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WeatherX(tm) Earplugs are pressure filtering earplugs that are designed to stop headaches that are caused from barometric pressure. Receive a notification by push from the app for free and be aware of sudden shifts in barometric pressure. These shifts can trigger migraines (WebMD). 

WeatherX Available in Two Pair, One or Two Pair, and Power Users (10 Pair) choices.

Two ways to make use of WeatherX:

Proactively – Some people wear WeatherX earplugs prior to and throughout a substantial barometric pressure fluctuation. Our app will notify you when a significant change in pressure is predicted for your region.

At the onset of symptoms – Are you experiencing first-ever migraine symptoms? Look up the WeatherX app to see whether the pressure has changed. If it is, then put in an earplug. WeatherX earplugs! If the symptoms get better and the decrease in intensity, you could have discovered more about the triggers for migraine. It is possible that you have a new treatment option on the bag!

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The free WeatherX App Forecasts Changes in Barometric Pressure and is available for download for both iOS or Android devices

  • Free US shipping
  • Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Drug-Free & Latex Free
  • Patented Technology
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 20 Decibels

FAQ of WeatherX

Where can I download the WeatherX app?

Get the download to the iPhone (or Apple Apple) here: WEATHERX IOS App. Download the app for you Android phone here: WEATHERX ANDROID app.

How do WeatherX earplugs work?

The hypoallergenic, soft silicone exterior, there is a ceramic filter inside that helps to slow the increase in barometric pressure

Who should use WeatherX earplugs?

WeatherX has been designed to assist you in alleviate the stress caused by weather that results from abrupt and dramatic changes on barometric pressure.

When should I use WeatherX earplugs?

Every person with barometric sensitivities is different However, WeatherX is most effective when it is inserted prior to the change in barometric pressure

How does the WeatherX app work?

The WeatherX app predicts barometric pressure fluctuations and will send you an alert in the event of a significant change within the barometric pressure.

What is the best way to make WeatherX work?

WeatherX is made to fit comfortably for adults. The smaller size is available. We suggest the earplugs to be an earplug that fits comfortably when placed in your ear. If you happen to purchase an earplug that isn’t right for your needs, please contact us and we’ll find the best way to find you a different size! Call us at (800) 327-6151 or email [email protected]

How does WeatherX differ from EarPlanes?

The filter in the WeatherX earplug can be sensitive to small variations in pressure. In contrast, EarPlanes’ EarPlanes filter is designed to withstand the changes in elevation that occur with the take-off or landing of an aircraft.

In the app, where can I find my alerts?

Your alerts are currently displayed within your WeatherX application’s Home tab. To find out more about coming (and previous) barometric data, click the DATA tab. Alerts must also be delivered to your mobile via push notifications at a certain date, which is specified in your Settings tab under Notifications.

I just received an alert in the app. When do I know to put the earplugs in?

Be sure to put in your earplugs prior to the change in pressure. This information is available within the application’s DATA section.

Be aware that each sufferer of migraine may have distinct ideas on the best time to put in WeatherX earplugs.  Some place them in before the start of each shift, while some place them in before the shift begins. We recommend keeping an eye-opening diary of your method of treatment so that you will know the best method to reduce the impact of a change in weather.

Are WeatherX earplugs reusable?
WeatherX is latex-free and made of hypoallergenic silicone. Use it for up to 12 hours at a time. WeatherX ear plugs may be cleaned and reused many times. Are Your Migraines Sensitive to the Weather?
Is WeatherX app free?
WeatherX helps prevent migraine symptoms before they start. Inside the soft, hypoallergenic silicone exterior is a built-in ceramic inner filter that slows down the shift in barometric pressure. Receive alerts on your phone ahead of a change in pressure with the free WeatherX app.
Can you sleep in WeatherX earplugs?
WeatherX™ earplugs are pressure filtering earplugs designed to help prevent headaches triggered by barometric pressure. Introducing WeatherX’s new low profile design with tab design optimized for sleep and easy removal.

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