Today’s Satta Matka Kalyan Chart – Pair & Panel Chart

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Kalyan Chart : Satta means to invest money on defeat and victory. The same satta matka means playing betting with a matka. Satta Matka is a fast emerging gamble in India. It is being played continuously since independence. In this game, points were drawn by putting a slip inside the pot. You have brought this game on the digital screen. There are many websites that play online satta matka, you have to take membership of those websites in which they provide you free satta matka trick, kalyan chart, kalyan fix jodi trick etc.

The game of Satta Matka was started by Ratan Khatri, he is called Satta Matka King. In the 70’s he gave birth to this game. In the initial period, people liked this game very much, but with time, the number of people playing this game started decreasing. During that time Satta had become a better option than Matka, in which unlimited profits were available in a short time. Apart from this, mathematical ability should have been better in playing this game, due to which people got away from it.

Gambling or betting is called a game of luck. But Satta Matka is a game of mind as well as luck. If you have mathematical ability and you are proficient in it then you can do accurate guessing of Satta Matka. kalyan chart, kalyan chart, satta matka kalyan chart, kalyan jodi chart, kalyan panel chart using kalyan matka chart no one can stop you from becoming the king of gambling if you come

Kalyan Matka is one of the most famous and most reliable Matka. Lakhs of people try their luck in this pot every day. There are 3 main matkas of Kalyan Matka. Kalyan Morning, Kalyan and Kalyan Night, huge amount of money is spent in these mats. Kalyan Morning Matka opens at 11 am and closes at 12:02 am. Soon after this Kalyan panel chart and Kalyan pair chart gets updated in Kalyan chart so that you can do further guessing easily.

After this Kalyan Matka opens at 4:50 pm and closes at 6:50 pm. Kalyan chart is updated in a short time in which with the help of Kalyan Panel Chart, Kalyan Jodi Chart you can do Kalyan Gesing. Kalyan Night Matka is open at 9:15 pm while the close is at 11:30 pm. The result comes as soon as the matka is closed and the Kalyan charts are updated for further guessing. In this way, the Kalyan charts of all the mats are updated under Kalyan, with the help of which you can easily do gassing.

Satta Matka Kalyan Chart Tricks

There are 2 charts in the Kalyan chart. Kalyan Panel Chart and Kalyan Jodi Chart. All the panel charts like Kalyan Morning Panel Chart, Kalyan Night Panel Chart and Kalyan Panel Chart are all three different whose updating timing is also different. We have given you the timing information above. With the help of satta matka kalyan chart, satta matka kalyan chart, kalyan day chart or kalyan jodi chart, you can easily estimate the numbers. Kalyan Matka charts are as follows.

  • Kalyan Panel Chart 7 Day Trick
  • Kalyan Panel Chart Lifetime OTC Trick
Trick 1 : Kalyan Panel Chart 7 Day Trick
  • Many people tell you different types of tricks under Kalyan Matka. Today we are telling you 100% pass CP trick. By learning which you can easily win the biggest amount by looking at the Kalyan Panel Chart of the week.
  • If you want to play Kalyan Panel Chart then you should know about it.
  • Let us tell you that there is a family of 4 in a panel. And 4 is its cut. ie 8.
  • Here we talk about single digit. Suppose you take your ace, there will be 2 families in which 4-4 panels will be made. You will make 2-2 panels from the rest of the family.
  • First of all, understand the half rate and full rate panels. Suppose if you have a panel of aces 146 then 1 – ace, cut six, this is your half rate panel.
  • The full rate panel will be 227. There are a total of 12 games in a week in which the full rate panel will drop at least 3 times while the half rate will also drop 3 times. That is, this panel will fall a total of 6 times.
  • Simple panels come 6 times, which are 4 panels. Example of 4 panels are as follows. 245- When you make a panel of aces with this, then 4 panels will be made of it.
  • If you could not take entry from the beginning of the week, then you should match the Kalyan Panel Chart to see what the previous panel was. You have all the records of how many panels have fallen.
  • If you want to see the Kalyan Matka week, then understand all these panels very well.
  • First of all let us see Kalyan Matka record. Which will be from 15-03-2021 to 20-03-2021. In which open and close panels are as follows.
  • This is a total of 6 open and 6 close i.e. total 12 panels in front of you. Now let us tell you how many half rate panels fall in it and how many flower rates, which will make it easier for you to understand the panels.
  • The above open has 350 half rate panels while the close ones have 150 full rate panels. You have to remember that half rate and full rate panels fall short.
  • Where the synonym numbers come. Those are full rate panels. e.g. 669, 446, 445. Like we mentioned that 5 or 6 panels half or flower rates fall in a week. The rest of the simple panels fall.
  • You can easily exclude week 5 panels provided you have your score.
  • You need to work hard on these panels.
  • Pick up the numbers and play the panel with the trick I’ve told you. You will have up to 4 panels. So that it will be easy for you to play. Due to which you will get good benefits under the panel.
Trick 2 : Kalyan Panel Chart Lifetime OTC Trick
  • How to open close in satta matka. Lifetime trick of Kalyan panel chart so that your numbers will always be stuck. Next we are telling you kalyan panel chart life time trick. How to extract 3 OTC digits by adding open close, which will give information.
  • First you open the panel chart. In which matka has 6 days of play and with this trick you will pass 4 or 5 games of the week.
  • Like if we have to remove OTC for Wednesday, then we write the panel of 5 which will come in the open on Tuesday.
  • Example: 2+5+4= Adding them together, the total sum is 11. Now you see the panel of close. The panel of close is 1+1+ 2= 4, now we will add the total sum of open and close, we get 11 of open and 4 of close so the total becomes 15.
  • Now we got 1 and 5 two OTC. We will connect them together. Due to which we will get the third OTC. Means 6 means six. Now we have got 3 otc 1, 5 and 6 now whichever of these numbers comes the next day will be considered as our Kalyan Panel Chart Trick Pass.

