Manav Sampada Portal Login at, e-HRMS Registration, Manav Sampada App

Manav Sampada Portal Login at, e-HRMS Registration, Manav Sampada App

Manav Sampada Portal, an online platform created by the government, offers Human Resource Management Solutions for Government Manpower Management. departments.

Manav Sampada was created to centralize the human resources data. This helps in tracking the working employees. This data can be used to plan manpower, transfer, promotion, and new recruitment. It is a data set that assists state governments in improving manpower management.

Employees can also access their service-related information through the portal’s employee dashboard. To access the portal’s online services, employees need to log in to Manav Sampada Portal Login (

Online portals are available for employees who wish to make a complaint about a service or department.

This article will cover all aspects of Manav Sampada’s online portal, including login/registration, usage, and other services.

We suggest that you complete your Manav Sampada online registration if you are serving in any government agency. You must register online for Manav Sampada. You will receive an online dashboard with human recourse-related services by doing this.

Manav Sampada Portal Login

The Indian Government has introduced Manav Sampada, or e-HRMS, to facilitate manpower planning and management. This portal was created to make it easier for all government offices to work with human resources.

Govt. Manav Sampada Portal, which Govt.

This portal means that employees do not need to travel to any office in order to submit applications for leave or transfer. Manav Sampada allows you to do all of these things from your home or office.

Employees are also more accepting of the portal because it streamlines the process and makes it easy.

We decided to publish this article because the portal is still new and employees aren’t familiar with it.

The government has directed employees to register for the Manav Sampada Portal as soon as possible. We have provided a step-by-step process below.

Highlights from Manav Sampada eHRMS

Below is a table that highlights e-HRMS features to help you understand more.

Facility Name Manav Sampada Portal
Launched by Government of India
Launched for Government staff
Purpose Facilitate the Manpower Planning & Management
Official Site

Manav Sampada Portal- Benefits

This portal has many benefits for employees and departments, as we’ve already mentioned. The government can track all employees and employees can access multiple benefits through Manav Sanpada employee login.

We have also listed the main benefits.

1. The portal contains all the information about employees and can be used for government manpower management.

2. The Manav Sampada allows the government to send quicker notifications to all their staff.

3. Online applications for leave are possible by employees who log in to the Manav Sampada Portal Login at

4. Digital India Program covers the portal, which makes it digitally strong.

5. It facilitates planning and manpower management.

Manav Sampada Portal UP

Twenty states have implemented the Manav Sampada to create a govt. Employee data is organized. Uttar Pradesh is another one. The govt. of UP. If you are a Uttar Pradesh resident and have been appointed to any government. Register on Manav Sadan UP portal to create your profile.

Some documents are required to complete the registration. Although the registration process or login is the same across all states, there might be some variation in the document list.

Manav Sampada offers services

E-HRMS provides many services for employees and departments.

  • Online application for leave
  • Online application for transfer
  • E-service book
  • Evaluation of performance
  • Online complaints

Register/Login for Manav Sampada Portal

According to the latest guidelines issued by the central government, employees from departments where Manav Sampada Portal is implemented must log in and use the portal’s services. These quick steps will assist you if you don’t know how to login to Manav Sampada.

It is nearly the same process for all states.

Step 1- Visit the official website for your state’s e-HRMS Portal.

Step 2- On the homepage, you’ll see a button that says “Login”, click it to redirect you to the login page.

Step3- Choose the name of your headquarter and department.

Step4- In the following sections, enter your password and user id.

Step5- After you log in to the portal, click “New User” to register.

Step6- Fill in all required information on the registration form, such as employee name, date, department, etc.

Step7- To complete your registration, click on the “Submit” button.

How to apply for leave at

These steps will help you apply for leave at the UP Manav Sampada Portal.

Step 1: First, you must visit the official Manav Sadan website at

Step 2- Click on “e-HRMS Login”

Step3- Choose your department and headquarter.

Step4- Fill in your password and user id, as well as the captcha code.

Step5- Click on “Apply for Leave” in the leave section.

Step6- Select the name of your report application and click “Save”.

Step7- You will need to return to the homepage and click “Apply for Leave”.

Step8- Type the dates you wish to take leave, then click “Submit”.

Step9- Your application will now be sent to your reporting officer for review.

Notifications will be sent to the registered mobile number once approval is received or rejected.


We hope you find the information about Manav Sampada portal– benefits useful.

Manav Sampada Portal– Registration/Login. If your question is related to the eHRMS, please use the comment box.

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