Crate Day – December 3, 2023

Crate Day, a unique tradition in New Zealand, is celebrated on the first Saturday of December each year. It’s a day when people gather with friends and family to share a crate of beer. This day has become something of a cultural phenomenon in New Zealand, symbolizing the start of the summer season and a time for social gatherings.

The origins of Crate Day are somewhat obscure, but it’s widely believed to have started as a marketing campaign by a radio station. Despite its commercial beginnings, it quickly gained popularity and became an annual tradition. On Crate Day, participants typically purchase a 12-bottle crate of beer, which they aim to finish over the course of the day. The event is often accompanied by barbecues, outdoor activities, and music, making it a festive occasion.

However, Crate Day has also attracted criticism and concern from various quarters, including health professionals and community leaders. The primary concern revolves around excessive alcohol consumption and its associated risks, such as drunk driving, public disorder, and health issues. This has led to calls for more responsible drinking practices and awareness about the potential negative impacts of the event.

Despite these concerns, Crate Day continues to be a popular event among many New Zealanders, especially among young adults. It’s seen as a way to celebrate the arrival of summer, enjoy the company of friends, and partake in a uniquely Kiwi tradition.

History of Crate Day

The history of Crate Day in New Zealand is relatively recent and is more a product of modern culture than a long-standing tradition. The origins of Crate Day can be traced back to a promotional event created by a New Zealand radio station, The Rock FM, in the early 2010s. The concept was simple yet catchy: on the first Saturday of December, people would get together with friends to share a crate of beer, marking the beginning of the summer season.

The choice of the crate, typically a 12-bottle pack of beer, was significant as it was a nod to a form of beer packaging that has been popular in New Zealand for decades. The crate of beer is not only a symbol of camaraderie but also carries a nostalgic element, harkening back to simpler times and traditional ways of enjoying beer in a communal setting.

As Crate Day gained popularity, it quickly became an annual event, particularly among young adults. The day is often associated with barbecues, outdoor activities, and social gatherings, making it a highly anticipated summer kick-off event. It has also become a talking point across various media platforms, further cementing its place in contemporary New Zealand culture.

However, the celebration of Crate Day has not been without controversy. Health professionals and community leaders have raised concerns about the potential for excessive alcohol consumption and the risks that come with it, including public disorder, health problems, and impaired driving. These concerns have led to calls for greater awareness and responsibility in how Crate Day is celebrated.

Despite these challenges, Crate Day remains a popular event. It reflects a blend of modern marketing savvy and the New Zealand spirit of enjoying good times with friends and family. As such, it stands as a unique feature of New Zealand’s contemporary culture, showcasing the country’s social customs and the changing nature of its traditions.

Crate Day Timeline

Crate Day in New Zealand, while a relatively recent phenomenon, has developed a distinct timeline that marks its evolution from a promotional idea to a recognized annual event. Here’s a brief overview of the key milestones in the timeline of Crate Day:

  1. Early 2010s – The Inception: Crate Day began as a marketing campaign initiated by The Rock FM, a popular radio station in New Zealand. The idea was to encourage listeners to enjoy a crate of beer with friends, celebrating the onset of summer.
  2. Rapid Popularization: Following its introduction, Crate Day quickly caught on among New Zealanders, particularly with the younger demographic. It resonated with the country’s culture of outdoor gatherings and barbecues, fitting well with the onset of the warmer months.
  3. Mid-2010s – Widespread Adoption: By the mid-2010s, Crate Day had become a well-known event across New Zealand. Social media played a significant role in its spread, with people sharing their Crate Day experiences online, further boosting its popularity.
  4. Growing Media Attention: As Crate Day gained traction, it began to attract media attention, both for its communal spirit and the concerns around excessive alcohol consumption. The event started to be covered more regularly in local news, bringing it into the mainstream cultural conversation.
  5. Late 2010s – Criticism and Concerns: With the increasing popularity of Crate Day, there was also growing criticism from health professionals, police, and community leaders. Concerns about public safety, health risks, and the promotion of excessive drinking became more vocal.
  6. Calls for Responsibility and Awareness: In response to the criticisms, there were calls for more responsible celebration of Crate Day. This included promoting moderation in alcohol consumption and ensuring safety measures during the event.
  7. 2020s – An Established Tradition with a Dual Character: Entering the 2020s, Crate Day has become an established part of New Zealand’s summer celebrations. It retains its popularity as a day for social gatherings and fun but is also marked by ongoing debates about responsible drinking and public health.

Throughout its history, Crate Day has reflected broader social and cultural trends in New Zealand, balancing between a fun, communal tradition and a point of contention in public health discussions. The day continues to evolve, embodying the changing attitudes and values of New Zealand society.

How to Celebrate Crate Day

Celebrating Crate Day in New Zealand can be a fun and enjoyable experience, especially if done responsibly and with a focus on safety and community. Here’s a guide on how to celebrate Crate Day:

  1. Gather Your Friends: Crate Day is all about enjoying the company of friends and family. Organize a get-together at someone’s house, a community space, or a local park.
  2. Purchase a Crate of Beer: The central tradition of Crate Day is sharing a crate of beer with friends. A typical crate contains 12 bottles, which can be shared among the group. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the day, not necessarily to finish the entire crate.
  3. Plan for Food and Snacks: A good barbecue or a range of snacks can complement the beer. Think of foods that are easy to share and enjoy in a group setting, like grilled meats, salads, chips, and dips.
  4. Arrange Outdoor Activities: Since Crate Day is celebrated at the start of summer, it’s a great opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. This could include games like cricket, soccer, frisbee, or simply enjoying the sun.
  5. Ensure Responsible Drinking: While enjoying your beer, it’s important to drink responsibly. This means knowing your limits, staying hydrated by drinking water in between beers, and not encouraging excessive drinking.
  6. Plan for Transportation: If you’re traveling to a friend’s place or a public area, plan your transportation ahead of time. Designate a sober driver or use public transport or taxis to ensure everyone gets home safely.
  7. Be Respectful of Others and the Environment: Remember to be considerate of your neighbors and the community. Keep noise levels reasonable and clean up any litter or waste from your gathering.
  8. Alternate Celebrations: For those who do not drink or prefer a more sober celebration, you can still participate by bringing non-alcoholic beverages or focusing on the social aspects of the day like food and games.
  9. Stay Informed about Local Regulations: Be aware of any local laws or regulations regarding drinking in public places and adhere to them to avoid any legal issues.
  10. Health and Safety First: Lastly, in light of health concerns associated with events like Crate Day, it’s important to prioritize your health and safety. This includes moderating alcohol intake and being mindful of the potential risks.

Celebrating Crate Day is essentially about enjoying the start of summer with friends and family in a fun, responsible, and safe manner. It’s a great opportunity to bond, create memories, and enjoy the outdoors.

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