Rajasthan Voter List 2020 | Rajasthan Panchayat Election Voter List | Rajasthan Voter List, Electoral Roll

Rajasthan Voter List 2020 | Rajasthan Panchayat Election Voter List | Rajasthan Voter List, Electoral RollIn this article, we will talk about the voter list or voter list of Rajasthan Gram Panchayat elections. You will be told how you can see your name in the Voter List online or download the entire voter list.

As you know, the Election Commission will conduct the Sarpanch election in any condition by February 2020. The final voter list will also be published by the third week of January.

Before voting you must make sure that you have your name in the voter list (Rajasthan Matdata Suchi) or not! You will not be able to vote in the absence of a name in the list, so we urge every voter of Rajasthan to ensure that the name is in the Rajasthan voter list before voting in the Gram Panchayat elections. By reading the information given, you will be able to download panchayat wise or ward bar voter list (electoral roll) irrespective of the district of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Voter List | Rajasthan Voter List of 2020

As you all know, after 18 years, you have to register your name in the voter list. After doing this, the name is automatically added to the voter list, but if your name does not come in the list even after this, then you can contact your sarpanch and add the name to the voter list.

People whose voter card is already made and they are trying to know whether their name has come in the voters list of Rajasthan Sarpanch elections, they can easily see it online. To do that you have two options – either search your name in the voter list online or you can download your panchayat or ward’s voter list and see your name in it. How both of these things will be done, we are telling you in detail in the article.

Rajasthan Gram Panchayat Voter List | Rajasthan Sarpanch Electoral Voter List 2020

As we told you earlier to make sure that your name is in the voter list or not, you have two options, either you can search your name online in the voter list or you can find the voter list PDF file of your region Can download as

Find your name in Rajasthan Gram Panchayat Election Voter List
  • First go to the official website of the State Election Commission.
  • You will see the option to search your name on the home page itself.
  • Fill your name first, then select your district and after that choose your panchayat.
  • After doing this click on the search voter link.
  • Now you have to fill the captcha code and click on the button.
  • If your name is in the list, you will get information on this page.
Rajasthan Panchayat Election Voter List Download | How to download Rajasthan voter list
  • Let us now know how you can download the voter list of your area as a PDF file.
  • First you go to the voter list download page
  • Now you have to choose your district body or panchayat samiti and then ward or gram panchayat.
  • Then click on the search button
  • Now you will come across Word or Gram Panchayat information as well as links to Draft PDF and Final PDF.
  • Click the relevant link and download the PDF file

Friends, you will now know how easily you can see your name in the list of Rajasthan Panchayat elections or you can download the list as a PDF file (Rajasthan Voter List PDF Download 2020)

Note: Draft Voter List of Rajasthan Gram Panchayat Elections will be published on 28 December while final publication will be done on 22 January 2020

Can one view the voter list of Rajasthan Gram Panchayat elections online?

Rajasthan Election Commission online gives the option to view the name in the voter list or download the voter list.

When will the voters list for Rajasthan Sarpanch election come?

The Rajasthan Panchayat Election Draft Voter list will be published on 28 December 2020 while the State Election Commission will publish the final voter list on January 2020.

How to add names to voter list?

It is worth noting that these voter lists for Panchayat Raj Institutions will be prepared on the basis of the database of the Assembly Electoral Roll. Voters whose name is not in the electoral rolls of Panchayati Raj Institutions can apply to add their name during claims and objections. For this you have to contact the panchayat office.

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