goldfish. As a result, it is reasonable to assume that goldfish were first discovered and then abandoned by the Jin Dynasty of China in exchange for good deeds.

Goldfish were domesticated and flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties after the Jing dynasty.

Since the founding of New China, Chinese scientists have made significant contributions to the conservation and breeding of goldfish. Goldfish were introduced to Japan in 1502, and Japan introduced several species through Taiwan after World War II. Goldfish were introduced to the United Kingdom in the late 17th century, Europe in the 18th century, and the United States in 1874, and they quickly spread throughout the world.

What is the Size of Goldfish?

Goldfish are very popular as aquarium fish. It has a long body and short wings. Their physique is really beautiful and attractive. They grow to about 8 inches long and can grow up to 23 cm in length. Red, yellow, blue, purple, black, white, and many other colors make up its body. Goldfish were first domesticated in China. They are not consumed.

How does the Goldfish live in the environment?

Goldfish are moderately temperamental and live an average of about 6 years, although some live longer. It is a freshwater fish that is omnivorous and to some extent carnivorous. Some species can survive in salt water.

It has sharp fangs in its throat that can swallow hard bait. Goldfish can only survive in water with a specific temperature. A severe change in temperature can kill it. Water temperature between 18 to 26 degree Celsius is ideal for them.

Goldfish can be found in the middle of the ocean. It lives in an environment rich in nutrients like algae. They are also kept in large lead jars.

How to rearing Goldfish?

While rearing Goldfish, keep in mind that the temperature of the pond water should not exceed 20 °C in summer. Keep in mind that the tank should be in partial shade. Goldfish can reach a length of up to 30 cm and they acquire their brilliant color only after the first year of life.

Goldfish eat pond plants as well as small organisms present in the water. Keep in mind that the pond should have shallow shore areas in which the goldfish offspring can hide. Also, take care of their diet as they tend to eat more than they need.

A special cultivar of goldfish is the shubunkin, which is known for its brilliant colours. It comes in orange, yellow, white, blue and black color variants. However, some forms of this breeding have proved less suitable for winter. That’s why you should clarify this question with the breeder before buying.

How many types of goldfish are there?

So far have you read what is the scientific name of goldfish? Let us now know how many types of goldfish are there? Or How Many Varieties Of Goldfish Are There? If you want to know about the types of goldfish, then let me tell you that there are many different types of goldfish. Here we will give a little information about each.

Common Goldfish

This is the original Goldfish. It has short wings, slender body, short tail. It is mainly found in red colors and it is very fast. Let us tell you that this breed of goldfish is very popular and people like to raise it more. Some of their species are also of yellow color. Here are pictures of some common goldfish.

Shubunkin Goldfish

The body of the Shubunkin goldfish is similar to that of the common goldfish, its color is always calico. This goldfish is found more in London. Like the common goldfish, the Shubunkin goldfish also has short fins, a short tail, and a slender body. There are three varieties of Shubunkin, which are called London Shubunkin, American Shubunkin and Bristol Shubunkin.

Comet Goldfish

The fin of the comet goldfish is very long and it is divided into two parts. Its body remains thin. The comet is very similar to the common goldfish, but its luxuriously elongated and well-parted tail makes the fin more elegant. Like the common goldfish, the comet is a good-sized fish (about 30–35 cm), very active and therefore requires a very large swimming space (minimum 150–200 liters per fish or better basin). It is mostly cultivated in America.

American/ Japanease Shubunkin

The American shubunkin, in short, is a calico colored comet goldfish. Its wings end at a point. And it is very long. Its body is thin and it is sharp. It can reach 20 to 35 cm in large aquariums (150–200 liters per fish) or pond.

Bristol Shubunkin

The Bristol Shubunkin has a very wide caudal fin, which sets it apart from other Shubunkins. This fish is always calico colored. It has a thin body like a comet. It requires very large swimming space (minimum 150-200 liters per fish or better basin).

