Shillong Teer Result Today 2022- Target Number, Common Number, Result List, Previous Result

Shillong Teer Result Today 2022 – This page will provide information on Shillong Teer Result today 2022, Target Number and Common Number, Result List and previous Result. It also contains basic information about the game such as What is Shillong, how to choose the right Shillong Teer number and many other useful information.

This article is published to help you increase your chances of winning the Shillong Teer lottery. This article will help you make money in this game.

Shillong Teer Result Today

The Shillong lottery game of teer is played every Monday through Saturday. There are 2 rounds and the results are announced at 4 and 5 respectively. The government recognized the potential of this game and decided to legalize it. Meghalaya legalized the game under the name “Teer Shillong“.

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The Government of Meghalaya declares meghalaya’s shillong-teer results roundwise. First Round teer results will be declared at 3.30pm, and Second Round shillong-teer results will be declared at 4.40pm. These timings are precise and they announce teer results according to these timings every time.

We also have the Shillong Teer past result list, which is useful for players who want to better predict the future Shillong Teer number.

Shillong teer player are usually more interested in past results. This data is useful in helping them select the right number of teers.

What is the Shillong Teer Game

Lottery Name:- Meghalaya State Lottery

Game Name:- Shillong Teer

Timings for the First Round of Result:- 10:30, 11:30

Second Round:- 3:30, 4.30pm

Legal or illegal:- It is legal

We want to share more information about Shillong Teer, its popularity in Meghalaya, and the reasons why the Meghalaya government banned it. It is looking at expanding this game to other countries.

This is a popular game that involves placing bets on numbers between 0 and 99. To improve accuracy, players select numbers based on previous results of Shillong Teer, common numbers, and club numbers.

You can make money by dreaming your last night. We aren’t kidding. Players also choose numbers based on their dreams.

These numbers are known as dream numbers in the Shillong Teer terminologies. You can interpret dreams with different numbers. For example, if you see a male figure in a dream, the number is 6, while a woman is 5, and a water person is 7. An erotic dream is 17

According to the Meghalaya State Government Shillong Teer is legal in the state. Khasi Hills Archery Sports Federation manages the game, where 12 archery clubs participate.

Meghalaya govt. The license has been granted to 5000 counters for selling lottery tickets. One can make up to 8000 rupees investing only 100.

Shillong Teer Round 1

Round 1 of Shillong Teer starts at 3.45pm and the results will be available at 4.15pm. This round sees 50 archers shooting 30 arrows at a target. For every Re 1 ticket placed, those who correctly predict the Teer Dream numbers will receive Rs 80.

Round 2 Shillong Teer

Round 1 of Shillong Teer starts at 4.45pm and the results will be available at 5.15pm. This round sees 50 archers shooting 20 arrows at a target. For every Re 1 ticket placed, those who correctly predict the Teer Dream numbers in the preliminary round will receive Rs 60.

Participants who correctly predict both rounds will win Rs. For every Re 1 ticket, 4,000

Shillong Teer Result List Today 

This game is played six days a week, with two rounds each day. Each round 50 archers aim 30 arrows at the target, which is at 50 yards. After the round is over, the arrows that have hit the target are counted. The results are then announced.

The final result of a round is determined by the last two digits of total number of arrows that hit the target. If 445 arrows reach the target, then the final result is number 45.

These results are updated daily so you can check the Shillong Teer Results Today 2022 on this website. Keep checking our website for the most current and up-to-date Shillong Teer results every day.

What is the TEER FORMULA?

The whole Internet does not have a TEER MAKING NUMBERS formula.

TEER NUMBERS are calculated using mathematical formulas. Our website contains tips and ideas about the Teer Number Formula.

Shillong Teer Counter Result Timings

We want to inform you that, apart from the game itself, multiple teer tournaments are held in Meghalaya.

Popular among players is the Teer Counter of Khanapara and Manipur. Below are the results for all the most famous teer games.

  • Official timings for the Shillong Teer counter results are 4:45 pm for the first round, and 5:45 pm for round 2.
  • Official results for Khanapara Teer counter are at 4 pm for the 1st round, and 5 pm for the 2nd round.
  • At 2:35 Pm, the results of Juwai Teer counter for the 1st and 2nd rounds are announced respectively at 3:15 PM and 3:15 PM.

Terminologies for Shillong Teer Game

It is difficult for everyone to win money with Teer lottery games. Below, we highlight some factors that can help you predict the right number.

If you want to increase your chances of winning in teer games, it is a good idea to be familiar with the terminologies.

These terminologies are important for the teer-of-shillong game, so reed and understand clearly.

Shillong Teer Common Number Today 

Common numbers, as the name implies, are the most frequent numbers according to previous Shillong Teer results. These numbers are usually calculated using some mathematical formulas that have been applied to the previous year’s teer numbers.

Shillong Teer Previous Result 2022

To make good money in Shillong Teer, it is important to spend time analyzing and observing past results. This will help you to identify the winning pattern.

While we don’t claim that you will get 100% accuracy, your chances of winning are definitely higher.

Club Charts for Shilong Teer

Analyzing previous years also includes club charts. This section allows players to analyze the data from archery clubs that have achieved the highest number of Shillong teer result in the past 3-4 years.

Based on this analysis, players place their wager.

Shillong Teer Dream Numbers

As we have already mentioned, the Shillong Teer dream numbers are numbers associated with dreams. You can win the bet if you choose the number based upon your last night’s dreams.

Below are some dream numbers that we have shared.

  • Playing a game –
  • Flying by plane – 23,43,5363,63,73 and73,83,93
  • Erotic dream
  • Bathing – 01/18,28,48.58


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