kalyan panel chart

Kalyan Panel Chart is very useful chart for Satta Matka players. People who are proficient in satta use kalyan panel charts in kalyan charts and gauge through kalyan charts by using mathematical ability. They guess the numbers to come, to some extent their guesses are correct. But sometimes their guessing also fails during the week. Such agents tell you the guessing number by giving you the amount in lieu of the estimate, they use the welfare chart only.

Many people also want to know about what is Kalyan Panel Chart. Let us tell you what is Kalyan Panel Chart? The total number we get after Kalyan Open and Close is called Kalyan Panel Chart. With the help of panel chart, players of betting do Matka Guessing. After Kalyan Open and Kalyan Close, the final pair is formed, after which the Kalyan Panel chart is updated.

  • Kalyan Morning Panel Chart
  • kalyan panel chart
  • Kalyan Night Panel Chart
  • Kalyan Bazar Panel Chart
  • kalyan kbc panel chart
  • Kalyan Market Night
  • star welfare panel chart
  • New Kalyan Day Panel Chart
  • New Kalyan Night Panel Chart
1. Kalyan Morning Panel Chart

The timing of Kalyan Matka’s Kalyan Morning is from 11 AM to 12:02 AM. This matka is played on all days except Sunday. It opens at 11 am and closes at 12:01 am. After this its panel chart is updated. Above you can see Kalyan Panel Chart Morning

2. Kalyan Panel Chart

Kalyan Matka opens at 4:50 pm and is closed at 06:50. It is fed from Monday to Saturday of the week, in which crores of people invest their money. You can see Kalyan Matka panel chart after 6:50 pm. We will provide you Kalyan Panel Chart Kalyan Panel Chart, Kalyan Panel Chart 2020, Kalyan Panel Chart DP Boss.

3. Kalyan Night Panel Chart

Kalyan Night Matka opens at 9:15 pm and closes at 11:30 pm. This matka is played from Monday to Saturday. A large number of people invest money in this pot. Gesers do gesing with the help of Kalyan Night Panel Chart, Kalyan Ka Chart, Kalyan Chart, Satta Matka Kalyan Chart, Kalyan Panel Chart etc. and predict further results.

4. Kalyan Bazar Panel Chart

Kalyan Bazar Open at 9:45 PM and close at 12:01 AM. With the help of pair and panel in kalyan bazar matka one can earn lakhs of rupees. You can see the information of kalyan bazar, kalyan panel bazar 2021, kalyan bazar panel chart night, kalyan bazar panel chart 1974, kalyan bazar panel chart batao, kalyan bazar panel chart matka, kalyan bazar panel chart dikhayen etc.

5. Kalyan KBC Panel Chart

Kalyan kbc opens at 1 pm and closes at 3 pm. In DPBOSS, kalyan panel chart and pair get updated after kalyan kbc result. Here we can see you kalyan chart, kbc kalyan panel chart, kalyan kbc chart, kalyan ka chart etc.

6. Kalyan Market Night

Kalyan Market Nights opens at 10 PM and closes at 12:10 PM. The panel chart for the week is updated after the final issue of Kalyan Market Night. Here you have updated kalyan chart, kalyan market night jodi chart, kalyan kalyan market night panel chart.

7. Star Kalyan Panel Chart

Star kalyan opens at 1 pm and closes at 2 pm. You can see star kalyan panel chart, star kalyan pg, star kalyan satta result, star kalyan guessing kalyan chart etc. on this website.

8. New Kalyan Day Panel Chart

New kalyan day market is open at 3:20, closes at 5:20 pm. The panel chart of this market will be shown to you through this post. You will see here new kalyan day panel chart, new kalyan trick, new kalyan worly chart, new kalyan jodi chart, etc.

9. New Kalyan Night Panel Chart

New kalyan night opens at 9:00 PM and closes at 11:00 PM. If you want to see the Kalyan chart of new Kalyan, then after the result is out, come to our website.