Calico Goldfish

Calico goldfish come in a variety of goldfish breeds. However, one of the largest breeds of goldfish is the oranda goldfish, which can grow up to a foot long. How long a calico goldfish live depends largely on the breed. It is normal to see a calico goldfish change color throughout its life. Even the smallest breed of calico goldfish should be well taken care of. These fish can be found in a variety of live, frozen, And freeze-dried foods can be given. Also the water will have to be changed.

Bubble Eye Goldfish

The most interesting feature of the Bubble Eye Goldfish is its bubbles. The bubbles on this goldfish begin to develop at 6-9 months of age, giving it the name water-bubble eye. By the time these goldfish are 2 years old, the bubbles have become very large. These bubbles filled with water actually get so large that they can make it difficult for this fish to see and even swim. Aside from its infamous bubbles, the bubble eye goldfish is one of the most unique looking varieties of goldfish.

Other Types of Goldfish
  • Fantail GoldfishRanchu Goldfish
  • Egg-gish Goldfish
  • Oranda Goldfish
  • Pompom Goldfish
  • Celestial Eye Goldfish
  • Ryukin Goldfish
  • Telescope Goldfish
  • Lionhead Goldfish
  • Butterfly Telescope Goldfish
  • Veiltail Goldfish

Some interesting facts about goldfish

  • The scientific name of goldfish is Carassius auratus. Its Latin name is Carassius Gibellio forma auratus. In Hindi it is known as Goldfish. Golden crucian carp is another name for it.
  • The goldfish is a carp fish that began as a fully farmed fish in China about 2500 years ago.
  • These freshwater fish are now kept as popular pet fish in aquariums of all sizes around the world, as well as in garden ponds and other bodies of water.
  • The dark green to dark silver crucian with a silver sheen on the sides, originally endemic to East Asia, is an immediate ancestor of the goldfish.
  • Most goldfish are orange-reddish or orange-yellow in color, but white goldfish with dark spots are also found.
  • Intensive breeding efforts of roundfish have produced species over the centuries with a variety of body and head shapes, bulging eyes, and veil-like and friable fins.
  • Goldfish can grow up to 20 centimeters in length depending on the species, but many species live to only a few centimeters in aquariums. Goldfish can grow up to half a meter in length if they live in large ponds.
    Goldfish have a long lifespan and can live up to thirty years if properly cared for.
    For proper care of goldfish, at least thirty liters of water per fish should be kept.
  • Goldfish are omnivores, which means they eat not only fish but also mosquito larvae, water fleas, insects, aquatic plants and algae when kept in a garden pond. Oatmeal, eggs and corn can sometimes be substituted for these.
  • Goldfish breed freely and abundantly in open water. Males repeatedly nudge to encourage females to lay eggs in April and May. The male fertilizes the egg after it has been laid, and the larvae hatch after a few days. They are transparent and, having a sticky surface, develop into young fish that are black initially and acquire their characteristic bright colors only after a few months.
  • Because of their striking coloration, goldfish are released into the wild so they become easy prey for predators such as larger fish or birds.

Other important questions related to Goldfish

What is the scientific name of goldfish?

The Scientific Naam of Goldfish is Carassius Auratus

How long can a Goldfish live?

Goldfish can live up to 5 years if kept in a lead jar. Otherwise, they can live 10 to 15 years if they have enough food and clean water. On the other hand, a goldfish is known to live up to 43 years.

How long can goldfish live without food?

Goldfish can survive for two weeks without food. A goldfish is known to survive for four and a half months without food.

Where is Goldfish found?

Goldfish can be found in China in ponds, outside aquariums, in canyons and marshes. It thrives in slow moving or stagnant water.

What do goldfish or goldfish eat?

Goldfish are omnivores, meaning they eat everything. In addition to plants, they eat both plants and common fish. Aquatic plants, mosquito larvae, water fleas, worms, partridges, corn and egg yolks are also favourites.

How to take care of Gold Fish?

Goldfish are extremely hungry and need a lot of food. Even so, you can only feed them as much as they can eat at a time. Otherwise, food residue will contaminate the aquarium, resulting in dirty water.

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