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Rajasthan Birth Certificate | Apply Online for New Birth Certificate in Rajasthan | How to Get Birth Certificate in Rajasthan Online Application Form Download | Rajasthan New Birth Certificate Application Form

Dear Rajasthan people, all of you will be happy to know that how can I get Rajasthan new birth certificate in this article today, sitting at home online, we will tell you that you all know that no work is possible without a birth certificate. It is not necessary for the child to have a birth certificate, whether it is at home or in the hospital, wherever it is.

For any government work, anywhere, a birth certificate is required for admission anywhere, if that child does not have a birth certificate, then he will have to face many problems or you can say that any work A birth certificate will not be able to do without a birth certificate. Birth certificate is the proven right of every citizen, he can get it. On this birth certificate, the name of the holder, parent’s name, place of birth, birth date, caste is given to all so that he does not face any kind of problem and he can easily do any of his work with the help of birth certificate.

Rajasthan new birth certificate

After the enactment of the Birth and Death Registration Act, 1969, registration of births, deaths and incidents of dead births has become mandatory in the country. Under the Act, the Chief Registrar appointed in the states is the executive authority and is responsible for the compilation and registration of statistical reports in the states.

In the work of reducing paperwork in registration work, speeding up the transfer of equitable records and making the system compliant with the use of modern technologies, ISSP. This software of birth-death registration has been prepared from the financial provisions available under the project.

Birth certificate form Rajasthan | Birth certificate form Rajasthan pdf

Through this software, important provisions of registration, process, application, use and importance of certificates, copy of issued certificate etc. will be available to the public and various types of reports and information will be available for departmental use.

Benefits of Rajasthan new birth certificate
  • Friends, if you have a birth certificate, then you can easily take admission in any school.
  • You can get your passport made through birth certificate.
  • Birth certificate is also useful in making Aadhar card PAN card.
  • This is such a document, the name of the holder, the name of the parents, place of birth, sex and date of birth are printed.
Online application for new birth certificate in Rajasthan
  • To get birth certificate go to pehchan.raj.nic.in.
  • Click on “Fill in Public-Application Form”.
  • Now, click on “For Birth Form”.
  • Enter “Code” for new application.
  • Click “Enter” when the code is entered.
  • In this way friends have applied for your birth certificate.
  • Now you will get your birth certificate.

Click Here for Rajasthan Birth Certificate Online Application Form 

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