Jharkhand Apna Khata, Land Map | Online Jamabandi copying and measles map | Jharbhoomi Apna Khata, Bhu Naksha

Jharkhand Apna Khata online Jamabandi copy and Khasra number. Jharkhand State Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal & Khasra Number

Dear friends, now you people will be happy to know that the Government of Jharkhand has started a new website with its account name. From where the people of Jharkhand can view all the land records / land map Jharkhand online, the main objective of this scheme named Apna Khata is to provide all the details of the land online to the people.

Jharkhand Bhoomi | Jharkhand account | Online freeze copy
  • In Jharkhand Apna Khata website, people can enter their account number and see all the records of land. In this, all land works are done online.
  • On Jharkhand Apna Khata Portal, people can see their Jamabandi Imitation Khasra Number online.
  • You will not have to go to the Patwarkhana.
  • Register and all measles information will be available online
Jharkhand Apna Khata | Benefits of JharBhoomi Portal
  • Land records can be viewed online.
  • People will no longer have to go round the patwarkhana.
  • This will reduce black marketing.
  • People will be able to take all the details of the land by entering their account number from their account.
  • Jharkhand will save time with your account
Jharkhand Apna Khata, Jamabandi copy, Register, Khasra details online @Jharbhoomi
  • Friends, first you have to click on this website to get your account online in Rajasthan.
  • Click “Your Account” to view the online account.
  • Now click on the district shown on the screen. After opening the map of that district, select
  • your block from the block shown on the screen.
  • Now choose your lighter in the next page
  • After this, you have to fill all the information in the form such as Khasra number, account number and your name.
  • Friends, remember that Jharkhand will have to fill its account form carefully. If you make a mistake, you will not get any information related to the land.
  • After filling all the information, you have to click on the “Find Account” button.
  • After filling all the information in your account in Jharkhand, you will see all the details of the land on the computer.
  • Jharkhand your account statement that you can take out a print copy, and keep it with you.
Jharkhand Land Map | Bhu Naksha, Map Jharkhand
  • To see the Jharkhand geo map, click on the website given here.
  • Now a page will open in front of you.
  • Here the information that you have been asked.
  • Fill all the details.
  • Jharkhand land map will be in front of you.

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