Kalyan Jodi Chart

Kalyan Jodi Chart is very important for those who play Kalyan Satta Matka. If you are new to satta market then you should have a good understanding of Kalyan Jodi Chart and Kalyan Panel Chart in Kalyan Chart. If you know how to use Kalyan Jodi Chart, Kalyan Matka Jodi Chart well then you can create new dimensions in Satta Market. You can give tips to people in lieu of commission and earn money.

kalyan jodi chart today trick

Step 1: Suppose a pair of 80 was formed on Monday. Now we will check from where this pair is being formed. For which we have to go back 2 days i.e. Saturday and Friday.

Step 2: If 06 pair comes on saturday then we will take its open as 0, while on friday we get 63 pair whose ham open will take 6

Step 3: Now we have to add the open numbers of both the days 0+6 = 6

Step 4: Now we have to go 6 to 3 steps forward and 3 steps back. For example see this – 6 to 3 steps ahead – 7-8-9

6 to 3 steps back – 5-4-3

Step 5: We got 3-4-5 and 7-8-9 marks in which we have to remove 6.

Step 6: Now we have to find the cut marks. In which the cut of 3 was 8 and the cut of 4 was 9. We did not get any cut off marks of 5 and 7.

Step 7: The number we got is 3-8-4-9. On Monday we got a pair of 80 in which we got 8 in the open.

Kalyan jodi chart list

  • Kalyan Morning Jodi Chart
  • Kalyan Jodi Chart
  • Kalyan Night Jodi Chart
  • kalyan bazar pair chart
  • Kalyan KBC Jodi Chart
  • kalyan market night pair chart
  • Star kalyan jodi chart
  • New Kalyan Day Jodi Chart
  • New Kalyan Night Jodi Chart
1. Kalyan Morning Jodi Chart

There are many matkas in the satta market while the timings are different. Similarly, there are total 9 matkas of Kalyan which have different open close timings. As we have already mentioned that Kalyan Morning Matka 11 BJD opens and closes at 11:02 am. The Kalyan Jodi chart gets updated along with the panel chart as soon as the close result comes. First of all, you will get every single information related to Kalyan Chart in our website first.

2. Kalyan Jodi Chart

You have to wait till kalyan matka closes to see kalyan matka pair chart. Kalyan Matka open at 4:50 and close at 06:50 you will get fastest Kalyan Result, Kalyan Chart and Kalyan Jodi Chart in this website.

3. Kalyan Night Jodi Chart

Kalyan Night Matka, played under Kalyan Matka, opens at 9.15 in the night and closes at 11.30 am. All matkas and their kalyan chart, kalyan panel chart and kalyan pair chart are different but there is a trick to find their pair, you learn one trick and you can easily do all these matkas.

4. Kalyan Bazar Pair Chart

Kalyan Bazar opens at 09:45 PM and closes at 12:01 AM at night. With the help of Jodi and Panel in Kalyan Bazar Matka one can earn lakhs of rupees. You can see the information of Kalyan Bazar Jodi Chart, Kalyan Bazar Jodi Record, Kalyan Bazar Jodi Fix, Kalyan Bazar Jodi Matka Kalyan Bazar ki Jodi, Kalyan Bazar Jodi Chart Batao, Kalyan Bazar Band Jodi, Kalyan Bazar Jodi Chart Dikhayen etc.

5. Kalyan KBC Jodi Chart

Kalyan kbc opens at 01:00 PM and closes at 03:00 PM. In DPBOSS, Kalyan Jodi Chart and Jodi kalyan get updated after KBC Result. Here we can see you KBC Kalyan Jodi Chart, Kalyan KBC Jodi, Kalyan Ka Chart etc. The method of pairing remains the same in all Kalyan games.

6. Kalyan Market Night Jodi Chart

Kalyan Market Nights opens at night at 10:00 PM and closes at 12:10 AM. Jodi chart is updated daily after the final issue of Kalyan Market Night. Here you have been updated Kalyan Market Night Jodi Chart, Kalyan Market Night Chart, Kalyan Satta Market Night.

7. Star Kalyan Jodi Chart

Star kalyan opens at 01:00 PM and closes at 02:00 PM. You can see Star Kalyan Jodi Chart, Star Kalyan Satta Result, Star Kalyan Star Kalyan Jodi Dikhao, Star kalyan Guessing, etc. on this website.

8. New Kalyan Jodi Chart

New kalyan Day Market 03:20 PM open, 05:20 PM closes in the evening. New kalyan Market Jodi Chart will be shown to you through this post. You can see here New kalyan Day Jodi Chart, New Kalyan trick, New Kalyan Worly Chart, New Kalyan Jodi Chart, etc. after the Kalyan result is out.

9. New Kalyan Night Jodi Chart

New Kalyan Night opens at 09:00 PM and closes at 11:00 PM. New Kalyan Night Panel Chart, New Kalyan Jodi Chart 2020, New Kalyan Jodi Chart Result, New Kalyan Panel Chart 100% Guessing Trick.


please pay attention! The purpose of writing this article is only to provide information about Satta Matka. We do not endorse in any way Satta Matka or any such game which is legally banned. Nor do we advise you to play such games. We have extracted all the information related to the speculative market on this website from the Internet, whose authenticity does not take responsibility. If you have any complaint regarding any information provided by us then feel free to contact us

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